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Movies I Will Always Watch If They are On TV #2

Return to Me starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver

This movie is fantastic.  I actually own it, but I will STILL always stop and watch it if it’s on TV.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great story that’s sad, sweet, and funny.  Plus, it’s the kind of movie that you could watch with your Grandma.

Return to Me is about Bob, an architect (Duchovny) whose wife dies suddenly in an accident.  She’s an organ donor, and her heart is given to Grace (Driver), a young woman who has had heart trouble her whole life.  Grace gets well and returns to the restaurant her grandfather owns with his friends.  Bob and Grace meet and fall in love, not knowing that Grace has Bob’s deceased wife’s heart.

Believe me now when I said it’s sad?  But trust me, it’s also funny and adorable!  Especially because of how cute Grace’s grandfather (Carroll O’Connor) and all his friends are.  They play cards after work and argue over things like who the best crooner is.  🙂  Definitely worth seeing if you haven’t!  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that it was written and directed by Helen Hunt!

– Jill

P.S.  Hooray for BEDA!  I’m honestly surprised I made it.  I’m really proud of all of us for blogging so much this month.  I hope we continue to blog frequently, even if it’s not every day.  Thanks to all who read my posts this month!  I’m taking a break for at least a day.  I have plans tomorrow.  🙂

Something That Might Make Me Throw My Shoe At You

When I get very angry I have a saying…….it goes, “I’m so mad I want to take off my shoe and throw it!”  I have never actually thrown my shoe at anyone (or anything) but sometimes after a long day, I’ve come close.  Most of the incidents that push me over the edge happen while I’m at work, dealing with the general public.

I work in a small town, and I genuinely love most of my patrons.  I know them by name (and I have a lot of their card numbers memorized) and I know what books they like to read.  I am really fortunate to be in a situation like that.

But………there is one thing that patrons do that makes me so upset, the shoes could start flying…

The thing that really grates my cheese more than anything else is when people put things on the shelf backwards!!!!!  When I say backwards, I mean with the spine facing towards the shelf.  I wish that people wouldn’t put things back in general, but that is never going to stop (I break out in a cold sweat every time I hear a parent say, “honey, put that back where you found it”).

Right way

But please, everyone in the world knows how to put a book on a shelf properly!  You would never know it from walking around a library.  The worst is when a little kid does it in full view of a parent and the parent does absolutely nothing.  Parents, you need to take some responsibility for you child’s actions every once in a while.  It does not take a colossal effort to turn that little DVD back around so it faces the right direction.


I was helping a sixth grader find books the other day and she did it RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!  I think you could probably see smoke coming out of my ears.  But since I am a non-confrontational person, I just waited until she had her back turned and fixed the book.  Yes, I will admit that even though it makes me furious, I am too much of a chicken to actually correct people about it.  Go figure.

So, the next time you are in a library, if you attempt to shelve something yourself (but please don’t even attempt to shelve it yourself…leave it up to us highly trained librarians…or unpaid volunteers :)), please be courteous enough to at least have the spine facing in the right direction.


P.S.  Woohooo!!!!  I made it through BEDA!!!  Don’t expect another post from me for a little while…..I am taking a much needed break.

TV Shows I Need to Fall in Love With

I feel like I’m not a true NerdGirl because I don’t watch these two shows, but I am going to start soon!

All of Jen and Amber’s (and Lindsay’s?) references to Murder, She Wrote are lost on me.  I think I’ve seen part of one episode.  I’m a little embarrassed about it.  I have no idea what I was watching when it was originally on, but I never saw this show.  I’m excited to start watching it though.  I like mysteries.  I like late ’80s/early ’90s shows.  I like knowing what my fellow NerdGirls are talking about.  🙂  I’ll have to figure out when it’s on tv.

The other show I need to start watching…

The Golden Girls!

I think I’ve at least seen more of The Golden Girls than Murder, She Wrote but not by much.  Again my NerdGirls’ references make me want to watch it, but also Bea Arthur reminds me of one of my aunts AND who can resist Betty White lately??  I cannot wait until next Saturday when she hosts SNL.

So am I the last person to show up to the Murder, She Wrote and The Golden Girls party?

– Jill

I Got My Hair Cut Today

So today I got my first REAL haircut in a long time (and by real, I mean that I paid more than $12 for it).   I am still getting used to it because even though it might look exactly the same, it feels really different.  I unveiled it at our special author event tonight at work and I got some nice compliments.  Hopefully I can make it look as glamorous tomorrow when I try to do it myself (YIKES!).

Here is a picture:

*Please ignore the shiny face and Christmas tree in the background.


7 Things That Make Me Smile

So, this week has not been all that great so far.  Nothing truly horrible has happened, but just enough to make me say “Blerg!” or “Nerds!” a la Liz Lemon.

I am also getting really lazy with BEDA.  I am literally dragging my feet to the end here.

So, yet again, instead of a real post……here are some things that will help cheer me up today.

Thinking about these cupcakes

This picture by Tanja Askani which is in the book "A Friend Like You"

Purple Pansies

  • Remembering when THIS happened
  • My cats

    And of course, my fellow nerdgirls (and Meg Cabot!!!)

    Aaaaaahhhh, now I feel much better!


    A Very Special Episode of Buffy

    I apologize for blogging about Buffy again, but I’m watching an episode now, and it is absolutely one of the best episodes of the whole series.  In an attempt to not spoil anything, I will only tell you that it is toward the end of the 5th season, and it is the SADDEST episode EVER.  I’m sure if you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    I haven’t cried this much while watching an episode of a tv show since…hmm…now I’m not sure.  Maybe I’ll think of some later and will edit this post.

    What episodes of TV shows have made you cry?

    EDIT:  I forgot to use my words to explain why this particular episode is so good.  First of all, it’s visually stunning.  Several scenes are in one-shot.  Camera angles place characters to the side instead of centering on them.  It’s like art.  Secondly, the acting has never been better.  EVERYONE from Buffy to Giles to Anya is INCREDIBLE.  Seriously, when you watch this episode, you could not love these characters more.  Thirdly, everything about the episode, from the dialogue to the characters’ actions, are perfect for the situation.  It is a fabulous episode.

    – Jill

    April’s Pink Nightie

    This is a short post because I am super tired–just got done with book club (I use the term book club loosely because one member read the book, another read half of the book, I only read 6 pages, and I forgot to tell the other member what book we were reading…) and watching Glee with said book club + cousins and then running to McDonalds with Steve for coffee and sprite 🙂 so here is my post:

    1. Glee was kinda icky tonight. I cried MULTIPLE times which was not necessary AND they only had Kristin Chenoweth sing ballads…um if you are going to the trouble to get KRISTIN CHENOWETH on Glee, then I WANT TO HEAR HER SING SOMETHING RIDICULOUSLY HOT, not some long, sad song that I don’t know and that doesn’t involve a dance sequence.

    2. The pink nightie that April/Kristin is wearing at Will’s apartment? I had been eyeing it at Von Maur FOREVER (it is Betsey Johnson which I cannot ever ever get enough of) but when I tried it on finally it was just kinda “nuuuhhhhhhh” so I bought a softer pink, more romantic one instead (and it can totally go in the washing machine, how cool is that?!). Still, I’m v. excited on the inside that Kristin Chenoweth and I now share that bond. Also, I really need more cute nightgowns now that it is springtime…