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Prom Drinking Game (For the Movie, Not Actual Prom)

I’ve seen the movie Prom twice now, and it is so FANTASTIC!!!  I love this movie!!!  I will admit that the first time I saw it I thought it was a little boring (eek!).  I think I was just in a weird mood that day and I was irritated that it was trying to be Love Actually for high schoolers, and let’s face it, the magic of Love Actually will never be re-created.  But the second time I saw it I LOVED it!!!  I can just hear you saying, “is you crazy?  why did you see it again if you thought it was boring?”  Here’s my answer:

My sister and I spent the whole car ride home after seeing the movie talking about how Thomas McDonnell is so hot it should be illegal.  I would pay money to stare at him any day.  I think one of the reasons I wasn’t such a fan of the movie the first time was because I got really irritated every time he wasn’t on screen.  I thought, “when you have a guy who is that hot, why wouldn’t you show him all the time?”

So, instead of me writing a review of the movie, I am going to direct you to the wonderful review found over at Forever Young Adult, because it says everything I would want to say.  Instead, I came up with a drinking game for this movie (I mean come on, if any movie is screaming for a drinking game it is this one).  Since this movie is stinking it up in theaters (come on people, why aren’t you going to see it???) it should be out on DVD in a few months, so you can refer back to this and have yourself a fine time.

So, without further ado, here is the Nerdgirl official drinking game for Prom.  (I will be using character names, since I don’t know all the actors’ names.)

Take a drink every time:

*Someone gets asked to prom in a crazy over-the-top way that doesn’t actually happen in real life (at least not at my school)

*When Jesse plays with his hair and/or walks away with hair swinging

*When Jesse strikes an “I’m a bad boy, look how hot I am pose”

*Stick Hippo is mentioned

*You think “why is Jesse still wearing a shirt?”

*Lloyd attempts and fails to ask someone to prom

*Lloyd does ask someone to prom, but gets shot down

*Tyler shows up with way too much lip gloss on

*Nova makes a speech about how important prom is

*Simone smiles and you are blinded by how white her teeth are

*Rollo does something to indicate that he is stoned out of his mind

*There is a situation when a normal person would swear loudly, but since this is a Disney movie the character lets out an unidentified scream

*Someone says “celestial fountain”

Finish your drink when:

*A character cries over something related to prom (this might get rough near the end)

*Somebody’s mom shows up and you go, “Hey, wasn’t she on that one sitcom?”

*A girl asks a guy to prom……………oh wait, that never happens in this movie!  Shame on you Disney, for perpetuating gender stereotypes!!  That’s one thing that really pissed me off about this movie.

Anyway, the movie is awesome in a High School Musical cheesetastic kind of way.  I will be counting down the days till it comes out on DVD and I can stare at Thomas McDonnell all I want.  I guess I can kind of do that now, since this is my current computer wallpaper:

A hot guy and milkshakes! What more could I want?


Another Tangled Post

…but this time from Jill!

So last weekend when the Nerdgirls were all together, we watched Tangled.  Which really should make perfect sense to you.  It was my 2nd time seeing it, and again I enjoyed it a lot.  And again it reminded me of several other Disney movies – the older classic ones I love.  I think Jen has touched on a few of these, but here’s why I love Tangled:

  • Rapunzel’s chameleon friend, Pascal

An animal best friend who acts like a person?  Just like Abu from Aladdin!  (FYI: This is NOT the same as Flounder from The Little Mermaid because he could actually talk.)

  • Maximus

The awesome horse who is treated like a person by the male main character.  Just like Samson in Sleeping Beauty!

  • The Boat Scene

That boat is basically the same one as in The Little Mermaid.  Hello, one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) songs in Disney history)!

  • An evil, manipulative witch who sings

Mother Gothel is a great character.  Evil, but very entertaining.  And she sings!  Just like Ursula in The Little Mermaid!  Btw, Ursula totally used to scare me and I wouldn’t listen to “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”  But now I realize that it is a great song, and it doesn’t scare me as much.

  • Girl taken from royal parents and raised not knowing she’s a princess.

Just like in Sleeping Beauty!  Ok, granted, in one situation she was stolen and in the other she was taken by fairies to be protected, but that’s pretty similar.

Now I’m definitely not knocking Tangled for using common elements in Disney films – I love it for doing that!  Those classic Disney films are amazing, and I haven’t seen many of the ones past Pocahontas because they felt different, but Tangled feels back like the good old ones.  Plus it has a few awesome elements the older ones don’t have!  Like a cocky male character – Flynn is fantastic – and girl power!  Rapunzel saves herself and Flynn many times, unlike some of the traditional heroines.

I would love to be a Disney scholar, but I’m not there yet.  So what am I missing?  Other Tangled similarities to Disney movies?  Let me know!

– Jill

Happy Tangled Day!!!

Today is the day I have been waiting for with bated breath for a very long time.  Today’s the day Tangled comes out on DVD!!!  My copy is winging its way towards me and will hopefully arrive sooner rather than later (that’s one of the downfalls of living in small town Iowa…’s always LATER).

Since I have already posted about Tangled way too many times, I am going to celebrate today by posting a video that showcases all of Disney’s 50 animated features.

No matter who you are, there has got to be at least one movie in there that touches your heart.  Watching it makes me damn glad that I grew up when I did.  I was just turning 8 when The Little Mermaid came out, so I was the perfect age to appreciate the wondrous string of films that included Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King.

So go out and buy Tangled today because it is right up there with the Disney classics as one of my all-time favorites!


P.S.  I think my favorite clip in that whole thing has to be Winnie the Pooh sitting there dancing in front of his honey.  So adorable!

The only way I will exercise…

So somehow I seem to have forgotten about Mousercise for the last 20 years until the library started a wellness program where we have to stretch every morning. And since my supervisor is awesome, she interlibrary loaned the Mousercise soundtrack for us to listen to while side-bending and lunging. I totally had a mousercise VHS tape when I was little and felt totally AWESOME when I did my own work-outs. (I also did the Jane Fonda tapes with my mom which made me giggle uncontrollably) I actually don’t remember too much of it, but several of the librarians actually remembered whole routines–I am in such awe of my coworkers.


Go See Rapunzel…I Mean Tangled!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families.  I had a great time hanging out with my family during the 4-day weekend.  We played games, went to a craft fair, watched football, ate, and went to the movies.  We were going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One (it would have been the 2nd time for me, my mom, and my dad, and the 5th time for my sister) but we chose to see Tangled instead.

Boy am I glad that we chose Tangled!!  Not that I don’t still love HP, but I don’t think I would have gone to see Tangled otherwise.  Now I have seen it once and will probably go to it at least one more time in the theater.

We just went to a regular old show, not a 3-D one, but I don’t think we were really missing out on anything.  There were not a whole lot of really obvious 3-D things going on, so I don’t think it is necessary to see it that way.

Let me just say that this is my favorite animated movie in a very long time.  I will say that I loved Wall-E and Up, but they are so emotionally draining to watch that I just can’t do it on a regular basis.  I could honestly watch Tangled every week for months and never get sick of it.  I wish it was out on DVD so I could literally do that.

Tangled is the story of Rapunzel (they didn’t call it that because they thought boys wouldn’t go see it…..stupid marketing people!) and her amazing magic hair.  Mandy Moore does the voice for Rapunzel and I thought she was fabulous!!!!  I know not everyone likes Mandy, but I have a soft spot in my heart for her because of Chasing Liberty.  She does a great job with the character and of course, does all of her own singing.

But the best parts about the movie were the other two main characters.  Mother Gothel is the bad guy (voiced by Donna Murphy) and she is awesome.  She really freaked me out.  She’s emotionally abusive and totally manipulative and just plain perfect as the baddie.  She reminded me of a combination of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and The White Witch from Narnia.

But what I really want to talk about is Flynn Ryder!!!  He was so fantastic!!  The guys in Disney Princess movies usually don’t get to do a whole lot.  They show up for a few minutes, sing a song and then disappear for most of the movie.  Flynn gets just as much screen time as our fair Rapunzel and thank goodness he does because he is so funny!!  Did I mention this movie is funny???  It is freaking hilarious!  Zachary Levi is really good at doing Flynn’s voice, and dare I say it?? Flynn is actually kind of a hottie (does that make me weird???).

The movie is funny and charming and warmed my little grinchy heart.  The songs aren’t bad (they aren’t phenomenal, but they are kind of catchy) and thankfully everyone in the cast can actually sing.  There is one scene near the end that was so beautiful it literally took my breath away.  It reminded me of the ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast when the camera pans down through the chandelier.  My breath stopped short when I saw that for the first time, and it totally happened again during Tangled when they lit the lanterns.  So gorgeous.  Okay, now that I think about it, that might have been great to see in 3-D.

So, I have rambled on longer than the movie now, so I will just say go see Tangled!!!!!!  You will not be disappointed.  Everyone in our theater was laughing and having a good time.  Out of our group of four (one of whom is very picky about animated movies) we all adored it, so I know you will too.



So I have been noticing that people are using the word totes in place of totally.  I thought this was something that was confined to my new favorite site, Forever Young Adult (thank you Jill and Meg Cabot for bringing it to my attention!!), and I thought that it was totally (totes!) adorable whenever I came across it in one of their posts.  But then again I think every single one of their posts is totally (totes!) adorable and pee-my-pants hilarious (especially when Erin summarizes the Sweet Valley High books, soooooo good!).

Well, I was getting caught up with Jonas LA this evening when I heard Joe say totes.  And I was all like WTF Disney!?  Because it did not even sound natural.  I feel like totes should be reserved for the girls over at FYA, because they can totally (totes!) rock it out!  And Joe just did not rock it out.  Maybe Kevin could have, because he is obviously (obvs!) the funniest Jonas brother.  But I’m sorry Joe – I dig the new shorter and straight hair, but please don’t ever try to make totes happen again.  And also, man up and tell Stella you love her!

That’s all I have for now.  I totes have to go to bed now.  What do you guys think of totes vs. totally?

Leave your thoughts in the comments, bishes!  (I am totes in love with FYA.  Damn, now I’m going to be all like “I was totes like, Joe tried to pull that shiz and he totes sounded like a bish!)

<3, lindsay

So...should we call these things totallies now?

Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars

Over the past few days I have been forcing myself to watch the Disney Channel Original Movie (or D-COM if you will) Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars, starring Wizards of Waverly Place’s Jennifer Stone.  I finally finished last night.

Pictured: Excruciating pain for me


Lindsay’s Grade: F-

The problem with this movie was that it sucked.  The acting was terrible, the story was stupid, and I never once believed in any of it.

I had high hopes for this movie, because I really love Jennifer Stone.  Or at least I love Harper on WoWP.  Also, I adore Harriet the Spy – the book and the movie starring Michelle Trachtenberg from the 90s.  Who didn’t adore that movie?  It was awesome.  I should go buy it.  Actually I think I like the 90s movie even more than the book.

Pictured: Awesome Sauce


Back to Blog Wars.  The acting.  Every character grated on my nerves.  The only character I actually liked was Beth Ellen.  The girl who played her did so in a manner that worked really well with who Beth Ellen is.  As for Jennifer, who played Harriet, …. I hated Harriet.  Harriet had no redeeming qualities.  I know that Harriet does some crappy stuff, but you always forgive her because she has an air of innocence and doesn’t really understand that her observations may sting.  But this Harriet just acted like poor me poor me, and there was no part of her that was likeable.  Like I said, I was super surprised that Jennifer Stone couldn’t bring her own loveable tweak to the part.  A shame really.  Golly, the nanny, and Harriet’s parents were pretty bad too.  Although I do have to say that Disney Channel has a hard time portraying adults as anything other than ridiculous.  Can anybody think of an example of a DCOM movie where this is not the case?

(Spoilers, although I doubt anybody would actually like to watch this movie) 

And the plot.  In the 90s movie, Harriet loses her notebook, which her classmates find and then hate her for.  It’s not Harriet’s fault because it was in her own private notebook, not meant for anybody else’s eyes.  In Blog Wars, Harriet’s observations were written on her class’s blog, which is on the freakin’ internet.  So we’re supposed to believe that the evil girl is the one who took that information from the blog and posted it on the internet that can be accessed by everyone and not just the class.  This is just so stupid on so many levels.  The observations spread on the internet were that of a famous teen actor.  So of course everyone’s going to freak out about that.  Disney’s acting like it was a horrid reaction.  It’s so not!  That’s what would happen in the real world!  And it would be the original poster’s fault!  Not the one who spread it!  It’s like friggin’ facebook – if you don’t want it to be known, don’t put it there for anybody to see.

Oh well.  Maybe someday Nickelodeon will do a remake of the 90s movie.  I’m trying to think of someone that’d be good as Harriet.  Hmm.  I’m not up on the 10-12 year old actresses.  Maybe Dakota Fanning’s little sister?  She was really good in Phoebe in Wonderland.

Pictured: The only young actress that I can think of at this moment.


That’s all for BEDA Day 1 for me folks!

<3, Lindsay Folkmann

P.S.  A picture of my new kitchen!  I’m moving right now!  Hooray!

There is at least one dinosaur in every room of my new apartment. That's what makes it so awesome.

P.P.S.  Another thing that irked me about Harriet the Spy.  The only two colors they put her in were red and blue.  Mostly red.  Blue for school, red for everything else.  It was ridiculous.  She was spying on an actor wearing bright bright gouge your eyes out red.  Come on!