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Why I Need to Watch Jimmy Kimmel

Jen alerted me to this most important video.

I have no idea why I’m not watching this show. Wait. I do know. It’s on past my bedtime. DVR to the rescue!

<3s, Lindsay

Stream of Consciousness Genius or Reason I Need to Move

This guy was actually running for governor.  Or at least he was running to be the Republican candidate for the coming election.  I am dead serious here.  Some of you may recognize him from Jimmy Kimmel or The Colbert Report.  Keep in mind that I got to watch him first on my local news station (Channel 4!).

At first I laughed and then I was a bit horrified at the fact that he actually got 3,505 votes.  Yes, more than 3 people (himself, his wife and his son) voted for him.  3,502 in fact.  Seriously Tennessee?  Was it all those hipster voters who thought it would be funny to vote for him?  Was it people who seriously wanted to see other people get fined when they were found to NOT be carrying a gun?  Or possibly a bunch of criminals voted for him so that they’d be granted immunity for their crimes (because that could SO happen).

But then I realized that this man is the next Kafka (no not Mike – I highly doubt Basil could get into Northwestern OR the NFL).  Franz Kafka.  Yes, I believe Basil Marceaux is giving us a brilliant example of stream of consciousness.  I don’t think anyone could say that this man is going off a script.  I think Basil’s next step should be to write a book.  No editing, just his awesome stream of consciousness that made him an internet sensation.  I seriously think that that book would sell.  Hell, I’d buy it (or at least sit in the aisle at Borders and read it).

<3, lindsay

The Sex God Kicks Ass

So I turned on Jimmy Kimmel last night and my ears immediately tuned in to a British accent so I snapped my head up and wha? who is this James McAvoy wannabe?

His sparkly eyes look sooooo familiar…OH MY IT IS ROBBIE FROM ANGUS, THONGS AND PERFECT SNOGGING!!!!

Robbie and Georgia

Wow, was looking for a pic of Aaron as Robbie and came across this pic (as well as ooh la la others) --sooooo, Europe really is less prude if they would advertise a nickelodeon movie with underwear ads of their young stars. I may or may not be giggling right now...

well, wow, still dazed from the eye sparkle…I so did not realize that he was the star in the new movie Kick-Ass! I actually kinda really want to see that movie. Well now that I know Robbie/Aaron Johnson is in it, I really really want to see it. Will say though that I love Aaron’s curly hair, but he should lose the earrings or else gage them out–right now it’s looking just a bit sleazy night club…

Aaron Johnson in Kick-Ass

Where is the Kick-Ass boxers campaign??

haha, that’s all for tonight!

I Would Totally Crash a Handsome Men’s Club Meeting

I really love Jimmy Kimmel.  He does a lot of really funny stuff.  I also love Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon, but I go to bed too early to watch any late night tv.  Yes, I know, I am an old lady.

Thank God for YouTube!!!  Now whenever any of them does something hilarious, I can always catch it the next day.  Recently, Jimmy Kimmel did a show after the Oscars that included a skit called “The Handsome Men’s Club.”  Wow, this is incredible.  You must watch it to catch a fantastic performance by one of our favorite guys here at NerdGirlBlogging.

Heeheeheee……I am still giggling about it.  I honestly think my favorite part is when Patrick Dempsey talks about the car wash.  And when John Krasinski gets all emotional.

A few nights later, Jimmy also showed some bloopers from the shoot, which are also very funny.

Oh, I love Ted Danson being so entertained by his dogs!!!