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I Must Have This Chair!

We just got our shipment of Fancy Nancy readers in at the library (Yea!!!) and while thumbing through the books, I realized my new goal in life.  My dream is to own a chair that looks exactly like this:

My Chair

It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture, but Miss Fancy Nancy is sitting in a chair that is upholstered with children’s bFancy Nancy The Dazzling Book Reportook covers (well, not literally I hope, but with fabric that has children’s book covers on it).  From where I sit I can see The Giving Tree, The Story of Ferdinand, The Hobbit, and one of the Narnia books.  It is much better if you go look at the real cover of Fancy Nancy and the Dazzling Book Report.

So, when I live in my house in the English countryside, and I am sitting in my personal library, this is what I am going to be sitting on.


I’m Finally Doing It

This was going to be a comment on Jen’s previous post, but I thought it’d be too long & I should just write an entry about it…  I’ve decided to finally Netflix the BBC 2-disc, 5(?)-hour-long version of Pride and Prejudice! Are you guys proud of me??  It always seemed so daunting before.  I haven’t had the attention span or time for movies lately, but Jen’s post put me in a British mood, and man, am I up for anything with Colin Firth right now.  And according to Netflix, I’m going to LOVE it.  🙂

But do I need to re-read the book first?  I read it my senior year of high school, but I don’t think I got much out of it then.  Hmm, I really do sort of want to read it now.  Well, I can’t get the movie until after Halloween anyway, so maybe I’ll try to read it first.

Why do I have to wait until after Halloween?  Because you HAVE to watch scary, thrilling, and/or suspenseful movies on Halloween!  I’m trying to decide what I should watch.  I’m already planning on Wait Until Dark, a very suspenseful movie from the ’60s starring Audrey Hepburn & Alan Arkin.


Who doesn't love old movie posters?

I have a lot of Hitchcock movies on tape that I’m considering, but do you have any suggestions?  Feel free to suggest super-scary films, but I’ll admit in advance that I can’t watch any of those because I live alone.  I can only do those during the day.  And sometimes not even then.  I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose one day last year in broad daylight & it freaked me out.  But I really liked it and I watched it again when I wasn’t alone.

So to sum up this very rambly post, BBC Pride and Prejudice after Halloween = a go!  Halloween movie suggestions?  Leave a comment!

– Jill

My REAL Favorite Movies #3

I am going through a phase now where I love all things British.  Actually… isn’t really a phase, because I’ve been obsessed with the UK ever since I went there eight years ago.  Well, if there is one thing the British know how to do, it is comedy.  Well, one of the funniest movies I have ever seen is Death at a Funeral.


It came out a few years ago, and I am really sad that I didn’t get to see it with a theater full of people, because that would have been an experience to remember.  I originally checked this out from the library because it has Mr. Darcy in it (Matthew MacFadyen not Colin Firth), and it was totally worth it.

Not only does it have the very gorgeous Mr. MacFadyen in it, but his real life wife, Keeley Hawes, plays his wife in the movie.  She is totally adorable and they are so cute together (she was also pregnant when they were filming so you’ll notice she hides behind a lot of pillows and is shot from the neck up).

Alan Tudyk is also in it for all of you Firefly fans out there.  He shows off his great British accent skills (which I first discovered when he was in A Knight’s Tale a million years ago) and walks around naked for most of the movie.  It also has the guy from Love Actually who goes to America and hooks up with all those Wisconsin girls.  He looks sooooo much cuter in this movie with his shaggy haircut.

Kris Marshall from Love Actually

Kris Marshall from Love Actually

This movie is so hilarious it is hard to describe.  I think one of the best parts about it is that everyone is so proper and British (and of course it does take place at a funeral) but there are so many outlandish things that happen.  There’s nudity, a bad drug trip, attempted murder, blackmail, and a very disgusting bodily function joke.


I think one of the reasons this movie is so hilarious is that it is directed by Frank Oz.  For those of you who don’t know, Frank Oz is also known as the voice behind Miss Piggy.  I can only imagine how much fun it must have been to be on that set.  There is an excellent gag reel at the end that shows just how fun it probably was.

I love this movie because it is nice and short so it is a good one to pop in if I am in need of a good laugh.  It also gives me my British fix for the day, which is much needed.  Here is the gag reel that I mentioned earlier.  It is funny how unprofessional and giggly the British actors are (I’m looking at YOU Matthew!!).  Oh, and it is not suitable for all audiences because British people like to curse (or maybe it’s actors).

Also, just on a side note, I ADORE the house that it is set in.  I’ve decided that when I make my millions being a children’s librarian I am going to live in a house just like it in the English countryside.


Cool Wedding Thing I Cannot Afford: Hello Super 8

Oh gosh, I never really thought I would want a videographer at my wedding, but then I found these fabulous people:


So hip and nostalgic! (which is such a fabulous combination) I just get completely floaty and starry-eyed while I watch the demos on their website–it is as if they have somehow harnessed the power to capture weddings at their best–they are the cliche that is not cliched. How wonderful are their “Hello Guestbook” smiles?! Hmmm, maybe someday when I am a wealthy Reference Librarian I will hire them to follow me on a British Holiday where Steve and I will wear striped shirts and wave at the camera from a small dinghy.

Who Is The Most Romantic??

I had to post about this because it is so closely related to my “Fictional Characters” series.  I really want to live in England because not only is it totally awesome, but they do fun things like take polls of the most romantic characters in literature!  Do we do fun stuff like that here and I just miss it?

So here are the results of the poll:

1. Edward Rochester of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre
2. Richard Sharpe of Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe series.
3. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
4. Heathcliff of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
5. Rhett Butler of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind
6. Mark Darcy, of Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’ Diary
7. Captain Corelli of Louis de Berniere’s Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
8. Henry DeTamble of Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife
9. Gabriel Oak of Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd
10. Rupert Campbell Black of Jilly Cooper’s The Rutshire Chronicle

Now as you know, I am a HUGE fan of Mr. Rochester………..but I am not sure if he could be described as “romantic.”  I found this poll on Entertainment Weekly, and I totally agree with Tina that there were times when Mr. Rochester was not all that nice to Jane and definitely not romantic.  I still adore him, but I don’t think he would be my #1 choice for this poll.

Mark Darcy

Mark Darcy

I think it is funny that Mr. Darcy is on here twice.  I would argue that Mr. Darcy of Bridget Jones fame is very romantic, and Fitzwilliam does do some pretty wonderful stuff for Elizabeth and her family, but is it romantic???  Also, I thought The Time Traveler’s Wife was an awful bore, so I would definitely strike him from the list.  And wasn’t that Sharpe guy a total womanizer???  I’ve only seen one of the movies, but that was the impression that I got.  And embarrassingly enough, I haven’t read any of the other books.  *hanging my head in shame*

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Here are some of the things I would add to the list.  I am not sure if my choices would be considered coming from “literature” but, well, tough.

I would put both Boris and Michael from The Princess Diaries series on the list.  I would also put Boris ABOVE Michael on the list.  WHAT?  I know that is a pretty blasphemous statement, but if you really think about it, Boris is kind of the ultimate romantic guy, which is why he ended up with the ultimate romance-seeking gal, Tina.  And he plays the violin, which, in my opinion, is the most romantic thing ever.  But don’t worry, I still love Michael the best.

Michael, Just Cuz I Can

Michael, Just Cuz I Can

I would also grudgingly put Mr. Edward Cullen on the list.  As emotionally manipulative and scarily possessive as he is, you gotta admit that he is a pretty romantic type of guy.  And, I have no doubt that if the poll was done in America he would come in first (at least with the 10-35 crowd, cuz that’s who seems to be reading it at the library).

I would also have to include Zach from Impossible by Nancy Werlin.  I adored this book and Zach really stuck with me.  He was a great romantic guy-next-door-friend-of-the-family character.  If only people like that actually did live next door the world would be a much better place.

Strangely enough, I would also put The Count of Monte Cristo on this list.  He is not really a romantic guy per se, but the whole time I was reading the book his character just had this mysterious confident aura that I find very, very sexy.  Wait, is sexy the same as romantic?  Did I just totally contradict what I wrote earlier??  Oh well, I don’t care, The Count of Monte Cristo has a romantic feel to me so I say it would make the list.

I almost forgot to add Peeta!!!!  Peeta from The Hunger Games is soooooooo romantic!  He manages to say and do the most romantic things in the most terrible of situations.  Can you imagine how sweet he would be if you were able to live a normal life with him???

So, what do you think?  Can you believe that Rochester beat out both Darcys??  This poll did give me some nice titles to add to my to be read list.


P.S.  In the EW post, she mentions that one of her co-workers suggested Logan from the Baby-Sitters Club.  Heehee!  But didn’t he actually join the club, which is a pretty romantic thing for a high school boy to do.

Lou Hoover is my Dairy Queen

Yuuuummmm so Steve and I went to Dairy Queen tonight, and I was feeling a little saucy so I actually ordered a blizzard other than cookie dough. So what was this seductive temptress/seasonal flavor? It was none other than than that cheerful Girl Scout staple Tagalong cookie! (I was such a frazzled state as I frantically tried to make the decision–it wasn’t until the very last second that I blurted out “TAGALONG” to the cashier)

SO GOOOOOOD! Peanut-buttery, chocolaty, ice-creamy cookiely perfection! I would like to thank three important women for this heavenly treat: 2. Lou Hoover, for making Girl Scout cookies the best thing ever (for more on the Hoovers, see Jill) 2. Jen, for introducing me to Girl Scout cookie + ice cream, and thus, allowed me to believe in its possibilities. and 3. Eleanor Roosevelt, for telling me to scare myself.

Keeping Comments Respectful

Dear NerdGirl readers,

Today I was disheartened by a comment made on the 17th of October.  I did not approve it, and plan on deleting it.  But I wanted to put it in this post to talk about something that makes me angry and disappointed.  The comment was for a post by ngtAmber, Proof.  It is a picture of Dumbledore (Richard Harris era) with a speech bubble that says “I heart Michael Gambon!”.  I trust most people would find the humor in this, but sadly most people just didn’t grasp the concept.  That’s ok though.  It was humorous to see the comments pointing out that the picture wasn’t of Michael Gambon.  But then someone had to be rude.

Alexa from the UK said on 10/17/09, “Thats not Michael Gambon you bint…”

Being from the US, I had never heard the term bint before but it didn’t feel very nice to me.  So I googled the term.  On one site it says that bint is slang in the UK for bitch.  On another site it said that bint is a term for a naive female, often perceived as stupid.  In whatever form the term was meant, I am deeply offended that anyone would ever think to apply it to Amber, or anyone else on this site for that matter.  I will have you know that Amber, Jen and Jill are some of the smartest, nicest and most creative people I have ever known or met.

One thing that I enjoy about keeping this site is that all of the comments made have been clean.  Nobody has ever felt the need to use a deragatory term (at least I’ve never seen a pending comment like that before).  Sure some people have disagreed with some things we wrote, but they were intelligent enough to use their words respectfully.

There is an alarming trend on the internet – outright rudeness.  With the anonymity that a computer screen affords, people feel that they can ditch common courtesy and say mean, rude and outright obnoxious things to other people.  I have seen comments where people have wished death upon others.  What is up with that??  How can we be so callous?!

In the future, I would hope that our readers would continue to keep showing their ability to use their words in a way that conveys their point intelligently and respectfully.  I know I appreciate it and I would bet my last dollar that Jen, Jill and Amber appreciate it too.

Also, if you leave a comment that is disrespectful or uses derogatory terms, you will not see it published as we will delete it.  I don’t think this is censorship, just a way to keep our website as friendly and enjoyable as possible.