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I’m not quite sure how I came across this information, but….Jared from Zoom (circa 1999) died in 2006!?!  He did, PBS confirmed it, .  Seriously, who doesn’t remember Jared from Zoom.  I remember watching him when he was on – I was in junior high, and he was one cute 13 year old (it’s OK, I was also 13 at the time).  I remember thinking that if he knew me, he would totally be my boyfriend (and he would be a darn good one, because he’s just so nice and caring and cute)….but then again, what girl watched that show and DIDN’T think the exact same thing?  I’m just so sad that he’s no longer with us (I know, I’m like a year and half late on this one). 

To lighten up the mood, I leave you with this.

 Once you get over the misery of Jared’s death, you’ll thank you me for your tappin’ toes and snappin’ fingers and clappin’ hands.

<3, lindsayd.