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The eve of BEDA

Well kids, tomorrow is the start of April.  And you know what that means.  Blog Every Day in April, or BEDA as we all know it!  I threw down a bunch of gauntlets and Jen, Jill and Amber all picked them up.  I can’t wait to see what we all blog about!  That’s it for now, folks.  I just wanted to remind everybody and get all psyched up for a month long blogging extravaganza!!!!

❤ lindsay

I Need to Find a New Borders

I stopped by a Borders today.  It was possibly the worst Borders I have ever been to.  It was so bad, I actually decided in the store that I needed to blog about it.  So I wrote down reasons why it sucked so I wouldn’t forget.  Here they are.

1.  The teen section was way in the back

Ok, normally, this is probably a good thing because teens don’t like to be on display when they’re browsing for book.  And it’s kind of nice to be way back in the corner, but there was a huge gap of open space between the “Independent Reader” aka tween section and the teen section.  The gap was so big that I thought for a minute that the teen section just didn’t exist.

2. The teen section was hidden.

Besides being way in the back, far from the tween section, the teen books were also hidden behind a giant display — you know, the big cardboard stand that says things like “New Stuff” and “Borders Ink.”  When you looked behind it, you could see the shelves.  There were also things like giant structural poles in the way, close to the shelves, blocking books.  There was a woman wondering where the Alex Rider books were, but she disappeared before I could tell her that they were behind a pole.  (Too bad; I wanted to feel like Kathleen Kelly in that one scene in You’ve Got Mail. Remember it?)

3. The shelves were VERY, VERY messy

I was completely appalled.  I even reshelved a couple of books because it was bothering me, but then I realized how many books were on top of other books or were flipped around backwards, and I gave up.  At one point, I also saw a disposable camera lying on the floor.  Really?

4.  Shelving not all together

Apparently now Borders separates out Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror and shelves those together.  I’m not sure how I feel about that right now – interesting, yes; needed, possibly, given the recent popularity of dystopian and paranormal novels; but I have trouble knowing where the line is for pulling out genres.  Anyway, there were so many books in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror section that they ran out of room in the shelf…and the rest of the books were on a shelf not super-close to the others.  I had to GUESS where they were.

5. “New stuff” = Speak, Alex Rider, The House of the Scorpion

I like to stop by bookstores and see which books they have out, so I have an idea of what I should order for my library, if I haven’t ordered them already.  This Borders had those books under the display called “New Stuff”.  Um, the Alex Rider series may have a few new books published every now in then, but the series started several years ago.  And Speak and The House of the Scorpion are several years old!

The messy shelving is what bugged me the most because it looked TERRIBLE, but all together, it made me never want to go back.  I’ll drive farther to get to a better Borders.  Or maybe I’ll start visiting Barnes & Noble.

– Jill

Meg Cabot’s Books Are Like Crack Cocaine (I’m guessing)

*Note to Sheila – turn away now!  This one’s about books!

OK, so I didn’t post yesterday.  But I had a super good reason!  I made the critical mistake of opening a book written by Meg Cabot.  I don’t think I know of anyone who has anything bad to say about Meg Cabot.  Her books are amazing and so is she.  I still am not fully over meeting her last year.  I can still remember telling myself not to throw up on her, I was so excited.

Actually, back at that children’s literature breakfast, I bought Queen of Babble.  Which is the series that I am specifically talking about right now (although you give me any book by Meg and I will develop a condition where I cannot take my nose out of the book until it is finished).  Queen of Babble sat on my bookshelf for over a year, unread.  I don’t even know why.  It’s not like me to let a Meg book go unread for so long!  But I did, and boy did I kick myself for that.  I read the crap out that book.  Then the next day I went and checked out Queen of Babble in the Big City and Queen of Babble Gets Hitched.  Yesterday I spent all of my free time reading about Lizzie’s adventures in NYC!  Every time I had to do actual work, I almost physically itched with impatience to get back to the story.

So if you haven’t read Queen of Babble, you totally should, because it’s pretty awesome.  And plus, you have to read the book before they make a movie of it (starring the fabulous Kristen Bell!)!  

<3, lindsay

P.S. Don’t forget, Runaway, the third and final installment of the Airhead series comes out soon!!  I can’t wait to see what Em/Nikki comes up with!

Ashton Kutcher is probably my cousin. He’s from Iowa, so how could he not be?

I bet you all thought I wasn’t going to post today.  WELL I AM!  So there!  The joke is on YOU!  I didn’t bring my laptop into work with me today, so I had to wait until I got home to write a post.

So recently I ran into a guy that I went to school with (elementary through high school).  I wouldn’t consider it a big deal if we were still in Iowa.  I would expect to run into my classmates if I were in Iowa.  But not in Nashville.  And not specifically at my neighborhood Bed, Bath & Beyond.  But I did.  And we ended up chatting for about 30 minutes about Big Ten Expansion (I could talk your ear off for hours about what I thought about expansion if you let me – to sum it up: SUCK IT NOTRE DAME!).  It was really nice and I learned that there were two other people that we graduated from high school with that are living down here!  What!?  

Why I mention this is not to relate the story of how I walked around BB&B exclaiming to Amber on the phone about how they didn’t have Britta pitchers (They do.  Very obviously displayed even.  I am just a moron).  No, I mention this because it totally ruins my argument to non-Iowans who always ask me if I know so and so from Iowa.  

When I lived in California for 4 months I was constantly being asked if I knew Ashton Kutcher.  It got to the point where I wanted to scream in frustration.  Granted I was being asked this question mostly by people from different countries who have no idea where Iowa is, but still.  There were some people who were not foreign and therefore have no excuse.  The reasoning behind asking me if I knew A+K was that he was from Iowa and so was I, so we must know each, right?  Because Iowa is just that small I guess.  

Iowa fits on a regular sized couch. WE COULD BE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM RIGHT NOW!

Fun fact: My mother in law and father in law went to high school with Ashton Kutcher’s mom.  We were looking through their high school yearbooks one night and they came upon her picture.  “Oh yeah, she married that one guy and then they had that idiot.  He’s not funny.  I don’t know why they keep putting him in those camera commercials.”  That’s what my father in law said.  I kept quiet because I actually really like Ashton Kutcher.  Or at least I will always love Michael Kelso.  I also love punk’d.  That show was genius.  Although my in-laws do have a point about the camera commercials.  They’re not funny and they make me feel slightly uncomfortable for some reason.  Maybe because I would never dare to steal a stranger’s camera and take a bunch of pictures on it?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just failing to see the humorous side of the commercial.

So next time someone asks me if I know Ashton Kutcher, I’m just going to say yes and make up outrageous lies about how we used to tip cows, play baseball, break dance, and compete in beauty pageants together.  All at the same time.

<3, lindsay


But absolutely no Illinois or Nebraska. You guys are lame. *Exception = Jill. She can come.


I spent a lot of today thinking about fun things to blog about today guys.  Lucky for you, I just paid $15 for inspiration.  Unlucky for me, that $15 was for getting my bangs trimmed.

Yeah.  You read that correctly.  $15 for getting my bangs trimmed.  I could have gotten an eyebrow wax for cheaper.  That eyebrow wax would have required more time and actual products.  What did this trimming of bangs entail?  No product, 1 minute of time, and a boot out the door.  What the fuck?  Excuse my language, but I am super pissed right now and am going to use the f word probably some more before I am done here.  Turn away now if you must.

The only reason I went to the place I did was because the last time I got my hair cut there, the hairdresser told me that they trimmed bangs for free all the time.  What a sweet deal I thought.  I was going to tip like $5 to the hairdresser too, so it’s not like I crashed my car into their front window, got out and drunkenly demanded a free haircut.  

What I wish I had actually done. Also, my fantasy car is a truck.

[*Aside* Now I am even more pissed off because a family decided to sit down behind me and they can totally see my laptop and now I can’t type FUCK really big like I wanted to.  I am somewhat family friendly.  I feel like I am ready to lash out at small children right now, so I hope they don’t need anything off my table.  I don’t want Fido to ban me just before I move two blocks down the road from them.  That would be awkward for me to have to walk past here every day after that.  I’d try to come in and get coffee, they’d have to throw me out.  I’d come back in a disguise.  They’d see through it and throw me out again.  Nobody wins in that scenario.  **A Fido employee just walked by my table and I looked up at him and gave him a look that clearly said, There is no way in hell that you could get me to budge from this table.  I dare you to mess with me.  Go on.  I triple dog dare you.  But he just walked off, so obviously he is a coward and full of shame, because you don’t say no to a triple dog dare.]

Here is how my trip to the hairdresser went.

Lindsay walks into hairdresser’s.  

Lindsay: Hi, is it possible for me to get my bangs trimmed real quick?

Hairdresser: Let me see.  *Disappears for about 5 minutes in the back*

Hairdresser: Sure, I can take you now.

Lindsay: Oh thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Hairdresser: Let me just go wash my hands.  Have a seat.

Lindsay: *Sits down in seat*

Hairdresser: *disappears for another 5 minutes in the back*

Hairdresser: Ok now.  *cut cut cut for about 45 seconds*

Lindsay: *stares at self in a bit of horror, but is calm because she knows that hair grows* I can see now!  Thanks!

Hairdresser: “Robert” will check you out.  *walks back to the back*

“Robert”: Ok now, that’ll be fifteen dollars today.

Lindsay: *tries not to scream WHAT THE FUCK and keep her cool.  Hands over debit card somewhat reluctantly, but really just wants to sprint out the door*

“Robert”: *Returns card, probably is smugly thinking what a sucker this one is* Here you go.  Enjoy the weather.

Lindsay: *walks stiffly out the door*

Guys, they have a sign that has all their prices and shit on it, and nowhere do they mention a bang trim.  I guess in retrospect I could have just asked and then said no thank you.  But I trusted in that one hairdresser who cut my hair there.  And they burned me so fucking bad.

Needless to say, I didn’t tip.  I might have, had the girl not disappeared for about 10 minutes before she cut my bangs.  But that was just like pouring salt in the wound.  

<3, lindsay

I'm just so angry at myself.

P.S.  I’m not lying about the truck.  I really do want one.  I’m gonna jack it up like a monster truck and stuff.  Ok, that was a lie.  It’ll just be a regular pick up truck with dragons on the sides.

An Expansion on Crime of the Day (CotD) #1

In a previous post, Lindsay introduced the concept of Crime of the Day and explained that the new fangled hands free phones are one of them.  I agree.  I’m not adamantly opposed to them, but I too have been fooled by someone using one and not talking to me when I thought they were.  Luckily it wasn’t too embarrassing.

The thing about these phones that really bug me though is that people who have them seem to leave them in their ear ALL THE TIME.  Really?  Is that how they work?  You can’t take your phone out of your ear?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t normally leave my phone at my ear just waiting for a phone call.  Of course, I don’t normally get all that many phone calls, so it’d be really unnecessary, but STILL.

On Friday I decided to take myself out to dinner because it had been a long week.  I headed over to Applebee’s (after getting lost a few times. Boo to still not knowing my way around too well – even WITH my gps!), found a seat at the bar, and casually looked around at the other people sitting there.  Who doesn’t love people-watching?  The couple to my left was pretty interesting.  They seemed like they were on a date because they were pretty animated and loud – though that may have been all of the margaritas – but I think I saw a ring on her finger, so maybe not.  Anyway, the guy was closest to me…and he had one of those hands-free phones in his ear!!!  In a restaurant!  On a date!  (Even if it was with his wife!)  Who does that?  Take it out of your ear!

What do you guys think?  Have you seen people leaving it in their ears when they maybe shouldn’t?

– Jill

At twilight, bats like to come out to take pictures of Pluto and make chocolate scultpures

What do the words twilight,  chocolate,  pluto,  twilight pictures,  and bat have in common?  Well, other than twilight and twilight photos, not much.  Well, I mean bats frequently come out at twilight (right?), and then if you consider that vampires were once thought to be able to take a bat shape….  And then I guess Pluto is made out of chocolate.  And it is a well known fact that vampires love making chocolate sculptures.  Hm.  I seem to have made the connection for you.  You’re welcome.  

No explanation needed.

But anyways, those words, besides being connected in the way I outlined for you, are the words most frequently searched for that leads people here.  Twilight doesn’t surprise me, as we have talked about Twilight frequently since we’ve started this blog.  I mean what with New Moon and Taylor Lautner having his shirt off for practically the entire movie, who could really blame us?  But chocolate, bats and Pluto?  I guess Jen (I think.  Possibly Jill.  As Jill is the Illinoisan right now.  But Jen was one too a while ago) did do that one post about Pluto, but when people do a google search for Pluto, does our website really show up that fast?  And chocolate??  Out of all the sites on the internet, why would you go to a site called NerdGirlBlogging to read about chocolate??  I guess people just see the name and assume that we must be high quality experts on these subjects.  Which we pretty much are.  But bats?  I’m sorry, when have we ever talked about bats??  I mean, besides yesterday when I put up a picture of a bat.  Bat has been a big search term for a while though.  So I just can’t figure this one out.

To counteract this, I am going to try to hit upon some new top search words.  Such as AVATAR, or JUSTIN BIEBER, or umm… umm… FLYING MONKEY BUTTS!  Yeah.. that’s it.  Hey, all I’m saying is, this is not just a twilight blog!  We are girls and we are nerds, and we reserve the right to geek out about anything and everything!  YEAH!

<3, lindsay

Crimes of the Day

Howdy for the 3rd straight day!  I am really gearing up for BEDA!  

I don’t want to unload all of my complaints upon you dear readers and fellow nerdgirls.  But there are some things that I have been witness to today that I just cannot let go unmentioned.

Crime of the Day (CotD) #1: There is some random man back in the YA section of Borders right now.  This is not a crime in itself.  No.  The crime is that he is sitting in my favorite spot (behind the YA sci fi/mystery book island), and not only is he in my spot, I thought he was talking to me.  And when I replied to him confusedly, I realized that he was actually talking into one of those spy phones that sit in one’s ear.  Hand free fangled phones I believe they are called.  So really it is two crimes.  One he is in MY spot.  Two, he made me feel stupid.

Person: Hey, what's up? Me: Um....nothing. Person: *looks all weird at me* Me: Uhhhhhhhhh....*slurks off into manga section*


CotD #2: So now I am relegated to the aisle made up on one side of manga and one side of cooking books.  I am game for two kinds of people.  Well, three actually – a) The kind that just like manga, b) The kind that just like cooking, c) The kind that like BOTH manga and cooking.  If any people from group c come, I think I might be in trouble.  The crime here is that the person sitting in the next aisle is eating.  I am a strong believer that food should stay in the cafe part of Borders.  Drinks I am cool with, but don’t be bringing food upstairs.  I can hear the clinking of a fork against a plate, and it makes me shiver unpleasantly.  If you know me well, you know that I am super irritable about food related things.  I don’t know how I make it through dinners with other people.  I’m not even sure how I made it through enough dates that included dinner to even get married.  I’m pretty sure my husband either has a powerfully selective memory where he blocked that part of me out or a strong case of insanity.  OMFG, I just peeked behind the bookshelf into the next aisle.  Food guy has taken off his shoes.  What the hell is wrong with you person in the next aisle???  First you break the no eating outside of the cafe area, then you take off your shoes?  If I were the manager here, I would kick you out.  It’s called no shirt, no shoes, no service.  Now GIT!

CotD #3: I can’t take my coat off.  Well, I am physically capable of taking it off, but I am polite in wanting to shield everyone from my enormous sweat spots.  See, I just walked over to Borders from my new apartment (I went to go check out the carpet situation.  They had to tear it out because the last tenant had a cat, and if you did not catch it in my last post, I’m allergic to kitties!).  That’s like 1.5 miles.  Plus I already walked like the .75 miles from work to the new apartment.  If my math is correct, and I wouldn’t argue with my math because I’m an engineer, that’s about 7 billion miles.  Half of my shirt is soaked in sweat because I also drank about 50 kajillion bottles of water before I left work.  So I am hot and cranky and sweaty, but I am too polite and/or too self conscious to take off my coat.

See how freaking polite I am? I would probably die from heat stroke than expose my glandular problem. That's how polite.


CotD #4: I stopped at Fido to get something to drink so that I could break a $20 bill and then go get my bangs trimmed professionally (I think they do it for free, but even so, I should probably give them something for putting up with my electric head).  While I was at Fido I saw a girl wearing white jeans.  This is hard for me to say is a crime.  But really, white jeans are almost ALWAYS a crime.  It’s just a fact of life.  It’s not like I want it to be a crime or anything.  In fact, I daydream that I am wearing white jeans and looking super fresh.  In these daydreams, I am usually on a sailboat and the wind is caressing my non-electric hair that is perfectly smooth, and nothing smells like fish.  However, I can be a realist.  I realize that white jeans just aren’t for everyone.  They’re more for like about 0.1% of the population.  I can only imagine how hard it is to keep those jeans clean during the day.  What if you sat in something?  In regular blue jeans, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  In white jeans.  That’s a target on your ass for the rest of the day.  Unless you wash it off, and if you do that, then most likely we’ll all be able to see your panties through your wet white jeans.

No. Just no.


CotD #5: Shiny, perfect hair.  I understand that this is something most girls strive for.  However, some of us just don’t have the time to properly wash and dry our hair.  Then I imagine there’s a fair amount of product and or straight ironing, etc. involved in the process.  To all you girls who are achieving this: a) good job, would you like to do my hair everyday for free? and b) STOP MAKING THE REST OF US LOOK SO GODAMM BAD!  I mean it.  How do you think I feel when I stand next to you in line for coffee?  I’ll tell you.  Not good.  I was feeling pretty awesome for getting my hair into a ponytail with no bumps, and then you had to go and crap all over my self esteem.  Nice.



CotD #6: This one is my crime that I committing this very second.  I am feeling way pretentious right now because I am totally listening to Sufjan Stevens and thinking to all the other patrons of Borders: I bet none of you are listening to somebody as awesome as I am.  I bet my music taste is way more sophisticated than yours.  I need to take myself down a peg or two here.  I must remind myself that I am still obsessed with the Spice Girls, and listened to Telephone by Lady Gage and Beyonce about 10 times earlier today.  So there self.  Take that.  You are not as cool and sophisticated as you are pretending to be.  Not that anybody here even knows what you’re listening to anyway…….

What a douche, right? Does anybody really need 2 bowler hats? No. They don't. Douche.


<3, lindsay

P.S.  Did you like how I made myself a pirate with super bright red lips?  I do however, have that sweet curly mustache and soul patch in real life.


2nd post in 2 days!  I am a rockstar!  Because I’m  pretty sure the last time I posted before yesterday was in 2009.  Oh man, that’s so sad.  Luckily, you all have had the more dependable nerd girls Jen, Jill and Amber to keep you entertained.  I know they have definitely kept me entertained!  I especially love it when Jen does book posts.  I have so many books added to my to read list because of her.  

But back to the reason for this post!  It is almost April, you guys!  And you know what that means in the blogging world?  BEDA!  Or for those of you not in the know – Blog Every Day in April!  This phenomenon was started by the formidable Maureen Johnson (one of my most favorite authors EVER!) and tons of people joined in last year.  There was even a ning started (I think a ning is like a website that keeps track of a bunch of blogs.  I THINK.  I don’t know.  My goodness you guys are lazy, why don’t you just google it already?).  

So I am throwing down the gauntlet to my other nerdgirls!  

That's right, I threw a BUNCH of gauntlets down!

Jen, Jill, Amber.  I challenge you to join me in BEDA!  If we all did it, how awesome would that be!?  4 posts a day for the entire month of April!  Granted, I’m pretty sure a very few select people would read them (and that’s because only you are truly truly awesome), but that’s ok!  And even if we don’t post every single day, we could probably get to the point where there is at least one new post every day!  What say you fellow nerdgirls?  Are you in??

<3, lindsay

Lots of Sports. And me being a lion car.

Howdy y’all (because I said y’all, you should automatically now know that this is Lindsay.  Because I live in the South.)!

I must first start this post off by commending the Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling team for winning their 3rd straight NCAA championship.  The tournament is not even over as I write this and already there is no way that any other team can catch us.  I guess that’s what happens when you have a Hawkeye in 5 out of the 10 finals.  Good job guys!  

I don't know what year this is. But they are Champs regardless!


Now that I’ve congratulated our guys, I have to say.  Wrestling = the most confusing macho sport ever.  Macho because it’s all about strength and dominating your opponent.  Confusing because…. Well, have you ever watched wrestling?  Think about it.  You’ve got all these guys in these tiny spandex suits that cling to their bodies and show pretty much EVERYTHING.  Then they grab each other all over the place.  I have seen so many butt grabs and inner thigh grabs in the past few days that I can’t help feeling slightly uncomfortable for the guys.  Their junk is getting grabbed on ESPN.  I don’t care WHAT I’m doing, I don’t ever want someone to grab my boob and have it televised.  Even an accidental grab.  Just sayin’.

You can't deny that it makes people feel weird.


Besides wrestling, there’s also been a little thing called March Madness that’s been going on.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?  Unfortunately, the Iowa men’s basketball team is not in the tournament.  Actually, did you know that Iowa fired Coach Lickliter?  Did you know that typing Lickliter makes me giggle?  Because it does.  But back to the tournament.  I filled out a bracket haphazardly a couple of days ago and didn’t pay attention to who I picked for certain games.  Now I am really wanting to know who I picked to win in the Northern Iowa vs. Kansas game.  I hope Northern Iowa, because they totally just won!  I’m pretty sure only Northern Iowa fans must have had them winning that game, because Kansas was the overall Number 1 seed in the ENTIRE tournament.  So good job Panthers!  I will always root for an Iowa team that’s not named Iowa State.  

I found this on the first page of google image searching for Iowa State Sucks.
I don’t understand it, but I like it.

Sticking to March Madness, I am currently watching the Iowa women’s basketball team.  They’re winning by four against Rutgers.  I am actually a little ticked off right now, not because of anything Iowa or Rutgers is doing, but because of ESPN2.  I am pretty blind, so when they shrink the action screen, it is really hard for me to see what’s going on.  About 1/4 the screen is taken up by scores.  Well, actually more than 1/4, but i was talking about the vertical strip where they are broadcasting all the scores from other games (including the men’s tournament).  Can’t they just show the scores on the bottom only?  Along with the scores on the bottom and the scores on the vertical strip, there is also another score board thingy that keeps popping up near the top of the screen.  Why?  Does ESPN2 think that the only reason I’m watching their channel is to see the scores of other games?  Oh, but commercials are given the full screen (minus the bottom score bar that is always there).  I am seriously cheesed off.  

I can't see the score! ESPN2 you better watch out, because I'm a vampire and I am COMING FOR YOU.


In other “news” (I say this with quotation marks around it because it’s not really news) not related to sports, the other day I came to the conclusion that I must seem like a freak to a lot of people in my workplace.  And when I say workplace, I mainly mean people on my floor that are not in my lab.  So those people who see me 5 days a week and have never talked to me, but could probably pick me out of a line up (not a criminal line up, but a crazy line up).  Line up or lineup?  I am not sure.  Wordpress recognizes both as legit (but will not recognize wordpress.  Strange, I know).  

So anyways, the other day I was walking down the hall with one of the graduate students.  We walked past another graduate student from another lab and he said hello to my grad kid (what I like to call the graduate students in my lab).  When I was sure that this other graduate student had made it to the bathroom and closed the door, I remarked to my grad kid how cute the other graduate student was – mainly I really liked his hair.  (*Important note: in no way must you think that I was scoping out this guy.  I am happily married and only pay attention to guys’ hair.  Don’t judge me.  I just really like good hair.  

Several things about this picture are great, but I would marry the hair alone (IF I WERE SINGLE - I wouldn't divorce for hair reasons).


My grad kid then said she would introduce me next time we saw him.  Immediately I made her promise that she would not introduce us, or even tell him my name.

Here is where the crazy comes into the story.  I frequently like to skip and spin and twirl down the hallways.  I also tend to get cold in the lab, so I am usually dressed in jeans and a blue coat.  So almost everyday you could describe my outfit as jeans and that blue coat.  Add to this that I’ve inherited my mother’s tendency to make car noises when turning corners, etc.  Seriously, I will be walking down the hall, and randomly I will decide it is a good idea to put my hands on an invisible steering wheel and say vroom vroom!  Also, I will beep at people when I pass them, and make a backup noise when I walk backwards.  I will also make screeching noises when turning corners.  I swear – there is something wrong in my brain.  I also growl for no reason every now and then.  

It makes sense when you consider that I have a lion (Adan) as my daemon.


And then there’s my hair.  My bangs are at a weird place right now.  They’ve been in this place since probably January.  I really need to go get them trimmed, but I’m too lazy to go to a hairdresser.  Also, I’m too scared that I will make myself look even more like a huge dork if I try to trim them myself.  So to remedy the problem of having my bangs in my face, I will tie them up in a pony tail or try to bobbypin them back.  And let me tell you.  My bangs will stay out of my face, but they get all pouty and decide that if they can’t hang out with my forehead, they won’t hang out with the rest of my hair either.  So they stick out all weird.  So unless I do my hair in the morning before I go to work, I have bangs sticking up all weird everywhere.  I have to be to work at 9:00 in the morning.  I usually get up at 8:00.  We usually try to leave no later than 8:40 (because we have a 20 minute commute), and I move incredibly slowly.  Ideally I would get up at 6:00 and slowly get ready by 8:30ish.  But this rarely happens and often I am drying my hair in the warm air of the car heater.

So you see my predicament now.  I dress pretty much the same everyday.  And speaking of dressing the same, blue jeans and blue coat – I am pretty much dressed like a blueberry everyday.  My bangs look like I selectively stuck them in an outlet.  I make beep beep, vroom vroom, screeeeeeeeech noises in the hallway as I skip, spin, twirl and walk down the hallway.  And more importantly, in addition to doing all of this in front of the cute graduate student (c.g.s.) from the other lab, I have run into the wall numerous times (in front of c.g.s.), and I have fallen down at least twice (also in front of c.g.s.).  There was a third time I fell down in front of him, but I’m not 100% positive that he saw me, so I will err on the side of not being humiliated and say that he didn’t see it.  I admit though, I am somewhat impressed with my ability to fall down for pretty much no reason.  All the times I have fallen down at work have been because I dropped something, and when I went down to retrieve that thing, my glasses slipped off my face, and I used both my hands to grab them, thereby causing myself to tip forward and not have my hands to catch myself.  I really should file for workman’s comp or something.  Because they should really have someone following me around or something.  

Yay me!


So that’s all from Nashville for right now.  I promise that once I take a shower and remember, I’ll take a picture of me with my sonic screwdriver (it’s pretty epic).  Also, I’m moving (again)!  So that should provide for some entertaining stories.  Maybe I will meet my neighbors while moving in, and we will become BFFs and then because one of my neighbors (downstairs) is the American Idol Season Three (or Two…?  I think it’s three though – cause Clay Aiken was two…..right???  Yes, I remember because Kelly Clarkson was One, and Clay was after her) runnner up, we will go meet Paula Abdul, and we will all dance around with cartoon cats (the cats cannot be real, because it turns out I am ALLERGIC to real cats).

I imagine it will look pretty much exactly like this, but with more cats and less


<3, ngtlindsay