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Good Luck to the 48 Hour Book Challenge Participants!

Sorry folks, but for the first time in 3 years, I won’t be doing the 48 Hour Book Challenge.  It is a really busy weekend for me and thinking about squeezing the challenge into my schedule makes me feel stressed rather than happy.

This weekend is the annual city wide garage sales for our town and I have already been shopping it up over here.  I plan to go out way early tomorrow and hit the good sales.  One of the sales at the library has GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!  The last two years I have rushed through the sales like a crazy person to get back and read, but tomorrow I am going to take my time and browse to my heart’s content.  Then I have a teen program at night and a meeting on Sunday (ugh).  So I am not going to have a lot of time to read.

Not only will I be pressed for time, but I am also well on my way to my summer zombie-fied state.  I read like a freakin’ maniac during the rest of the year, but in the summer I literally stop functioning outside of work.  Last night was our summer reading kick off and there were like 400 people there.  After something like that I just want to sit on my couch and stare at the wall for days, because my brain literally can’t handle a book.  I will try to keep up my reading this summer, but my amount of books read is going to decrease dramatically from now until August.

So, I have rambled on for way to long, just to say that I’m not doing the challenge this year.  So good luck to everyone who is already reading away (go Abby!) and I hope you all reach your reading goals!



Axe Cop is super funny.

“I wish for Abraham Lincoln to be my wife.” –Axe Cop

stumbled across the webcomic, Axe Cop, a few weeks and am totally in love with it! The storyline is written by a 6 year old boy, so you know, BEST THING EVER. He, Malachai, narrates it it to his 30 year old brother, Ethan, who illustrates the comic and sometimes prompts with questions like “and how did Axe cop and Dinosaur Soldier find the evil lab of uni-baby?”

So the website is fun, but I just bought the first print version of Axe Cop for the library’s graphic collection and it is so adorable because the big brother added little notes explaining what he thought was going through his little bro’s head during the spark of creation 🙂 For instance, during Ask Axe Cop #24, Ethan tried giving Malachai some background on info on Abraham Lincoln, but apparently Malachai just couldn’t shake his initial feeling that Pres. Lincoln was girl–this is just the kind of joke where coming from anyone older would seem like they were trying too hard, but coming from a kid who really thought Abe was a girl, and then allowing someone to correct him, but still manipulating the story so it comes back round to Axe Cop marrying Pres. Lincoln? pure brainwork.


I Heart Josh Groban!

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Josh Groban fan, (I don’t have his CDs or anything like that) but I do think I might be a little bit in love with him.  I first started crushing on him when I saw him in the Jimmy Kimmel/Ben Affleck video.  Not only is his voice amazing, but he has a sense of humor!

Now he has teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel again and the results are just as funny.

Heeeheeheeee!  I make awesome decisions in bike stores!

This totally made my day.


Are you this awesome? Because I am not. But I am awesome enough to appreciate this awesomeness.

That is my new daily affirmation.

So sometimes I feel bad for my husband (yeah, I said HUSBAND–I am totally married now. maybe I’ll post about it later…) because his friends’ girlfriends are SO MUCH COOLER than me. Like really. I totally feel like I come off as Fregley when I’m around them (I have to remind myself “please don’t show the freckle please don’t show the freckle”).

How I appear when I'm around cool people.

Trust me. I know. I have hung out with these cool people and I usually sit in the corner and smile silently and hope that they won’t even remember that I was there and that I blurted out something random about my wand while they were discussing their latest poetry project or something (hmm when they read this, they will probably be like “what poetry project?! but that is how I choose to remember it. sidenote: I took a poetry class once–I wrote a poem about Buffalo Bill’s brother being buried in the Long Grove cemetery. big surprise.)

ANYWAYS the whole point of this post was to show you the proof of their awesomeness– –awesomeness that I appreciate, mind you– –as in I saw this video on facebook made by one of Steve’s best friend’s girlfriend’s best friends for Steve’s best friend’s girlfriend and clicked the “LIKE” button:

AHHH I know. totally adorable and brilliant and… like really high quality, right?!

Not to say that the video of me filming Lindsay doing the States of Matter Dance wasn’t high quality, but it is obvious that it wasn’t. (Still being used in middle school science classes around the country BOOYAH **high five with Lindsay** ELBOWS )

Wanna know what I’m thinking right now? I’m thinking that the sounds in the car commercial playing on the TV in the other room sound like the beginning of Britney Spears’ song Stronger. LOVE that song.


Which Side of Your Brain is More Powerful??

I found this cool thing today on my friend Kelly’s Facebook page.  There is a little test you can do to see if you are more of a left-brain person or a right-brain person.  Go to this website and watch the girl twirl around.  If it moves clockwise, then you are more of an artsy, creative type and if it moves counter-clockwise then you are a more logic numbersy type person.

Oddly enough both times I have gone to the website, I have seen it going clockwise first.  I definitely would not call myself creative or artsy.  I am much more of a “there is one right answer and I want to know what it is” type person.  Then after I look at it for awhile it starts to go the other way.  It is almost like the two sides of my brain are fighting with each other.

So go there and check it out.  Who knows how accurate it is, but it is pretty cool.


P.S.  Or you could try another method, which is to cross your arms over your chest very fast without thinking about it (hands end up on opposite shoulders).  The arm that is on the bottom is the side of your brain that is stronger (example:  left arm under right arm, you are left-brain oriented).

P.P.S.  Is anyone else disturbed by how anatomically correct the girl is?  It almost looks like she has nipples (which you can’t see in this picture)!  Is it wrong that I noticed that??

Shapely Girl Twirling....why couldn't it be a cat or something?

Happy Video Roundup!

One of my favorite pasttimes is watching videos on YouTube.  Sadly this is harder now that my internet comes and goes as it pleases.  Aside from silly cat videos and movie trailers, my favorite types of videos are dancing videos!!!  I don’t know what it is, but there is something about seeing people dance that makes me all happy and floaty.  It is probably because I can’t dance at all.

Up first is my dad’s favorite video ever.  If you have ever been in his presence for more than two hours, you have probably seen this video.  He even used it in one of his sermons, which he only reserves for his most favorite pop culture stuff (like Star Wars, Peanuts, and The Wizard of Oz).  I say this, but I love the video almost as much as he does.  It proves that even with people around the world being so different, we can all appreciate a guy dancing like a moron.

Probably most of you have already seen this video (not because of my dad) but because it has like 30 million views.

The next one I discovered while searching for flash mob videos.  I do love a good flash mob!  Even though most of them are organized for commercial purposes (to promote a tv show or something) they fill my little heart with joy.  This one took place in Belgium to promote a new reality show (Ugh!) but it is pitch perfect.  I love how it is mainly kids doing the dancing.  I also love how scared people look when they hear Julie Andrews’ voice at the beginning.  But my favorite part is the little old lady in the hat who is shown a couple times.  At first she is confused, then she is totally rocking out with the dancers.

I love the girl who does the entire dance with a HUGE backpack on.  She is hardcore!  The video also gets bonus points for including the macarena.

The last video is something very amazing and wonderful.  I first found it when it was linked from the IMDB homepage, and then Abby tweeted about it and I couldn’t stop watching it.  I wonder sometimes what would have happened if Newsies had come out now instead of way back in the ’90s.  Musicals with dancing boys are all the rage nowadays.  This actually might have played well as a DCOM (that’s Disney Channel Original Movie, for those who don’t know).  Ah well, it will always have a special place in my heart.

Aaaaah, sometimes I think guys should bring back the little newsie hats and suspenders look.  Any guy looks fetching wearing that ensemble.

Anyway, if you have any favorite dance videos, feel free to share them in the comments.  I better stop at three because it has taken me almost 3 days to put this post together as it is.  Curse you internets!!!


Do You Like Sparkly Unicorns??

A little over a year ago, I discovered the awesome website Cornify.  Now I know this website may sound very, very dirty, but no, it is amazing.  Have you ever looked at a website and wished it had more unicorns?  You can go to Cornify and make it happen.

Here is what I did to the Internet Movie Database in like 5 seconds:

Sparkly Unicorns!!!

So just go to the Cornify website and on the right hand side there is a little link you can drag to your bookmarks toolbar and then you can cornify whenever you want!!!  I recommend this for work computers too, since it is a great stress reliever.