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Sometimes on gloomy, rainy days….

I just have to watch a little “Everwood” to make myself feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

If I have not already mentioned it, Everwood is the greatest show in the history of television.  You might think that is an exaggeration, but it totally is not.  It is the only tv show that can make me consistently laugh out loud (not little giggles, but actually laughs) and cry at least once during every single episode.  The plot revolved around a brain surgeon from New York who packs up his son and daughter and moves to Everwood, Colorado after his wife dies, but of course it is so much more than that.  The show is kind of like Gilmore Girls (with lots of quick fire pop culture filled dialgue) except that father and son hate each other instead of being best friends.

Everwood is populated with so many phenomenal characters that it would be impossible to list them all, but of course  I will try: Dr. Brown, Ephram, Edna, Irv, Bright, Dr. Abbott, Rose, Amy, Hannah, Nina.  Aaahh, it makes me happy just to list their names.

Unfortunately I came late to the Everwood party.  I saw the last ten minutes of the last episode that ever aired.  I thought it was wonderful, but they never even showed reruns after it was canceled.  Then I found the first season DVD at Wal-Mart for $16 and bought it.  I would advise everyone to go out and buy it right now because it is totally worth whatever it costs.  None of the other seasons have been released (some lame excuse about music rights) but I was really bad and managed to get some bootleg copies.  They are some of my most prized possessions.  I know that is totally wrong, but if evil corporate empires are denying fans the episodes, I feel it is our right to get them by whatever means necessary.

Anyways, now I am just rambling, but I wanted to share my favorite scene that involves a fictional character that I would definitely date, Mr. Bright Abbott.  He starts out in the first season as a typical mean jock, but over the course of the series he screws up, grows up, and turns into a pretty fantastic guy.  Most people get all excited about Amy and Ephram, but I get all gooey over Bright and Hannah because it’s always nice when the popular jocks go out of their comfort zones and fall for the nerdy, plain girl (yes, Hannah is supposed to be unattractive even though she is gorgeous).

Anyway, here is the scene where they first kiss:



Rockapella, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago?, Gumshoes!  It doesn’t get any better than this!

You’re welcome,


Sometimes We Just Have A Little Trouble With The Monkey

OK, so most of you should have read Amber’s post about Camp Rock.  How many of you actually watched it?  If you say no, what’s your excuse?  It was not only shown on Disney, but ABC Family, and ABC, and then on  So if you don’t have cable, you could have watched it on ABC.  If you don’t have a TV, you could have watched it on, if you don’t have a TV or the internet, well, this doesn’t apply because all of our readers at least have the internet.  So no excuses!  

Well, what can I say.  I have to agree with a post made by namedropper, and also Amber whom I talked with on the phone after watching the movie.  I think maybe we wouldn’t have been so disappointed if Disney hadn’t hyped the damn movie so much.  If they hadn’t raised our expectations then the movie would have been great.  But it was supposed to rock the summer, and quite frankly I’m more excited about tomorrow night when the American Gladiators go head to head with the cast of The Office on the Celebrity Family Feud (watch in on NBC at 7:00 PM central time!).

I’d be scared if I were a gladiator!

Anyhow, back to Camp Rock.  If you haven’t watched it by now, and still want to, stop reading right now and go watch it.  If you haven’t watched it by now, and probably will never watch it, go ahead and keep reading if you want.  I don’t want to spoil anything.

Sure, the movie was adorable.  However, as Amber pointed out, and which I have to agree, there are certain things that just don’t really groove with the plot.  For example, why did they show the mean girl looking at Mitchie’s song book if she wasn’t going to do anything with it?  There are certain things where it just seemed like the middle was a little twisted and didn’t fully connect with the end.  

Much like this kid and how he completely and utterly failed at putting together the silver monkey.

Seriously, is it that hard to put together the shrine of the silver monkey?  Honest to goodness, I swear I could put that thing together in my sleep in like 5 seconds.  I’m still waiting for them to put me one that show.  I don’t care that they stopped making it like 10 years ago, I will get on it somehow.

Anyways, I was super ticked off with ABC for showing so many commercials during their airing.  I feel like I got to watch 5 minutes of the movie and then we were back to the ads!  I’m all for ad integration into shows.  When someone finds out how to do it subtly and so that it doesn’t ruin the show, please let me know so I can start plaguing the networks with requests to do it.  Also, I was really annoyed with how they continually said that they were going to show clips from ABC’s new show, HSM Get in the Picture, during the movie, but then didn’t.  Also I was annoyed with the fact that I had to wait like 20 minutes to see the Jonas Brothers new music video, which was way cute.  Is it wrong if I imagine my 15 year old self was attracted to Nick?  And I love that they put Selena Gomez (aka Mikayla from HM, thank you Jill, and Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place, thank you Amber) as Nick’s love interest.  I think she is way adorable, but I agree with Amber, I’m not sure where our friend status would fall if ever that were to occur.  Plus I love Wizards of Waverly Place, and I can’t wait to see what happens with Mikalya and Miley since the last time she was on Mikayla was all like Let’s Be FRIENDS! with Miley, but she wanted to talk about how much she hates Hannah!  I smell a friendship?  Maybe?  

Well, that’s all I have for you right now.  I’m trying to be oh so diligent with my mathematical essays (I had to write an essay about which mathematical philosophy I believed in, logicism, intuitionism, or formalism, and I totally had to figure out what I did believe in.  It’s logicism, but only partly, because I don’t believe that logic precedes mathematics ALL the time), and today is the first day that I’m actually slightly succeeding.  I’ll leave you with a nice video of a former Backstreet Boy, A.J. McLean (hint, he’s the only boy and the one in blue…in this video, it’s only part 1 of 3, so you may think he’s going to dominate, but SPOILER, he loses to a girl). **Taken from margflower’s youtube account**

<3, lindsayF



Best part of Camp Rock? wait for it….

Ok, we can’t talk too much about Camp Rock yet because Lindsay hasn’t seen it yet (she doesn’t have cable so she will be watching it tomorrow on the Wonderful World of Disney), so I won’t say whether I liked it or not, I won’t even say my favorite part (although it is currently my facebook status), but I will say the BEST part of Camp Rock was when it was over—-wait wait, that does not mean that I didn’t like it? (or does it?) but just that THE NEW JONAS BROTHERS MUSIC VIDEO WAS CRAZY ADORABLE!!!! Yes, right after the premiere of Camp Rock came the premiere of the music video “Burning up”—Thank you, Disney! Um, I like the Jonas Brothers’ music and all, their style is mesmerizing, but I don’t own any of their cds and I really have to think to remember their names, but oh no, not after this video–Nick is the suave one, Joe has the mustache, Kevin is a ninja, and Rob can do it all. It is all so easy.

OOH, did you see the girl from Wizards of Waverly Place? Gosh, I love her! although, I’m not sure she’s the type of girl that would ever be friends with me… Of all the Disney show characters, my boyfriend says I’m most like Ren from Even Stevens… or Lola from Charlie and Lola…

Ok, the real reason I like this video so much? Because it totally reminds me of an *NSYNC video. Hooray for the goofy plotlines and silly outfits and boybands being back in pop music!!! sigh, I just found my old *NSYNC poster in my room yesterday when I was moving stuff for the landlord to put in new windows. I just can’t throw it away, you know? I remember 30 days before my first *NSYNC concert I covered that poster with 30 squares and peeled one off each day. You know what the last square to pulled off? Justin’s face. And I shall leave you with that bit of knowledge about myself and one of *NSYNC’s best.

Oh gosh, that part where Justin falls and gives that little laugh? goosebumps and giggles.


I Really Like to Take Pictures of Books

Today I went into work on my day off just so I could shop at the library book sale.  As an employee I get the privilege of shopping a day before the screaming masses descend upon the bargains.  It was kind of annoying because since I was in my “street clothes” people kept coming up to me and saying, “I’m sorry, the sale doesn’t start until tomorrow.”

But I did get 16 books and 4 videos for $16.25!!!  Not that I need to add to the massive amount of books I have to pack, but I simply could not pass up a library sale.

I am really pumped about “365 penguins” and the “Scary Stories” books.  I used to read the scary stories books and absolutely terrify myself.  Hopefully, since it is now seventeen years later, I can read them without having to sleep with the lights on.

But the best, best part was that I found four Babysitter’s Club videos!!!!  I used to check those out of the library in Scranton when I was little.  I think we checked out at least one every time we went to the library.  Yippee!!!

It has been a very good day!  And my mom is visiting this weekend and will get here later tonight!


P.S.  Here are some cute pictures of my cats, just cuz I can.

Update From the ‘Burbs

Well, like Amber, I have also been absent for awhile, but mainly because my life is not that exciting.  But quite a bit of stuff has happened to me too in the past week or two.  I will try to give a quick rundown a la Amber.

1.  I got ringworm.  Again.  I feel all dirty like a leper or something.  Thank God my cats have not caught it.  I am pretty sure I got it from work, because it runs rampant in children and wrestlers (and since I don’t hang out with too many wrestlers…..).

2.  I had a wicked bad earache that is finally gone, but I still can’t hear properly out of my ear.  Probably not a good thing.

3.  The city police have barricaded every entrance to my apartment complex except for one and this is what I have to face everyday when I come home from work:

Apparently the cops were so sick of coming here all the time for noise complaints, domestic violence calls, burglaries and vandalisms that they just decided to set up shop and scope everybody out as they pull into the parking lot.  It has been all over the papers and the news for the past week.

4.  Also, said apartment complex is being torn down next year to make room for a new set of condos.

5.  Needless to say, I have decided to move.

6.  The elevator is broken at work and won’t be fixed for 8 weeks.  That involves transferring books upstairs and downstairs in baskets, not to mention how much it sucks for our disabled patrons.

7.  Today, while practicing a storytime outside with my co-worker, a giant spider fell down my shirt.  Of course I was wearing a tank top underneath my shirt with one of those built in bra things.  So it got stuck above the elastic band.  I danced around and screamed for a few minutes before I finally got rid of it.

Other than that, things have been going pretty well.  My mom is coming to visit me this weekend and it is also the library book sale.  I hope to come away from the sale with lots more books to pack up!


In case you were trying to find Sleeping Beauty…

Check the Horror section!

I’m serious–there i was in the Iowa City Public Library looking at the Musicals’ section of the DVDs trying to decide if I really needed to check out both Jungle Book and Thoroughly Modern Millie (I put Jungle Book back… for now) when I turned around to look for Jill and my eyes landed on Sleeping Beauty. Ahhhh, I totally want to watch that! so I grabbed it (It is actually playing right now while I watch this) and then I wondered “hey, why wasn’t this with Jungle Book? Wha, wha, what section is this anyway?” OMG IT WAS THE SF/HORROR SECTION! And right next to Sleeping Beauty was gasp! The Santa Clause 2!!!! What kind of crazy twisted world is this????

So I went to the Fiction Desk because I was sure these had to be mismarked… But NO! The fiction librarian said she was just as confuzzled as I was, but it has something to do with how fantasy fits in with science fiction and science fiction with horror. I now really look forward to the cataloguing class I will be taking this fall because it is sure to be R-I-O-T. seriously, I’m not being sarcastic, this gives me the giggles.

Oh, and isn’t the “Once Upon a Dream” Sequence where Prince Philip surprises Princess Aurora/Rose in the forest just to die for. I really thought that was how I was going to meet the love of my life–not going to lie, I used to walk off into forests/thickets/trees quite frequently when I was younger so that an opportunity could arise.