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One of the reasons I love my job.

Because I get to DANCE! with little kids! and giant dogs! Seriously, my fellow librarians knew how happy this would make me that they didn’t even ask–I just got an email one afternoon that said “Amber, we are going to film you dancing to Beyonce tomorrow. Dress appropriately.”

(filmed for the River Bandits’ Library Night which then got rained out booooo)



Ssooooo last night I broke my beda. sad face.

Why oh why, you might ask, would I give up so easily?

Eh. I’m like that. I had major CRANKY PANTS on last night after I finished doing the dishes at like 11:30 pm and I REALLY WANTED TO GO TO BED. Just like I REALLY WANT TO GO TO BED NOW. Apparently I never get around to writing these posts until I’m extremely exhausted and incoherent.

Here is an example of one of my cranky faces:

Notice the long hair so this is a retro cranky face. Actually, this was part of a series of pictures meant to illustrate how angry and disgusted I was that Pringles changed their recipe but I never posted it...

Other things that make me cranky besides doing dishes and staying up past my bedtime?

-vacuuming I HATE vacuuming–it makes me really sweaty for some reason. Probably because I am busy hating it.

-when Steve disses the Jonas Brothers. Seriously, we didn’t talk to each for an hour one morning. and I’m not even that big of a Jonas fan, you know, I’m no Macy.

-when people honk at me because I’m not turning right on red. HELLO it’s an option–I don’t have to do it. And it is just something I do not like to do so don’t honk me into it.

-The Electric Slide.

-when I am at a super fun dance party and I have mono so I can’t dance…seriously, ask Jen or Jill about Terminus’ Bon Voyage Ball–I was in such an icky mood! And then I went to the hotel bar to have a hot chocolate and wallow in my mononess and some sleazy guy tried to hit on me by making fun of my fellow Harry Potter fans and ICK TOUCHING MY LEG. So when I threw his gross hand off my knee and informed him I LOVED HARRY POTTER, he proceeded to take off his shirt and punch the wall. So I guess getting the cold shoulder from a nerdgirl makes slimy guys get cranky… and I got extra cranky because I let the slimy guy make me feel bad about myself. OMIGOSH that night was CRANK!

I don't look very cranky in this picture! that's because I love having my picture taken with my nerdgirls so I wasn't cranky here. And my earrings were fantastic.

on that ridiculous long bonus storytime, this cranky post is over. Tomorrow I promise to post at like 6:30 when I’m still all shiny from the library.


Best Dance Sequence Ever!!

There are a lot of dance movies and dance tv shows around these days.  I will admit that I haven’t watched any of them.  But I am pretty sure that none of them can hold a candle to this scene from one of my favorite musicals, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

Whew!  Watching that scene makes me so exhausted!  I feel like I am dancing right along with them.  It is funny watching it because the whole time I am thinking, “Why would any of the girls pick those weasel-y looking guys in the boring suits, when they could pick the manly men in the bright, colorful shirts?”  I also think that maybe if they still made dresses like this, I would totally wear a dress more than once a year (I like the way all the petticoats look when the skirts twirl!!!).

If you look closely, you will notice that the gentleman in the orange shirt, a one Mr. Jeff Richards (playing Benjamin Pontipee) is always hiding in the back, or just missing from the shot completely…..that is because he was hired for his hunky good looks and famous name and couldn’t dance to save his life.

Also, little Gideon Pontiee (in the blue shirt) is my favorite character in the movie.  He is played by Russ Tamblyn who just happens to be Amber Tamblyn’s daddy.  You may know Amber from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Joan of Arcadia.


P.S.  Since I can’t seem to help talking about Twilight all the time, this is the movie that Bella and Edward watched in Breaking Dawn.

SYTYCD aka The Best Reality Show EVER

If you aren’t watching So You Think You Can Dance, you totally should be.  It is absolutely the best show on tv right now.  Next week will be the finale, so I’ll get you caught up…

Each season starts with auditions – much like American Idol.  People audition, performing solos in whatever style they choose from hiphop to ballet to tap.  Eventually if they’re deemed good enough by the judges, they’re given a ticket to Las Vegas.  During Vegas week these top performers are given difficult choreography in several different styles, and judges weed out contestants along the way.  Finally it’s narrowed down to 20 dancers – 10 guys, 10 girls – and we have (in my opinion) the real start to the show.  Each week after that a guy & girl are partnered & learn a dance in a random style.  Viewers get to vote for their favorite couples, and the next night the bottom 6 dancers (3 couples) dance solos to save their life.  At this point the judges have the power to send one guy and one girl home.  When there are 10 dancers left, the power to vote off individual dancers is given to America.  Right now there are 6 remaining dancers, with 2 to go home tonight:

Ade - contemporary

Ade - contemporary

Brandon - contemporary

Brandon - contemporary

Evan - broadway

Evan - broadway

Jeanine - contemporary

Jeanine - contemporary

Kayla - contemporary/jazz

Kayla - contemporary/jazz

Melissa - ballet

Melissa - ballet

My absolute favorites this season are/were Brandon and Janette, who unfortunately got voted off last week even though she was amazing!  So now my female loyalty has switched to Kayla, with a little love left over for Jeanine.

The two I wish had gone home WEEKS ago?  Melissa and Evan.  (Everyone who disagrees, bring it on.)

And now to get you psyched, here are some of the best dances from this season.  What are you in the mood for?

Love?  (Jeanine and Jason, also voted off last week)

Drama?  (Kayla and Kupono, voted off 2 weeks ago) (You may have to turn up the volume to hear the music.)

Zombies? (uh-huh!)  (Kayla and Jason)

Fun? (featuring my two faves, Brandon and Janette! and a song I’m in love with right now)

OK, now you’re ready to watch tonight & next week.  And if you start to get into it, you’re in luck…there’s a new season starting this fall!!!  YAY!

If you’re already watching, who do YOU love?  Which dances from this season stand out to you?

— Jill

NGT3: Vampires vs. Sweet Valley Twins!

aha! Finally NGT 3 is up, and it is ridiculously awesome and totally bix! Go to NerdGirlTalking to listen or download. please please please. We need to be ridiculously famous before Mr. Timberlake will ask us to dance all seductively (meaning slightly shake our hips as he moonwalks around us) in one of his video-masterpieces. JK, JK, I actually suggest you don’t listen. or do. whatever–it is totally up to you as a completely brilliant, independent thinker.

While you are thinking though you should watch this:

I had to record this for a video assignment on the Invisible Time-Traveling Paparazzi Blog. How much is this your fav new dance?


What Do You Like About Yourself?

This post is going to be a feel warm and fuzzy post, so if you are not in the mood to be happy I suggest you turn away from your computer right….NOW.

OK, now that we’ve weeded out all the moan n’ groaners, let’s begin.

Do you ever have a moment when you’re just like “I really like myself!”?  I hope you do.  I have them every now and then (I like myself all the time, but don’t always acknowledge it) and it is a wonderful awesome feeling!  I’m going to go ahead and list some things that I like about myself:

1) I read a lot.  Reading makes me so happy, especially when I get to read a new book!  Nothing is better than taking time to read something from one of your favorite authors.  And I like that I still free read – I feel like I’m in an exclusive club.

2) I catch myself dancing and mouthing the words to songs in public.  Sure, you may think I’d feel stupid, but instead I feel kind of special, because people are looking at me and I like to think that maybe I’ve given them something to laugh about now or later on.

3) I like math and am good at it.  Seriously, when I’m working really hard on a good math problem my ears turn red because of the focus that’s going on up there.

4) I have really nice friends.  My mom told me once that you attract people who have similar personalities to you.  My friends are really nice, ergo I am really nice.  It makes me feel good to think that people probably think I’m really nice.

5) I can procrastinate like crazy but still get everything I need to done on time.  This is probably not the best thing in the world, but I still like it.  I think it’s kind of funny that I have to wait until crunch time to get things done,  but there’s a reason my dad calls me Last Minute Lindsay.  Sometimes I wish I can be super organized and disciplined (w00t Alison), but then I probably wouldn’t have half as much fun as I do (like when we played baseball in the office with an easter egg as the ball and a sharpie as the bat).

I want everyone to post at least one thing that they like about themselves in the comments page.  It will seriously make you feel good about yourself and give your step a little bounce today!

<3, lindsayd.

P.S.  I totally did 5 things I like about myself because there are 5 spice girls.  I’m Baby Spice pretty much every single day…but maybe I can start being Posh every now and then.

I wish I had thought of this. . .

Ok, so I was searching for a clip of the “Cookie Time” song from Troop Beverly Hills and I came across this–seesh talk about a gold mine!!!! High School Musical 2 + Girl Scout Cookies + Little Girls being Fabulous!!!! I almost twisted my ankle at the sudden movement of awesomeness into my life.

I had this weird feeling that one of those little girls was me in another world and our world had just picked up the youtube feed. Because yes, I totally used to re-lyricize famous songs and make up dances to them. One of the best? Me and my friend Whitney used to sing “I love bread, always forever, near and far, push it together, then you’ve got a peanut butter sandwich” you know the tune. I really liked that song. both the original and my version. and peanut butter sandwiches. sometimes I put bacon on my peanut butter sandwiches. but that is for another post. so is the Troop Beverly Hills clip. me write short fragments.