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There is a Reason for My Insanity: I Lived Alone for Six Years

So my lovely friend Jessi posted a link to this article on my facebook page.  It basically talks about all of the creepy things people do when they live by themselves.  I clicked on it thinking that, of course, I wouldn’t do ANY of those things.

After reading it, I realized that well, crap, I do like half of them.

Here are things that I literally do on a regular basis while in my apartment.  (I technically do not live alone anymore, because I have a roommate, but she is only a part-time roommate, so basically I still live alone half the time.)

1.  I do run place while I am watching tv sometimes.  I really don’t see what is so weird about that, but it is in the article so most normal people must find it “insane.”  I don’t have a treadmill, so where else am I going to run in the winter?

2.  I talk to my cats all the time.  I don’t talk to them like they are my little therapists or anything.  I talk to them like they can actually understand me (which might actually be the weirder of the two).  Here are some things I say to my cats on a regular basis:  “Addie stop attacking Penelope, you really need to be nice to her!”  “Stop chewing on that book Pippi!”  “Hermione get off the porch, it is cold out there!”  “It’s time to eat ladies!”  “You all really need to work on keeping the litter inside the box.”  “Pippi stop drooling on my computer!”

3.  I totally leave my bras all over the place when they are drying.  They end up on the backs of chairs in the dining room or living room all the time.

4.  My special “home alone” outfit is my pajamas.  If I am in my apartment, then I am in my pajamas.  Literally.  It doesn’t matter what time it is, I will always be in my pjs.  It is the first thing I do when I walk in the door.  The only exception to this is when I am on my lunch break.  If I put on my pjs then, I would never end up going back to work 🙂

5.  I do eat an abnormal amount of cereal.  I probably eat around 8-9 bowls a week…….and none of them are for breakfast.

6.  I have some real issues with the bathroom door.  I haven’t closed a bathroom door in 6 years.  My cats like to go in there with me (they follow me everywhere) so they are really irritated now that I have started closing the door.  The funny thing is that our bathroom door doesn’t latch very well, so even when I do remember to close it, the cats usually manage to push it open so all of my efforts are pointless.  I don’t have any problems closing the bathroom door in other people’s houses or at work or anything, but when I am in my own place, I have to remind myself every time I go in there.

7.  In the comments of the article some brilliant person mentions putting an “eatin’ sheet” on their bed.  I am pretty sure this is the greatest idea ever.  It is really hilarious because I live in this nice big apartment now, with a real dining room and nice sized living room and I spend 95% of my time in my bedroom.  Now that I have my big girl bed I have my sleeping area and my “everything else” area.  I’ve got my space heater, computer, phone, assortment of DVDs, stack of books, and blankies ready to go.  I read on my bed, watch movies, put together puzzles, and yes, eat almost every meal.  Another funny thing is that most of the time all four cats are in here with me.  I specifically moved into a bigger place so they could have more room, and they spend all their time spread out in my bedroom.  Go figure.

So, maybe I am a little bit crazy from living alone for so long.  But, I LOVE living by myself and still do all of these things (except the bathroom door thing) even though I have a roommate now.  Am I really insane, or do we all do stuff like this and only single people get called out for being crazypants?


How evil is your library card?

Soooo I didn’t blog yesterday….because Steve and I were busy buying a house! It isn’t OFFICIALLY ours yet, but we are on our way to being proud poppas (yup, I am choosing to be a poppa in this situation instead of a momma) of a cozy little bungalow!

Wonder what mysteries we will discover in our bungalow?!

But I got a super exciting EVIL post today!

While twittering at/for work, I came across @Evilwylie’s offer of free EVIL LIBRARY CARDS!

“Nope, don’t explain, I’m sold.” <–my head.

Coolest thing ever, right? It gets cooler! @Evilwylie happens to live near my library and so we are going to get our evil library cards from the evil man himself 🙂

I tend to really really like evil things. Not real evil things (after all, I'm a Ravenclaw, not a Slytherin…but I married a Slytherin…) I really really like funny, dark, melancholy things like Emily the Strange, skeletons, Alkaline Trio, Murder She Wrote, sloths, etc. So an evil library card? YES PLZ!

I like to imagine that my Rainy Day book for Little Dead Girls is evil enough to deserve being checked out with an evil library card…


I Want to Live in a Tiny House!!

I was cruisin’ the Best Week Ever website this evening and came across something totally awesome.  Apparently there is a guy who literally designs (and lives in) tiny houses.  No, I am not talking about the hilarious Geico commercial from several years ago.

He actually lives in a house that is less than 100 square feet.  The tour makes it look very live-able, except for the fact that you can’t really stretch out at all.  Since I basically don’t move off the couch whenever I am at home, I think I could live in one of these houses.  If I didn’t have the cats, I could totally do it.  Plus, it is on wheels, so I could pick up and move whenever I felt like it.  The only thing that I wouldn’t like is the teeny tiny fridge.  I need room for my two gallons of milk.

How adorable is that!!!


Totally Awesome Fish Alert!

Today at work, I spent the last few minutes searching the interwebs for pictures of weird ocean animals to hide around the library.  Last year we hid funny Mona Lisa pictures throughout the building and the kids loved it!  Since this year’s summer reading theme is water, I decided to do the funny sea creatures.  I found ten really weird animals and I am psyched.

The cutest one I’ve found is the dumbo octopus.  Isn’t he so precious???

I just want to tickle his little ears!!!

But the coolest fish I have found was on the website Weird Sea Monsters (which is great by the way….check out the piglet squid… gives Dumbo a run for his money).  It is called the barreleye fish and it is nothing short of amazing.  Just look at this picture!

It doesn't even look real!!!

It has a freakin’ transparent head!!!  Apparently this picture is of the first live specimen ever found.  It is an elusive little guy.  I think I am so fascinated by it because it kind of looks like it has a human face.  Doesn’t it look like a baby??  The things that look like eyes are not actually its eyes, they are noses (I think).  The eyes are somewhere in the transparent dome thingy.  Go to the website and watch the video and you will probably understand it better than me.

I love that I get to discover things like this all in a day’s work.  I can’t wait to talk about it to the kids this summer!


P.S.  I find it interesting that the pic was taken in 2004, but just now released to the public…..I wonder what else scientists are hiding from us……Nessie perhaps?