I wish I had thought of this. . .

Ok, so I was searching for a clip of the “Cookie Time” song from Troop Beverly Hills and I came across this–seesh talk about a gold mine!!!! High School Musical 2 + Girl Scout Cookies + Little Girls being Fabulous!!!! I almost twisted my ankle at the sudden movement of awesomeness into my life.

I had this weird feeling that one of those little girls was me in another world and our world had just picked up the youtube feed. Because yes, I totally used to re-lyricize famous songs and make up dances to them. One of the best? Me and my friend Whitney used to sing “I love bread, always forever, near and far, push it together, then you’ve got a peanut butter sandwich” you know the tune. I really liked that song. both the original and my version. and peanut butter sandwiches. sometimes I put bacon on my peanut butter sandwiches. but that is for another post. so is the Troop Beverly Hills clip. me write short fragments.



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