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Hot Boys and Cute Puppies, Or the New Moon Trailer

I saw this last night on the MTV Movie Awards (and come on, who didn’t see it?) and I have watched it many times since.  The Edward/Bella stuff at the beginning kind of makes me gag, (You’re my only reason to stay……alive……if that’s what I am. Gag, hack) but I loved seeing all the Cullens (most dramatic paper cut ever!!) and Jacob, the werewolf, and Jacob.  Did I mention I loved the Jacob part??  I thought the werewolf looked pretty good.  Nothing like how they are described in the book (or maybe just nothing like I pictured in my head) but it did seem relatively realistic enough for me (very reminiscent of the wolves in the first Narnia movie).

Anyway, here it is for those of you who haven’t seen it, or for those of you who just want a place to watch it over and over.


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Pattinson Music

I must admit — and I know I will probably be banished to the ends of the earth for this — Robert Pattinson never really did it for me in Twilight. Don’t get me wrong. Yes, he’s certainly attractive, um, hello scene when he steps out of his car wearing those sunglasses, and yes, he’s British, so obviously the accent helps immensely, but I don’t know, usually he’s just too scruffy for me or something.  Plus I think I may have a secret thing for Emmett, which might have begun when I dressed as Rosalie for ICPL’s teen Twilight viewing.


Oh. My. Gosh. How much do I freaking love Robert Pattinson’s songs “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign” from the Twilight soundtrack? Answer: SO, SO, SO MUCH!  And since I am a big music nerdgirl & a huge sucker for a boy with a guitar, the amazingness of these two songs alone make me love him. “Never Think” is my current favorite of the two because it’s so simple and beautiful with just the acoustic guitar and his voice. Of course, it’s kind of hard to understand what he’s saying, but whatever, he’s totally forgiven. And “Let Me Sign” is completely haunting and incredible.  Hands down the best haunting song I’ve heard since “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap.

So basically, I’m a Robert Pattinson convert thanks to these two songs. I need more!

*Gasp* I just remembered that Robert Pattinson plays “Bella’s Lullaby” in the movie, and according to what I read online, it’s actually him playing the piano!  Guitar AND piano?  Wow!

– jill

Why the Twilight Movie is Awesome!!

This was pretty much the best weekend in the history of the world for me.  I got to see my family, eat a lot of food, go to a wizard rock show, see Amber and meet her awesome friend Cassi, and hang out with my sister.

I also found out that I am now best friends with Barbara O’Connor and Ingrid Law.  Wow, it was an amazing two days.  But one of the best parts about it was getting to see Twilight with Anne, Amber, and Cassi.  I don’t think I could have gone with three more enthusiastic people.  They had all seen the movie before and loved it and I know a lot of their excitement rubbed off on me.

Now I know one of my friends was “eh” about the movie, and another one HATED it, but I totally unabashedly loved it.  It was everything that it should have been.  Just serious enough, but mostly just perfectly cheesy so that it was very very entertaining.  Instead of trying to write a review (because I really suck at those) I am going to list my top ten things about the Twilight movie.


10.  Charlie was hot!!!  My three lovely movie companions kept telling me that everyone in the movie was gorgeous including Charlie, and I was like yeah, whatever…..but Damn, Charlie was looking fine!

9.  Jessica was absolutely perfect!  In the books, I’ve always just seen her as mean and selfish, but she was so funny in the movie!  It was so true to what a jealous high school girl would actually do.

8.  There was the perfect amount of Jacob.  He doesn’t show up in the first book much at all, but I was worried they were going to stick him in every other scene just to appease the Jacob lovers or get people ready for New Moon or whatever, but he was in it just enough that we will remember him, but he didn’t get in the way (even though I am Team Jacob, I didn’t think he should be showing up all the time).

7.  Alice was wonderful!  She is one of my favorite characters in the book, and I thought the actress did a very good job.  I was actually impressed with all of the Cullens.  I had seen pictures of them and was like, “ugh, what is going on here!”  But I thought they all did an admirable job, but especially Alice.

6.  Speaking of Cullens, I LOVED the scene where they were in the kitchen making Italian for Bella.  It was really funny and it did a great job of showing the personalities of each character (Emmett being enthusiastic and goofy, Esme and Carlisle being welcoming, Rosalie being, well, a bitch).

5.  The trio of bad vamps was wonderful!  I loved their slo-mo entrance through the fog during the baseball game.  So perfect!!!  They were scary and hot and very very awesome!

4.  Some people are complaining that the movie is unintentionally funny and people are laughing when they shouldn’t be.  Well one of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Edward and Bella have their first biology class together and his “reaction” to her.  That is one of the funniest things in the whole world!!!!  One of my friends wisely pointed out that in the book, we see things through Bella’s eyes, so Edward’s reaction to her is scary and alarming.  But in the movie, we see their relationship from an outsider’s point of view, and that same reaction is ridiculous and comical.  And it is supposed to be that way people!  Laugh away because it is supposed to be hilarious!

3.  Kristen Stewart made me not hate Bella.  I think it helped that we didn’t have a constant stream of her whining like we get in the book, but I really liked Bella in the movie.  Hopefully I can channel Kristen Stewart while I am reading the book and get a whole new perspective on Bella.

2.  The whole baseball scene was great, but special notice must be given to Jasper and his kick ass bat twirling skills.  The three girls I went with were huge Jasper fans and I didn’t truly figure out why until he nonchalantly stepped up to the plate and twirled his bat around.  I am officially a Jasper Fangirl too.

1.  Everyone was drop dead gorgeous.  Call me shallow, but if a movie has a couple of cute guys in it, there is a good chance I will love it.  This movie had nothing but beautiful people filling the screen the entire time!  Everyone was so pretty to look at, but especially the guys.  I haven’t talked about R Patz yet (or Robert Pattinson as most people know him) but I thought he was very very dreamy.  The whole movie was so breathtakingly gorgeous that I couldn’t help but love it.

So congratulations Catherine Hardwicke, I think you did a great job adapting the book to a movie.  I know some people have also complained about cheesy dialogue and things like that, but hello? if you’ve actually read the books you know that they are chock full of cheesetastic dialogue.  When I left the theater I felt the same way I had when I finished the book:  happy, giddy, and wanting to date a vampire (although this time it was Emmett and not Edward).


Twilight Fandemonium

twilight-movie-posterI am looking forward to the release of the Twilight movie as much as anybody else, but I am actually getting a little bit nervous.  Right about now I don’t think I want to be anywhere near a movie theater on opening day.

First there was the incident that happened yesterday morning outside a Hot Topic in San Francisco where a mob of 3,000 girls swarmed the store and one girl ended up with a broken nose.  All that just because they wanted to meet Robert Pattinson…

Then, I was checking my LiveJournal today where I subscribe to some Twilight community posts.  One of the posts was a girl asking how hairy everybody thought Robert Pattinson is under all those clothes.  Oh my……

Now I know what obsessed fans are like, being one myself for several different things, but this seems to be taking it a bit too far.  I have been to many a Harry Potter fan gathering in my day and had a marvelous time acting like the nerd that I am, but when I was in a room filled with thousands of Twilight fans, I felt…..uneasy…..there really is no other way to describe it.

So, I will probably not see the movie on opening night (but I will get to hear about it because my sis will get to preview it at her theater), but I will make sure to see it.  I just hope I can see it in a theater where people can control themselves enough not to faint everytime Edward comes on screen.

So I urge everyone out there to go forth to the movie theaters and be fangirls:  swoon, giggle, squeal, dress up in costume, and have loads of fun, but remember that there are a lot of other people around who probably just wanted to see a movie.