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Jack McBrayer is hot for Mariah Carey? Well who isn’t?!

Oh my goodness. Have you seen Mariah Carey’s new music video, Touch My Body? If you haven’t, I have generously posted it below for your viewing pleasure. We’ve been pretty undilligent lately about keeping up the blog. I don’t know about any of you, but I have been crazy busy these last few days! And it’s only going to get worse next week – I have a test on Monday, two lab reports due on Tuesday, a test on Tuesday, a project presentation on Wednesday, and another test on Thursday. Can you say super fun? I don’t think you can (at least not to this). I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when Amber and I go see Penelope (weeeee!) and get rain boots (I want shiny red rain boots!!!). Plus maybe we can eat at Panera or something….mmmmm soup. So anyhow, I must get back to it! Ta ta, cheerio, good bye for now!

<3, lindsayd.

Kenneth the Page!

I’ve already stated that I love him, and Jen and I are founding members of one of his fanclubs, so here are some clips for you all to view and love him too.

<3, Lindsay

He looks so cute in his little overalls!!

Collection of random Kenneth!

and we’ll finish up with Muffin Top (no Kenneth though 😦 )