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Fancy Pants

Just recently I decided that I needed to be more fancy. Not SUPER fancy, mind you. Just fanciER. But how exactly does one become fancier? Oh my. I’m going to need to come up with another word for fancy. Otherwise this is going to start sounding really weird in my head. Fancy. Sophisticated? Sure.

A few weekends ago, the fabulous Amber came down to Nashville to visit me! One of the MANY things that I admire about Amber is that she is always so nicely put together. She always makes sure that her hair and makeup look nice before she leaves the house and she always looks super cute. And then there’s me. I almost never put on makeup, I’m not sure where my hairbrush is and most days I just wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This is not to say that one way is right and the other way is wrong. For what I do every day, jeans and a plain shirt is just fine. If I worked in an office or a place that had a dress code, I’d probably dress better. But for the lab? Well, people wear sweatpants in here. So I’m not exactly under- or overdressed here.

But lately I’ve been reading a lot of design blogs and I’ve realized that I would like for someone to be able to look at me and think that I have style. I want to be one of those put together people. I want to be able to put together an outfit that says to the world: Look at me, not because I have toilet paper hanging out of my pants, but because I am cool and confident and I have my shizz together.

So how does one go about becoming a fancy, sophisticated adult? I have no idea, really. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. My first move? Project Apartment: Add some style. I’m getting closer to what I want with my apartment. It doesn’t help that I like things that are too expensive for my budget, but I’m finally finding some stuff that spruces up the place. The only thing I really have left to do with the apartment is to figure out what to hang on the walls.

I’ve been looking for ideas about neat things to do and I finally decided that it would just be best to go the safe way and do pictures. But I want to put up fun pictures in a funky design. Has anyone ever seen a wall full of pictures put up in a neat way? I have a lot of wall space in my bedroom that needs filling. I figure I’ll just end up putting pictures there too. I wanted wall art, but I’ve never found anything that I REALLY loved.

I’m also working on making my self fancier, not just my surroundings. I figure my biggest obstacle is my morning prep time. I kind of pride myself on being able to wake up at 8:40 and be at work at 9:00. But if I want to be sophisticated, I’m going to need to wake up early enough to make sure I’m picking out an outfit instead of jeans and a tee. Another obstacle is actually picking out the outfits. I watch shows like What Not to Wear and I see people wearing clothes I really like, but when it comes to picking things out for myself, I’m not the greatest. I need to learn how to spot items in the store and incorporate them into my wardrobe.

So I have some questions! What kinds of pieces do you guys feel are a must for stylish outfits? (belt, scarf, earrings, whatever) Also, do you get inspiration for the kinds of outfits you want to put together or do you just know what looks good together instinctively? Can style be taught? Are there any good books out there that you would recommend for someone like me who was hoping to improve upon their style? And also, do you have any ideas for my blank walls!?

<3s forever, Lindsay

A Post of Sorts

So I feel like I need to get in on this posting thing – everyone else is doing it. But I’ve been having a really hard time coming up with things to write about BEFORE April starts. I have an actual LIST of subjects I’m going to write about for BEDA and I’m super duper excited! Hopefully having a list this year means I’ll actually complete BEDA unlike years before where I just kind of pretended April ended midway through the month.

So instead of giving you an ACTUAL post, I’m just going to talk about random things and what I have planned for the upcoming month! This totally counts towards posting 🙂

I’m not sure how I want to start off – should I do a super awesome post for the first day of BEDA, or would a regular one be better and save the awesome sauce for later? Toughie. Right now I have in the Day 1 spot a post about what kind of geek I am. I will also attempt to differentiate between nerds, geeks and spazzes (wasn’t that an SNL skit? Or am I thinking of All That? I don’t know – the 90s were a confusing time for us all). Then throughout the month of April you will be hit with book reviews (or more like me talking about how awesome a book/author is), websites I frequent, messed up children’s shows I used to watch, a video of my dance recital next week, shows I watch now (you be the judge of whether they’re messed up or not), a certain pop star who I think is adorable, a much needed Doctor Who post (or maybe even multiple posts?), and even the story behind THE PANCAKE MOVIE and how confused I was about puberty before I hit it. There will be some other posts that I didn’t detail up above, but I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you about them now. So far I’ve got 24 slots filled (I had 30 originally but realized that I could condense some posts into 1). I’m thinking I’d like to challenge my fellow nerd girls to write about things during April, but I’m clueless as of right now.

So that’s for the planned part of this post. Now onto the “random” things. So today I was eating an orange. It was weird because it had a baby orange in the middle of it. Also, I lost track of where I was in eating the orange and so I got confused when I had finished it because I thought I still had half of it go. On Wednesdays I go to Zumba class. It’s pretty awesome. It’s the perfect class for me because I’m the kind of exerciser that likes to bounce around a lot and my specific class is very bouncy. Lots of hip hop as opposed to the more Latin feel I thought it would have, but I think I like that even better than if it were mostly Latin-y. I highly suggest you look into Zumba if you like dance-y exercise. A good teacher will make it fun and easy, like mine does.

Oh, today was a really nice day. Not nice as in warm and sunny – it was actually kind of misty/cloudy/cold/miserable out. But it was nice because I kept having moments where I would think to myself “I like me.” It sounds really cheesy because it is, but it still feels nice to smile and like yourself.

Although! I do feel bad because I had vowed to stop shopping at Borders and Barnes and Noble and try to support my local independent stores, and then I went and bought the latest Thursday Next book at B&N out in Nevada because I just HAD to have it right away.  😦  And then I still haven’t read it because I realized that Jasper Fforde is the kind of author that you need to remember who’s who and what’s what before getting into his next book. I read the first page of the the latest one and I was like….WHAT IS GOING ON?! So I had to start over at the beginning. I’m almost done with the 3rd one (The Well of Lost Plots), and so I would have had AMPLE time to go to the bookstore down the street and have them order it for me. Shame on me. Next time though.  Next time.

Speaking of books! City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare is out next week!  WHAT!  YES!  THE TORTURE! Have you guys read The Mortal Instruments series or Clockwork Angel? They are FANTASTIC books! I’m excited for CoFA even though I know I’m going to finish it and scream in agony over the cliffhanger and the knowledge that I’ll have to wait another year for the next book. But on the bright side, the second book in the Infernal Devices series, Clockwork Prince, comes out in September (I think), so I have that to soften the blow.

If you haven’t read them, don’t worry, I have a post planned where I talk about them. I will try to be as non-spoilery as possible, which will be SUPER hard because that means I’ll really only be able to talk about City of Bones (TMI#1) and Clockwork Angel (ID#1). I live such a hard life.

And that’s all I’m going to write for now. I’m going to go and scavenge for a chemical now. Yeah, I’m totally at work. Not working though. Just sitting around, waiting to be picked up. I’m going to try and convince my husband-o to take me out for hot dogs. Yes, hot dogs. It’s called The Dog and they have AMAZING french fries. If you come visit me (and are not named Jen) we’ll be visiting The Dog. (Unless, Jen, you like veggie dogs? I’m guessing not, but maybe?)

Hufflepuff out.


They were happy because they didn't know what would happen to them.

Random thoughts I have had today

An uncomplete list of things that have gone on in my head today:

1. Why can’t babies stand up by themselves? Is it like a balance issue? Or are their leg muscles just not strong enough? Seems to me that it’s probably a muscle issue because staying upright is pretty darn easy.

2. Cookie time has been supposedly going on for a while and I have yet to see any girl scouts. Why is there not a cookie booth in every grocery store? I should drive out to the Kroger tonight and see if there are some girl scouts there. Also, why don’t they wear uniforms anymore? (When is the last time you saw a girl scout in her uniform?)

3. How did I dent my fingernail and not notice? You think you would notice whacking your finger hard enough to take a chunk out of it.

4. Tiny bubble wrap might possibly be the greatest invention of all time.

5. Knees look stupid. In fact, most joints look stupid and I feel like they could be better made.

6. *Picturing a shin splint* Thanks a lot, dance teacher. (Last night she explained exactly what a shin splint was. I will never forgive her for the imagery.)

7. When did this whole month thing come about? Like, how did they keep track of dates like 1,000 years ago? When did we start using calendars? 1,000 years ago, did someone say, hey meet me next Tuesday? Or did they say, hey meet me in 10 days? When did the concept of the day come about? Do you think maybe instead of day they said something like, sun periods?

8. Mushrooms are disgusting and should be allowed to be hunted into extinction.

9. Johnny Depp is most attractive looking to me when he is dressed as a pirate.

10. Sometimes Irish music and bluegrass music is indistinguishable to my ears. I think it’s because of the fiddle. Also, I like the banjo and the bagpipes, but probably not together.

11. How is that new SciFi show, the one where they go back in time to live with the dinosaurs (Terra Nova I think is it’s name?), going to address the oxygen level issue? I hope they don’t ignore it and let people think the levels back then are the same as they are today.

12. Disgusting and delicious don’t usually go together, but yogurt makes it work.

13. I love polka dots.

14. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen is a great book, but the cover is so so wrong for it.

15. You know the Jacuzzi suit that they had on The Simpson’s that one time? I want one.

16. I wish every day it was mandatory to stop and do some double dutch. Not only is double dutch awesome, but I’m really good at it.

<3, lindsay

Resolutions: Lindsay Edition

So it is 2011!  Just in case you were not aware of that.  It seems strange, just the other day I wrote the date with the year as 1998.  So I am only 13 years behind!

But on to the post!  This year I decided I should definitely have resolutions.  Last year I didn’t make any, or the year before that.  Actually, I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions since high school.  I think I went through a phase where I was “too cool” (hahahahaha) for resolutions.  But this year, I am not too cool for resolutions!  I am so beneath them, the resolutions actually ELEVATE my coolness.  I know.

My goal for making resolutions was to try to keep them smallish and achievable.  This is alright, as I also have a list of Life Goals (like owning this) so I don’t have to worry about discovering Atlantis this year.  If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have seen some of my Life Goals.  I tweet helpful things too, like Life Lessons (like Don’t eat the skin that peels of your lip because you’ll feel like a vampire and then stupid).  So my Resolution list might seem a bit boring because they are things that I should be doing anyway, but don’t because I am lazy and a procrastinator.

Lindsay’s 2011 Resolutions

1. Drink more water.  Seriously, I am like a camel in the respect that I can go a really long time without water.  I am just not a naturally thirsty person.  But it is IMPORTANT to drink water to keep your body flushed and nasty stuff from building up in your sinuses.

2. Write every day.  This is something that has dawned on me lately.  I know, I know.  Almost any author will tell you that you need to do this.  But I was operating under the opinion that everyone is different, so maybe I didn’t need to do that.  Well, see, I’ve learned that if I don’t write every single day, I forget important DETAILS about the book I’m working on.  And if I stop writing for more than  days in a row, I will be completely lost, and get angry and let myself think really sucky thoughts about how I’ll never be a real writer.  So even if it’s just a few sentences, or even just some more setting or character descriptions, I need to sit down and DO IT.

3. Blog more.  I really actually love blogging.  And I have so many posts planned out!  I have so many books that I want to share with you! (Jellicoe Road and the rest of Melina Marchetta’s AMAZING books, The Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, the Chaos Walking series!!)  I want to try and succeed at BEDA again this year.  I really do!

4. Run a 5k.  Without walking.  I have never actually ran 5 kilometers (what, like….3ish miles?) straight in my life.  It’d be nice to finally be able to do it.  Plus it’d be nice to finally look at my legs and not go, “So squishy 😦 ”

5. Drink less pop.  I drink a lot of pop.  It’s so darn addicting.  I was going to go cold turkey, but then Husband brought home a 6 pack of coke in the cute little mini glass bottles.  I told him it was the last pop he could bring home, and so hopefully I can quit as soon as I’ve finished the pack.  (I know, I know, I should quit now, but you guys!  The bottles are so adorbs!)

And that’s it!  Basically I’m resolved to be healthier-ish and more committed to my goal of becoming a writer.  I’ll report back in 2012 and let you know how it went!

What are your resolutions for the New YEAR?  If you have any, that is!

Dinosaurs are cool,


Another resolution: Sometime soon, I will own this in adult size.

My Obsession with J Names/ How do you name a character?? Also, a slightly inappropriate picture of a cake!

Hola blog kids!

It’s me, Lindsay!, coming at y’all from Nashville.  I’ve decided to write today’s blog post about how whenever I need to name a character, I almost always use a J name.

For example.  Yesterday I was popping out some ideas and decided to write one down.  What did I name 2 of the main characters?  Jake and Jenna.  Today as I was writing more stuff down, I realized…hey! Those are 2 J names!  So I sat down and tried to come up with a list of names I like.  This is kind of crazy, because I do this about once a month, or if I’m actually trying to commit to a particular story, once a week (at least).  So you can imagine I have like at least 20 lists of names.

But whatever, I made another list, because you can never have too many lists.  And what did I find out about myself in looking at this list?  I have a J name obsession.  Jake, Josh, Jack. Janie, Janna, Jennifer, Jen, Jenna, Jenny, Jackie, Jill, Jillian, Joanna, Jason, Jessica.  That is just from today’s list.  I’m sure there are other J names that I have on other lists.  (And the fact that two of my nerdgirls are named Jen and Jill is NOT helping!  Clearly ladies, we need to change your names because I don’t see an end to my obsession).

Naming a character for me is hard.  I’ve tried using a stand in for a name, like X, but it feels extremely cold, and it hinders me even worse because it’s super hard to convey any feeling from X.  On the other hand, it feels weird giving a character some temporary name, such as John Smith, because then I’m all like…but that’s not his name!  Hmm..  so maybe this is why I haven’t been able to finish a full story yet… I can’t figure out my characters’ names!  Hahahaha.  No, that’s not it.

On the other hand, I do have names that I love and want so badly to give to my characters.  But I can’t because in the strange metaphysical place that is my mind, I think “But wait!  Reserve that name for possible future children!”  Which is kind of crazy when you really think about it.  But it’s totes (hahahahaha FYA!) not because what happens if I have a child and then I realize that this child is obviously a (name redacted because I know you all will probably totes steal it)!  But I can’t use it because I gave that name to the mean girl or the jerk boy in a book (that is supposedly published or on its way to being publised).

OK, I’m done being a crazycake for the next few minutes.  Do any of you run up against this problem?  Is this just me?  Does anybody else have a fixation on a certain letter?  Are you sure?  Because I wasn’t aware of it until I looked at my list.  Ooooooh!!  Make a list of your favorite names and put them down in the comments!  That way we can see how crazy we all are!  I love it!  Time for this crazycake to go have dinner!

Love you all so totes much!


I googled crazycakes, and this image of a cake came up. Is it just me or does anyone else think this cake is anatomically incorrect? Also, SUPER INAPPROPRIATE, AMIRIGHT?


So I have been noticing that people are using the word totes in place of totally.  I thought this was something that was confined to my new favorite site, Forever Young Adult (thank you Jill and Meg Cabot for bringing it to my attention!!), and I thought that it was totally (totes!) adorable whenever I came across it in one of their posts.  But then again I think every single one of their posts is totally (totes!) adorable and pee-my-pants hilarious (especially when Erin summarizes the Sweet Valley High books, soooooo good!).

Well, I was getting caught up with Jonas LA this evening when I heard Joe say totes.  And I was all like WTF Disney!?  Because it did not even sound natural.  I feel like totes should be reserved for the girls over at FYA, because they can totally (totes!) rock it out!  And Joe just did not rock it out.  Maybe Kevin could have, because he is obviously (obvs!) the funniest Jonas brother.  But I’m sorry Joe – I dig the new shorter and straight hair, but please don’t ever try to make totes happen again.  And also, man up and tell Stella you love her!

That’s all I have for now.  I totes have to go to bed now.  What do you guys think of totes vs. totally?

Leave your thoughts in the comments, bishes!  (I am totes in love with FYA.  Damn, now I’m going to be all like “I was totes like, Joe tried to pull that shiz and he totes sounded like a bish!)

<3, lindsay

So...should we call these things totallies now?

This Season’s Hottest Accessory

So I heard that this summer’s hottest new trend was the big black boot.  You know what I’m talking about – that stylish and hawt black boot that you velcro up.  I’m pretty sure I’ve read on the CNN living website that everyone will be wearing one, so I recommend you all go out and get one so you can be ahead of the trend!

A big black boot is kind of ugly, you say?  I am insulted by your lack of fashion style.  I mean, think about it.  The boot is black.  Black goes with pretty much everything (I’m pretty sure it goes with everything but navy, although the right people could pull that one off).  You have a white shoe on the other foot?  Boom, stylish.  You have a platform shoe that went out of style a while ago but now want to wear it again?  Well guess what!  The big black boot is taller than your other shoes so strap on that platform shoe to your other foot and swagger around with pride!  (Note: I do not endorse wearing a platform shoe and a big black boot at the same time)  But how can I wear my jeans!?  Roll up one leg, or even role both up!  With your big black boot you can’t go wrong!  Also, some models of the big black boot come with a sweet air pump, reminiscent of Air Jordan’s.  Did you miss out on AJ’s in your childhood because your parents thought they were frivolous?  Well now you can experience what it’s like to pump air into your big black boot with said sweet air pump!  Air pump comes complete with a dial for inflating and deflating!  Hear that sweet hiss of air as you deflate after a day at work!

Super cute! All you need is some glitter nail polish and you are good to go!

Now how do you get one of these super awesome big black boots you ask?  Well, I bet they sell them at the drugstore (maybe?  I’m not sure.  I know they sell crutches, so why not?)  Or you can go the more conventional way of breaking your foot and getting one from the doctor, but I don’t recommend this method as it tends to be a bit painful!  However you do it though, make sure you get yours ASAP!  Together we will all be fashionistas!

<3, lindsay