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A Silly Cat Video, Since I Haven’t Done One Lately

The other night I watched Gnomeo and Juliet (which is actually a pretty cute movie), but I had a little bit of trouble because Pippi REALLY got excited about it.

Here is what she did for the first 30 minutes of the movie.

My favorite part is when she is fascinated by the water spout.

So, if you get a chance, watch this movie if only to hear James McAvoy play Gnomeo.  Just be careful if you’ve got a cat who likes tv.


Sick Post

I made it through April posting every day!!!  Yippee!!  This is going to be a really lame post because I am still sick sick sick.  I am not sure what I have.  Now I am leaning more towards the flu or mono.  I’ve already had mono, but I have had it twice, so I’m pretty sure getting it a third time wouldn’t be impossible.  Stupid freak of nature immune system!  I have literally spent all day lying on the couch with my eyes closed.  Not really awake, not really sleeping.  Fun way to spend the day, I’m telling you.  The two things I have accomplished include taking a two minute shower and cleaning out my litter boxes.  I almost blacked out after doing both.

Ugh!  Enough complaining… are some things that are able to make me smile even when I feel awful.  This video is super awesome and very well done.  I love how the music is incorporated.

The next video also makes me very happy.  I love the song and it totally gives me the happy cry 🙂  I think it might be all the children and old people being so adorable.

Also, since I know all my girls are big Harry Potter fans, you HAVE to check out this amazing person who condensed the first four books into comic form.  So amazing!

I plan to spend the rest of evening lying around, maybe I might get up the energy to put the Tangled DVD into the player, but that would require getting up.

Hopefully my mommy will come and rescue me tomorrow.


Rooney Again!!

Last night Nerdgirl Amber and I went to see Rooney perform an amazing concert.  I am still reeling from actually seeing Michael Moscovitz in person, so here are some pictures and videos.

Brandon and Robert

Me with my future husband, the bass player Brandon

Here is a little video I took.  It is really awful because I took it with my digital camera, so do not expect wonderful things.

You can watch the other video I took here.  It is mostly of the bass player, and the sound is much worse.

It was a very fun night, and I could probably write a lot more about it, but I am too tired right now.


P.S.  To see all of my pictures, you can go to my Flickr account.

Haircut, Finally

Here is a little video that features me talking about my haircut.  Just watch, it’s thrilling, I promise 🙂

I actually recorded it yesterday, but my computer fought me for a long time before finally letting me post it to YouTube.


I Heart Josh Groban!

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Josh Groban fan, (I don’t have his CDs or anything like that) but I do think I might be a little bit in love with him.  I first started crushing on him when I saw him in the Jimmy Kimmel/Ben Affleck video.  Not only is his voice amazing, but he has a sense of humor!

Now he has teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel again and the results are just as funny.

Heeeheeheeee!  I make awesome decisions in bike stores!

This totally made my day.


I Want to Live in a Tiny House!!

I was cruisin’ the Best Week Ever website this evening and came across something totally awesome.  Apparently there is a guy who literally designs (and lives in) tiny houses.  No, I am not talking about the hilarious Geico commercial from several years ago.

He actually lives in a house that is less than 100 square feet.  The tour makes it look very live-able, except for the fact that you can’t really stretch out at all.  Since I basically don’t move off the couch whenever I am at home, I think I could live in one of these houses.  If I didn’t have the cats, I could totally do it.  Plus, it is on wheels, so I could pick up and move whenever I felt like it.  The only thing that I wouldn’t like is the teeny tiny fridge.  I need room for my two gallons of milk.

How adorable is that!!!


This Is Why I Totally Have a Girl Crush on Anne Hathaway

She can go and make all the horrible movies she wants (*cough* Bride Wars *cough*) but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Anne Hathaway.  Here is a commercial for the MTV Movie Awards at the end of this month.  Andy Samberg is funny but Anne MAKES this video with her reaction at the very end.

I might actually watch the awards this year.


I’m Back!

I haven’t done one of these in a long time, but I had some spare time today and some great books I wanted to talk about.  First up is the Rebecca Caudill nominee Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass.  Not only does it have an awesome cover, it also has a chapter titled “Life, the Universe, and Everything” which, if you don’t know what that means, you should find out now.  Next is the fantastically amazing Wake by Lisa McMann.  Finally, I talk about (or try to talk about) Chalice by Robin McKinley.

The highlights of this vlog include Addie bumping my laptop from the back and an appearance by the barking dogs upstairs.



P.S.  Here is an awesome book trailer for Wake.