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Cami Secret–Disturbing or Totally Genius?

Here is a commercial that I saw on TV yesterday for the Cami Secret:

Here are my observations:

1.  I can’t decide if it looks more like panties, a handkerchief, or a dryer sheet.

2.  With the lace on top it looks like all the women are wearing nighties under their shirts.

3.  I totally cracked up when the girl is sitting in the restaurant with her bra just hanging out!  The guy is like, “yeah whatever, you don’t really need to fix it.”

4.  You can totally tell this commercial was made by men with all the unnecessary close-ups of cleavage and bras.

5.  If it wasn’t for the lacy top part, I would totally want to own one of these things.  It is like a dickie for the 21st century!

He sure is happy to have remembered his dickie!!

So what do you think?  Is this a great idea, or will you stick to wearing actual camis?


Which Side of Your Brain is More Powerful??

I found this cool thing today on my friend Kelly’s Facebook page.  There is a little test you can do to see if you are more of a left-brain person or a right-brain person.  Go to this website and watch the girl twirl around.  If it moves clockwise, then you are more of an artsy, creative type and if it moves counter-clockwise then you are a more logic numbersy type person.

Oddly enough both times I have gone to the website, I have seen it going clockwise first.  I definitely would not call myself creative or artsy.  I am much more of a “there is one right answer and I want to know what it is” type person.  Then after I look at it for awhile it starts to go the other way.  It is almost like the two sides of my brain are fighting with each other.

So go there and check it out.  Who knows how accurate it is, but it is pretty cool.


P.S.  Or you could try another method, which is to cross your arms over your chest very fast without thinking about it (hands end up on opposite shoulders).  The arm that is on the bottom is the side of your brain that is stronger (example:  left arm under right arm, you are left-brain oriented).

P.P.S.  Is anyone else disturbed by how anatomically correct the girl is?  It almost looks like she has nipples (which you can’t see in this picture)!  Is it wrong that I noticed that??

Shapely Girl Twirling....why couldn't it be a cat or something?

Ballad of a Children’s Librarian

During the past six weeks, I have done thirty-six storytimes by myself,

six teen programs,

and emceed six family nights without losing my voice,

for I am a children’s librarian.

I have watched 140 people cram into a room made for 80.

I have touched a baby alligator’s tail and fossils from the Devonian period,

for I am a children’s librarian.

I have gained upper body strength and painful back spasms from moving tables and chairs multiple times per day.

I have killed one vacuum while picking up sand, flour, popcorn, dirt, chips, sequins, and (fake) snow,

for I am a children’s librarian.

I have explained to not one, but two kids that they can’t have another prize if they threw theirs up on the roof.

I have made boats, sharks, bubble machines, terrariums, octopuses, and painted with sand,

for I am a children’s librarian.

I have placed multiple holds on the Clique series and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books whilst controlling my gag reflex.

I have worked so hard that I sweat through my clothes with three hours left to go of my shift,

for I am a children’s librarian.

I have battled screaming toddlers, water balloons, rude people, and sulky teens.

I have dealt with a power outage, bad weather, a movie that stopped in the middle for no reason, and figuring out how to open the attic door (we have an attic???),

for I am a children’s librarian.

I have impersonated an ocean wave, a seal, a turtle, many fish, and a snail.

In doing so, I have made a fool of myself in front of the whole town and several times made it into the local paper,

for I am a children’s librarian.

The summer reading program is now over, and I have survived to see another year.  Pretty soon the kids will go back to school and public librarians everywhere can breathe a much-needed sigh of relief.  I am already feeling the stress melt off my shoulders.  To all of you librarians suffering through the final push of summer reading, I wish you luck!  You can do it (Abby)!!!!


My Obsession with J Names/ How do you name a character?? Also, a slightly inappropriate picture of a cake!

Hola blog kids!

It’s me, Lindsay!, coming at y’all from Nashville.  I’ve decided to write today’s blog post about how whenever I need to name a character, I almost always use a J name.

For example.  Yesterday I was popping out some ideas and decided to write one down.  What did I name 2 of the main characters?  Jake and Jenna.  Today as I was writing more stuff down, I realized…hey! Those are 2 J names!  So I sat down and tried to come up with a list of names I like.  This is kind of crazy, because I do this about once a month, or if I’m actually trying to commit to a particular story, once a week (at least).  So you can imagine I have like at least 20 lists of names.

But whatever, I made another list, because you can never have too many lists.  And what did I find out about myself in looking at this list?  I have a J name obsession.  Jake, Josh, Jack. Janie, Janna, Jennifer, Jen, Jenna, Jenny, Jackie, Jill, Jillian, Joanna, Jason, Jessica.  That is just from today’s list.  I’m sure there are other J names that I have on other lists.  (And the fact that two of my nerdgirls are named Jen and Jill is NOT helping!  Clearly ladies, we need to change your names because I don’t see an end to my obsession).

Naming a character for me is hard.  I’ve tried using a stand in for a name, like X, but it feels extremely cold, and it hinders me even worse because it’s super hard to convey any feeling from X.  On the other hand, it feels weird giving a character some temporary name, such as John Smith, because then I’m all like…but that’s not his name!  Hmm..  so maybe this is why I haven’t been able to finish a full story yet… I can’t figure out my characters’ names!  Hahahaha.  No, that’s not it.

On the other hand, I do have names that I love and want so badly to give to my characters.  But I can’t because in the strange metaphysical place that is my mind, I think “But wait!  Reserve that name for possible future children!”  Which is kind of crazy when you really think about it.  But it’s totes (hahahahaha FYA!) not because what happens if I have a child and then I realize that this child is obviously a (name redacted because I know you all will probably totes steal it)!  But I can’t use it because I gave that name to the mean girl or the jerk boy in a book (that is supposedly published or on its way to being publised).

OK, I’m done being a crazycake for the next few minutes.  Do any of you run up against this problem?  Is this just me?  Does anybody else have a fixation on a certain letter?  Are you sure?  Because I wasn’t aware of it until I looked at my list.  Ooooooh!!  Make a list of your favorite names and put them down in the comments!  That way we can see how crazy we all are!  I love it!  Time for this crazycake to go have dinner!

Love you all so totes much!


I googled crazycakes, and this image of a cake came up. Is it just me or does anyone else think this cake is anatomically incorrect? Also, SUPER INAPPROPRIATE, AMIRIGHT?


So I have been noticing that people are using the word totes in place of totally.  I thought this was something that was confined to my new favorite site, Forever Young Adult (thank you Jill and Meg Cabot for bringing it to my attention!!), and I thought that it was totally (totes!) adorable whenever I came across it in one of their posts.  But then again I think every single one of their posts is totally (totes!) adorable and pee-my-pants hilarious (especially when Erin summarizes the Sweet Valley High books, soooooo good!).

Well, I was getting caught up with Jonas LA this evening when I heard Joe say totes.  And I was all like WTF Disney!?  Because it did not even sound natural.  I feel like totes should be reserved for the girls over at FYA, because they can totally (totes!) rock it out!  And Joe just did not rock it out.  Maybe Kevin could have, because he is obviously (obvs!) the funniest Jonas brother.  But I’m sorry Joe – I dig the new shorter and straight hair, but please don’t ever try to make totes happen again.  And also, man up and tell Stella you love her!

That’s all I have for now.  I totes have to go to bed now.  What do you guys think of totes vs. totally?

Leave your thoughts in the comments, bishes!  (I am totes in love with FYA.  Damn, now I’m going to be all like “I was totes like, Joe tried to pull that shiz and he totes sounded like a bish!)

<3, lindsay

So...should we call these things totallies now?

I Want Phineas and Ferb To Be My Little Brothers!

Phineas and Ferb is my new favorite can’t-miss-it tv show.  It has been on the Disney Channel (which is my the channel I watch more than any other) for a few years now, but I have always ignored it.  I think it was because it was an animated show, so it did not fit in with the other Disney Channel shows.  Also, I felt like it was ALWAYS on tv, so I would be flipping through the channels hoping to find Hannah Montana or an awesome DCOM and I would think, “Man!  Phineas and Ferb is on again!!  Blerg!!”  Now, I curse myself for ever thinking that.

Let me state this for all of you who don’t know it:  “PHINEAS AND FERB IS AMAZING!”  It is hilarious and it gets even funnier with every episode that you see because there are so many in-jokes and references to previous episodes.

The basic premise of every episode (which are each about 11 minutes long) is Phineas and Ferb build some outrageously awesome invention in their backyard.  Their sister Candace spends all her time trying to “bust them.”  In other words, she tries to get their mom to realize what they are up to.  While all this is going on, their pet platypus Perry (who is a secret agent) goes off and tries to stop Dr. Doofenschmirtz from carrying out his evil plans.

Perry the Platypus in secret agent mode

My favorite characters are Ferb (who almost never speaks, but when he does it is Thomas Sangster doing the voice who was the little boy in Love Actually!!), Perry the Platypus (who has the best facial expressions EVER–trust me, he does), the Mom (how she puts up with Candace I will never know!), and Baljeet (I’m a huge groupie of The Baljeatles).

Baljeet and his friend Buford the bully (can you guess which is which?)

If any of that sounds confusing, don’t worry, it is pretty easy to pick up on.  Some of my favorite episodes in case you want to start watching (most of them can be found on YouTube) are “Vanessassary Roughness,” “Oh There You Are Perry,” “Greece Lightning,” “Hail Doofania,” “Swiss Family Phineas,” “Isabella and the Temple of Sap,” “Finding Mary McGuffin,” and “The Chronicles of Meap.”

Most of the episodes have songs and several of them are very catchy.  I adore the Evil Love song from “Chez Platypus.”  If you can get past Dr. Doofenschmirtz’s terrible voice, the song itself is really pretty.  I also love Come Home Perry from “Oh There You Are Perry.”

Here is one episode to get you addicted to the show.  It doesn’t really follow the regular premise, but I LOVE it!!!  I think my favorite part is when Candace says “Am I sweating milk?”  heeheeheeeeee

So if you’ve never given this show a chance, you should at least check out a few episodes.  Right now it seems to be on from 8-10 in the morning central time so you could watch it while you get ready for work.  I know I’m not the only adult who loves this show (I have an inkling that over half the fan base is parents who watch it with their kids), so don’t be embarrassed.


P.S.  One of my favorite things about this show is that Ferb has a crush on Dr. Doofenschmirtz’z daughter Vanessa who is played by Olivia Olson who was Joanna in Love Actually.  That means the two little kids who were in love in that movie are crushing on each other again in this show!!!!