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I Have Royal Wedding Fever!!

Up until this week, I really haven’t paid any attention to the whole “William and Kate Saga.”  I was vaguely aware that they were dating and knew when they got engaged, but I didn’t have the Royal Wedding marked on my calendar.  Then I accidentally watched the William and Kate movie on Lifetime with my family (I say accidentally because we were all just too lazy to change the channel).  Then the next day we watched specials on TLC about Kate, Diana, and the Royal Family.  Eeeeeep!  That was enough to give me the fever!

After many hours of tv watching, I can practically tell you Kate and Wills entire romantic saga and I am eagerly awaiting the big reveal of her wedding dress.  I will be setting my alarm for 3:45 tomorrow morning, so I can catch all the goings on.  I want to be able to tell all of my great nieces and nephews what it was like to watch it happen live.

I feel like I have my own special connection to the wedding since I have seen all of the Royals in person (except for the elusive Harry).  I saw Prince Charles and the Queen at the September 11th Memorial at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  I actually saw William walking down the sidewalk in St. Andrews.  I literally passed by him on the same sidewalk.  We were only 4 feet apart!!!  I am proud to say that I remained relatively calm and it was my mom who freaked out and was poking me in the arm stage whispering “GET OUT YOUR CAMERA!”  He gave me a thankful smile as we walked past when I DID NOT do anything silly and American like whip out my camera.  Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.  I can still see exactly what he looked like in my head.  That was back in the day when he was still hot and had all his hair (but he was wearing a baseball cap so it didn’t matter).

Will you be waking up to watch the wedding??  I know several people who are taking the day off so they can watch it.  I wish I could do that, but I will just have to suck it up and deal.



oh yeah, I got married last October!

I meant to do the whole blog-about-wedding-plans thing but well, didn’t, because I have a total love/hate relationship with wedding blogs. And then I was going to post pictures, but I wanted to submit them to Ruffled, a wedding blog that I mostly love (but also slightly hate, because really? they never show a wedding that is for like more than a hundred people? Yes, smaller weddings are totally cool and allow for picture perfect moments, but just inviting my family is more than 100 people…and with more than 100 people you just really need folding chairs and garbage cans everywhere…) but eh, that didn’t end up successful, so I never got around to posting some here! So enjoy some of my nerdbride moments:

I am not very good at Apples to Apples...

Totally Married.

I DEMANDED to have Bingo at my wedding. (I totally lost my voice calling the first few rounds)

Nerdgirl Lindsay dancing with her Hufflepuff pride showing.

Nerdgirl Jill and Nerdgirl Jen (along with our equally nerdy and awesome friends Diana and Courtney) in the photobooth!

I may do some more wedding related posts (it has been long enough where I can have deep, intellectual reflections about it!)–unless you guys scream “NOOOOO DON’T!” which I would totally understand.


Not cool, US Weekly.

so the other day, I tweeted about how UPSET I was with US Weekly–here’s why: I often disagree with the result of their “Who wore it best?” feature, but on this particular occasion I was OUTRAGED with US Weekly’s complete cattiness (whereas I am normally just annoyed with the “100 people on Rockefeller Plaza” who don’t think the way I do)! In the magazine they posted pictures of four beautiful ladies in the same Lanvin black dress. All looked completely lovely, the dress flattered ALL of their figures, yet US Weekly reported that one of the girls got 0% of the vote! First I was just mad because this is the girl I would have voted for and I was all “WAHHH CAN’T EVERYONE SEE SHE LOOKS AMAZING!”

But then I started thinking, why did US Weekly even post the picture if it got no votes? They could have just published the other three and no feelers hurt! no embarrassment! no uncomfortableness! Because that is how the “Who wore it best” feature made me feel: uncomfortable and sad. What if that had been me with 0%? I would have laughed it off and pretended that it was a TOTAL LARK–such irrelevant silliness! but then I would have gone back to my room and sat on my bed and frowned for awhile before crying and watching Bridget Jones three times in a row until I was ready to dance around the world again.

Later when I was trying to describe the situation to the nerdgirls, I searched for the image on US Weekly’s website, and this is what I found:

ONLY THREE! huh, so they also must have been uncomfortable about it and so took her photo out for the web version! But…was that the best thing? Because I was all ready to put in my online vote for her! and then she wouldn’t have been at 0%! and I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who would have voted for her because she looks FANTASTIC.

Here she is, famous nerdgirl, Ms. Chelsea Clinton!

Adorable, right?!


A Lesson

I failed to take pictures this weekend, so my post won’t be as exciting as Jen’s was.  Instead, I want to share an important lesson I learned last night.

Rockin’ boots…

= sad feet.  Or at least, usually in my case.  😦

I love these boots so much I still think it was worth it.

– Jill

Nerdgirl Weekend Fun

I had such a lovely time hanging out with Jill, Amber, and Lindsay this weekend.  We hardly ever get to see each other and it is very rare that we are all together at the same time.  There were lots of fun times had by all and it was wonderful to see them again.

Since I am going to bed at like 7:30 tonight to catch up on sleep, I am just going to post a few pictures from this weekend so you can catch a glimpse of what a Nerdgirl get together looks like.

Here we are eating the four desserts that we ordered along with our two large pizzas.  That’s right, I said four.  We don’t mess around when it comes to dessert (or donuts).  This picture is interesting because it is the second one I took.  In the first picture, I caught Jill adjusting her shirt and it looks like she is checking out her own chest.  That’s why Amber is looking at Jill in this picture and Lindsay is laughing.  Sheila did a great job of holding the same pose for both pictures.  Or, she could have just been actually eating through both pics, I’m not sure 🙂

This is a picture of us after we got home from the wizard rock concert.  We all look incredibly good considering we were tired, some of us had hurting feet, and others had lost their voices.  (I tried to remove the red eyes from the picture….we all seriously looked like evil Twilight vampires……and I got all of them except the one demon glint in my eye.)


Nerdgirl Dilemma

in the hotel room, trying to figure out what pizza to order…

Lindsay: “WAIT. If we order now, won’t the pizza come right in the middle of iCarly?”
Amber: “…”
Jen: “…”
Jill: “…”
Lindsay: “…”
Sheila: “I’ll get the door.”

Nerdgirl vs. Popular Girl: A Review of You Again

First thing: Kristin Bell is AMAZING. but we all already knew this.

Brief synopsis: A successful Nerdgirl flies home for her brother’s wedding and discovers the girl he is marrying is the popular girl who tortured her in high school. And just to make things more chaotic and fun, the popular girl’s favorite aunt was also mistreated in high school by the nerdgirl’s mom!

Why it made me gleeful:

1. Kristin Bell plays such a believable nerdgirl! None of this She’s All That action where a girl takes off her glasses and she’s hot (LOVE THAT MOVIE tho). Kristin actually lets herself look like some of us girls do sometimes–awkward hair, awkward skin, awkward voice, but she is still totally smart and lovely!

2. This movie is all about relationship between GIRLS. None of the popular girls at my high school were anything like Odette Yustman’s uber mean popular girl character (at least not that I know of), but several are that ridiculously beautiful–beautiful like you want to ask “um, how come your face looks photoshopped in person? NOOO, is that really your skin?! Can I touch it?” So I like movies that feature interactions (good and bad) between Nerdgirls and Popular Girls. We are all GIRLS! I have to remind myself of this when I get on facebook to verify whether a girl from my class is truly dating a famous football player and discover that she looks PERFECT in every picture I see of her. Actually she looks like a petite Odette Yustman. This ruins my theory that starlets only look so flawless because they have expensive clothes, expensive stylists, expensive makeup, expensive food, etc. Eh, oh well. I like looking like a nerdgirl most of the time!

3. Kristin Chenoweth is the wedding planner.

4. Even though this is a movie about GIRLS, there is a little romantical times 🙂 And the boy who likes the Nerdgirl liked her even at her NERDIEST! Hmmm I smell a whif of Michael Moscovitz.

Sidenote: sometimes I wonder if Popular Girls are like “Hey, I am a Nerdgirl, too! stop putting me in a separate category!”