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oh yeah, I got married last October!

I meant to do the whole blog-about-wedding-plans thing but well, didn’t, because I have a total love/hate relationship with wedding blogs. And then I was going to post pictures, but I wanted to submit them to Ruffled, a wedding blog that I mostly love (but also slightly hate, because really? they never show a wedding that is for like more than a hundred people? Yes, smaller weddings are totally cool and allow for picture perfect moments, but just inviting my family is more than 100 people…and with more than 100 people you just really need folding chairs and garbage cans everywhere…) but eh, that didn’t end up successful, so I never got around to posting some here! So enjoy some of my nerdbride moments:

I am not very good at Apples to Apples...

Totally Married.

I DEMANDED to have Bingo at my wedding. (I totally lost my voice calling the first few rounds)

Nerdgirl Lindsay dancing with her Hufflepuff pride showing.

Nerdgirl Jill and Nerdgirl Jen (along with our equally nerdy and awesome friends Diana and Courtney) in the photobooth!

I may do some more wedding related posts (it has been long enough where I can have deep, intellectual reflections about it!)–unless you guys scream “NOOOOO DON’T!” which I would totally understand.


Amber’s Bridal blah blah blog: all the pretty maids in a row!

So my friends and I have already done the bridesmaid dress thing several times, so I thought for my wedding the girls could choose their own outfits–especially since my wedding is a bit more casual than most bridesmaid dresses seem and since we will all be outside in October so they need something they can layer up. I also don’t really have a distinct color scheme (how could I ever narrow it down! I want greens, and purples, and berries, oranges, and twilight shades, and yellows and browns and golds) so I guess I really pushed ’em out naked onto the quad. Here are a few of the suggestion pictures I sent them:

Bridesmaid Inspiration

I ADORE the outfit of the girl on the left--I could stare at those shoes for hours and hours...

Bridesmaid Inspiration

I think this sweater coat lived in my Anthropologie wishful-thinking shopping cart for months...I even considered buying it to go over my dress...such a romantic look...

Bridesmaid Inspiration

I can't get enough of the dress-sweater-belt look--several of my bridesmaid were super drawn to this look, too.

Sooooooo what happens when you tell your bridesmaids that they can get any outfit they want in pretty much any color and then turn your back for a second while all shopping at JCrew????

THEY ALL CHOOSE THE SAME DRESS!!!! Seriously, it was like a whole Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants thing–this dress looked AMAZING on each and every one of them!

J Crew Cotton Cady Sydney dress



YUP it is cotton and it has pockets! BONUS and BONUS! Three of them choose to get it in Spiced Wine and two in Cypress–geez that was easy! I think their plan is to all have matching tights, but otherwise to mix and match sweaters, jackets, belts, jewelry, etc. Secretly (but not that secretly I guess since I’m posting it here) I hope at least one of them wears a fancy hat 🙂


Amber’s Bridal blah blah blog: Steve’s Book Publisher Style

Soooo since I’m not ready to do the super exciting Wedding Dress post because I haven’t gotten the pictures off my mom’s camera yet….


Well, months and months ago he informed me that he would be wearing this outfit 🙂

Charlie Griffiths, Book Publisher

Dapper, yet Manly.

This look is from the Gentlemen’s Emporium and is called Charlie Griffiths, Book Publisher. So as you can imagine…


P.S. the website also has a STEAMPUNK emporium! I desperately want to be Steampunk…

P.P.S. the ladies emporium isn’t very lovely–everything looks way matronly. Although I am a fan of the crochet gloves and the bathing tunic!


Amber’s Bridal Blah Blah Blog: First

Hey you all! So I’m in love with a guy named Steve and getting married, blah blah blah, and so I decided to start a weekly (yeah more like monthly) update on how the planning is going. Not because I really think my wedding plans are super fascinating and deserve your attention, but because I’m lazy and now when people ask me “sooooo tell me about your wedding!!!” I can be like “Read the blog, Crazy!” and then “Sorry, I called you crazy.”

So this is post number One and I am calling it “First” and we’ll play catch-up.

Hey Cuckoo! Time to get married!

Hey Cuckoo! Time to get married!

So Steve proposed to me at the beginning of the summer (Yay!), but it has just been in the last week that Mom and I have gotten started on this shindig. Why did I take so long? As an experienced Bridesmaid and obsessive buyer of “Martha Stewart Weddings” magazine, I knew what to do. My problem was that I didn’t know what I WANTED to do! Somewhere along the way I became what the event planners call “nontraditional bride” as in “Do you think we could Pee-wee Herman to officiate our wedding?”

Large Marge sent me.

Large Marge sent me.

So I found that the normal wedding stuff, the kind of things that I love at other girls’ weddings, totally freaked me out or bored me—-as in I don’t really want everyone to watch me cut a cake and I think chair-covers are weird-looking. So I just didn’t do anything but think about how much I really wanted this casserole dish, but it would probably be gone from stores by the time I register:

This dish talks like me!

This dish talks like me!

But then I had this thought: “Bingo.”

Minus the Beach Blanket.

Minus the Beach Blanket.

Next time on Amber’s Bridal Blah Blah Blog: BINGO!