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I Held Back For As Long As I Could

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you all to my cats.  Since Amber can post about Lester, I can post pics of my cats.

First up is Addie Rae:

You can't see me!!

I think you have to wear it if you want to be sorted.

Age:  6 years in May

Likes:  enclosed spaces, lettuce, string cheese, sitting on my lap the second I sit down, being held, sleeping on the bath mat, the dining chairs at my parents’ house, sitting in front of the space heater with me, breaking my pitchers, running out in the hallway when I leave the apartment, and walking on the kitchen counter.

Disklikes:  anytime I pay attention to Hermione, her icky hypoallergenic food, being left behind when I go places, the vacuum cleaner, and my elliptical.

Fun Fact:  Addie had a tumor removed from her ear so she has a permanent head tilt and cannot walk in a straight line.

Next is my baby, Hermione Jo:

Here she is having her way with a My Little Pony

Why are you bothering me with your ridiculous pictures?

Age:  4 years 7 months

Likes:  Giving disdainful looks to everyone, giving herself a bath, licking the lint roller, peeing in her cat carrier (well, I don’t know if she likes it, but she does it all the time) chewing on my posters, licking my forehead while I sleep, plastic twist ties, knowing she gets better tasting food, sitting on top of the kitchen cupboards, and knowing she is way more awesome than all the rest us.

Dislikes:  being picked up or held, the vacuum cleaner, losing her twist ties under the stove, balloons, most people (and me some of the time), any kind of change in environment, and people food.

Fun Fact:  When Hermione sits down, she looks like a 19th century English aristocrat arranging her tail like a giant skirt.

Well, those are my kitties.  I could post 30 more pictures, but I think I will hold back and just do one last one, my very favorite cat picture ever!

They do this all the time when they think I'm not looking


Jen’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (With visuals)

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor to get blood drawn and now my arm looks like this:

Also, Hermione got bitten by something above her right eye (you can’t see it very well in this picture, but it is there) and had an allergic reaction that made her throw up 18 times in 12 hours.  It was very traumatic for all of us.

But she feels much better and is almost back to 100%.

And the strap on my favorite purse from London broke for the second time in between the doctor and the vet.

Thank goodness today was much better.

6 Months Later…..

And it’s finally official:

I sent the paperwork in back in November……………glad to know the system works so fast around here.


Wonderful Surprises!!

I wasn’t too psyched to go into work today because it was my 2nd night shift of the week and I am so tired. But then I got to my desk and saw the most amazing thing in the whole world!!! Here is a slightly exagerated recreation in my apartment:

Yes, there are 11 boxes of Girl Scout cookies there………I only meant to buy 8 but then I found out that one of my co-workers daughters was selling them as well, so I had to buy some more from her…………and they are all mine! Waaahaaahaahaa………contrary to what the picture shows, I will not be sharing them with Addie or Hermione.


What I <3 about Jen!

So after I posted things about what I like about myself, I thought it would be fun to write about things I like about Jen and Amber!  So I will start this off by posting what I like about Jen!

1. She is a librarian.  And not just any librarian, but a children’s librarian.  The best part about this is that she doesn’t really like children.  I think this is pretty hilarious.

2. She names her cats after book characters like Hermione.  I believe the other cat’s name is Addy, but I’m not sure which book she got that one from.  And the next cat she gets is going to be named Serafina (last name starts with a P…) from His Dark Materials.

3. She thinks she needs to be drunk to be “Fun Jen” but really she is always “Fun Jen”, she just doesn’t know it.

4.  She introduces me to new authors and books that I’ll probably grow to love just as much as she does.  And like I’ve said – one of the best feelings in the world is getting to read a new book.

5. She doesn’t get embarrassed when Amber and I act crazy and strange in public, and she thinks our antics are cute.

I love more than 5 things about Jen, but of course I have subliminally made this post about 5 things because of the 5 Spice Girls.

<3, lindsayd.