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Nerdgirl Gift Idea: Out of Print Clothing

So I woke up early to get the dishes done before work, and then tonight is my late night so I was EXHAUSTED when I got home…so dishes done, check! Taxes, ummm not yet ūüė¶ and once again I am too tired to write a proper blog post. Seriously, I can barely keep my eyes open. And I have one I really want to write! Tomorrow–I am going to be Supergirl tomorrrrrowzzzzzzzz.

so here is a quikie:

Need something to give a classy bookworm or hip design enthusiast? Give them a shirt (or a gift certificate which is what we usually do) ala Out-of-Print Clothing! They put classic book covers on shirts. Simple as that. And they are super-duper nice and give great customer service ūüôā

I wanted to be a book jacket designer for a while…maybe I should just do it for a hobby like Matt over at New Cover…except not like his, because his are really really good.


Stormy Weather Books

Now that it’s spring, the weather is starting to become stormier. ¬†Today was rainy, and I think there are storms on the way. ¬†Whenever there’s a storm, I get in the mood for mysteries. ¬†And if it’s super windy, my first choice for a mystery is a Nancy Drew!

Ah, what a good book.  Do you have any stormy weather books?

– Jill

My New Favorite Thing*

*I still love my last Favorite Thing though, so if you see any more visual representations of song lyrics, please tell me!

Do you remember the Google commercial during the Super Bowl that told a story through searching?  There was one about studying abroad in France, falling in love, etc.  Yesterday, I saw this blog that discussed a few Google Search Stories for fictional characters!  Hello, greatest idea ever!!  Apparently Sesame Street released two Google Search Stories for Bert and the Cookie Monster.

Here’s Bert’s story.

Awesome, right?

Then I found a Harry Potter one created by the VlogBrothers.

And THEN I realized…you can create your own. ¬†So. Much. Fun. ¬†Here’s the one I did. ¬†Enjoy! ¬†ūüôā

Have fun creating your own! ¬†Don’t forget to share in the comments!

– Jill

Revisiting Old Series, Part II

Amber mentioned the updated Sweet Valley High books in my last post. ¬†Have you noticed all of the updated series we have now? ¬†There’s the revised SVH books (complete with cellphones, iPods, and some risqu√© behavior by Jessica in a swimming pool). ¬†It didn’t work for me. ¬†Sure the new cover makes it seem all updated and they drop recent brand names, but like Amber said in the comments of my previous post, it was all disjointed.

There’s also the revised Nancy Drew graphic novels. ¬†I guess Nancy Drew has been changing ever since she was created. ¬†I know there were Nancy Drew Case Files too, which I think might have been a little updated. ¬†I read one of the graphic novels and it SUCKED. ¬†I’m still upset about it.

Read this at your own risk.

As far as the format goes, it wasn’t terrible. ¬†It’s kind of fun to see what the characters looks like — even if it didn’t match my mental visuals. ¬†And it would have been nice if they’d done a graphic novel of the original stories, but this graphic novels are all new stories. ¬†BUT the absolute worst thing about this book (sorry to anyone who’s already heard me rant about this) is that Graphic Novel Nancy Drew forgets to put gas in her car!!! ¬†WHAT? ¬†And then, of course, her cell phone doesn’t work because she’s out in the woods investigating. ¬†Nancy has a cell phone? ¬†Did Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew in the movie have a cell phone? ¬†I can’t remember, but I feel like she didn’t and this was one of the reasons why she stuck out like a sore thumb in LA. ¬† So GN Nancy Drew forgetting to fill up her car really bugged me. ¬†I KNOW that would never happen to Original Book Nancy Drew! ¬†I guess I need to go back and read the originals.

Oh, also, has anyone heard about the new series by Cecily von Ziegesar that’s like Gossip Girl, only set in college. ¬†It’s called Cum Laude and is targeted at adults, but isn’t supposed to include anything that’s inappropriate for teens. ¬† My co-worker and I have been in talks to decide where it should go. ¬†I think in the GG novels, they end up going to college (right?), so now I’m leaning toward teen, but I don’t know. ¬†These cross-over books always throw me!

– Jill

Terms Inspired by Children’s Literature

Today one of the blogs I read led me to this: ¬†“A Glossery of Terms Inspired by the Ladies of Children’s Literature“. ¬†It’s so great I only wish I’d thought of it myself. ¬†Go check it out. ¬†For real. ¬†I’ll wait.

Back? ¬†My favorite is probably “Kishi Style”. ¬†Mostly because I totally loved (and still love!) the BSC. ¬†I also love the phrase “Golly-Up” but honestly I’m not sure I’ve ever read Harriet the Spy. ¬†Pretty sure I saw the movie though. ¬†With Michelle Trachtenberg and Rosie O’Donnell, if I remember correctly. ¬†(Just checked–I was totally right. ¬†P.S. ¬†Jen– Gregory Smith was totally in this too! ¬†Did you know that? ¬†I know you have a passionate love for Everwood.)

Anyway, I’ve thought of a few of my own terms to add to the glossery:

judyDon’t Be So Judy:¬†¬†When someone is extremely moody. Not a good moody. A bad moody.

Ex. Geez, Becky, so what if it’s a gloomy day outside. Don’t be so Judy.




littlewomenJo-ing It Up:  To shed properness and unexpectedly become a tomboy

Ex. Today was picture day at school, but at recess while the other girls stood around in prissy dresses, I Jo-ed it up and played baseball with the boys.



winnieGo All Eeyore: ¬†Similar to “Don’t Be So Judy”, use when someone is being pessimistic ALL the time

Ex. ¬†When I told my brother about the picnic on Saturday, he said it would probably rain. ¬†And if it didn’t rain, then there would probably be a lot of bugs. ¬†I told him not to go all Eeyore and just get excited already.

Note: I’m bending the original rule to include male characters.


nancySped Off in His/Her Blue Roadster:  To leave in a hurry, presumably to find a clue to solve a big mystery

Ex.  When Jane heard about the big sale at the mall, she sped off in her blue roadster to investigate.



anneBeing an Anne:  To surprise someone by being a girl when he or she was expecting a boy

Ex. ¬†My cousin’s baby really surprised her parents and the doctor by being an Anne. ¬†I guess they won’t be using the name Michael after all.




Got any more to add?? ¬†It’s fun!

– Jill

A Literary Mystery

I recently finished reading the first book in the original Nancy Drew series – The Secret of the Old Clock.¬† (By the way, I did finish all of those books in the picture I took of that library trip…and then proceeded to check out about 8 more.)¬† We all know Nancy lives in River Heights, but this book never actually says where River Heights is.¬† SO, I am concluding that River Heights is a fictional town in…drum roll, please….IOWA.

Here’s the facts:

— A quote from page 26 of The Secret of the Old Clock:¬† “Like a true daughter of the Middle West, Nancy Drew took pride in the fertility of her State and saw beauty in a crop of waving green corn as well as in the rolling hills and the expanse of prairie land.”¬† I may only have lived here for a year and a half, but that sounds like Iowa to me.

— The book also mentions a town named Masonville.¬† There is totally a Masonville, Iowa!

— Mildred Wirt Benson, who wrote 23 of the first 25 books in the series under the name Carolyn Keene, was born in Ladora, Iowa, and graduated from the University of Iowa.¬† Don’t believe me?¬† Go here.¬† (Seriously, go there, it’s awesome!)

According to Wikipedia, The Phantom of Pine Hill (book 42) indicates that River Heights is in or near Ohio, and Counterfeit Christmas (#102 of The Nancy Drew Files) implies that it is one hour east of Chicago, but obviously, the ghostwriters got it wrong.  River Heights is definitely in IOWA.  Mystery solved!


My Latest Library Trip

Going to the library is seriously one of my favorite things.¬† I always walk out with way too many books…like today.¬† In true NerdGirl fashion, here’s a picture of what I got.


I think it’s a nice mixture of picture and chapter books.¬† I’ve been looking for a middle-reader series to replace Judy Moody, who I love, so I’m excited for Ivy + Bean.¬† Plus I have been craving Ella Enchanted since Lindsay mentioned it in her vlog awhile ago, and I can’t wait to listen to it on my drive home for Christmas.¬† And I have to admit:¬† I’ve never read Fancy Nancy, Olivia, or Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, though I know Lindsay, Amber, and Jen have highly recommended them.¬† I figured it was about time I read them.

Iowa City Public Library has quite the Nancy Drew collection.¬† I was impressed.¬† I’m determined to make my way through them – the originals! – to make sure they get checked out and the librarians know they’re loved.¬† I’d love to get started on Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock now since the ice hitting my window makes for nice reading atmosphere, but unfortunately I’m too tired.¬† Tomorrow!