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Oh Nashville, You Never Cease To Surprise Me

So on Wednesday night as I was laying in bed, I became concerned because I thought someone was being shot near my home.  I mean, I do live in Nashville after all – the crime rate here is pretty high.  Also there was a gang shootout (nobody died, so it’s all cool) a couple of streets over from my apartment.  But then I was all like, no – that’s not gun fire (I have shot a gun before, so I totally know…kind of), that sounds more like fireworks.  But then when I looked out my window, I couldn’t see any fireworks!  So I would lay back down and then pop pop pop!  Jump back to the window – nothing.   Lay back down – POP!  It went on like this for a few minutes.  I never saw anything, but I swear to you – there were fireworks!  

Then I promptly fell asleep and forgot about the whole fireworks incident.  Then this morning I was laying in bed (it’s thunderstorming – don’t judge me), reading my fave Nashville blog, Nashvillest, and what do I see?  A story about how John Rich (of Big & Rich, or as I like to think of them – the save a horse, ride a cowboy guys – I only know one of their songs) pissed off all his neighbors by throwing a party with helicopters and fireworks.  FIREWORKS!  I wasn’t hallucinating guys!  I almost lived a few houses away from John Rich, but that apartment got snapped up before I could even see it – the pictures looked super nice and the price was super good!  Now I understand a little better why such a nice apartment would be so reasonable – John Rich.  Turns out he’s quite the nuisance.  His neighbors hate him with an absolute passion.  I live a mile away from his house and his fireworks bothered me – I can only imagine how pissed his next door neighbors were.  

I think it’s pretty hilarious that out of all places he chose to live, John Rich chose the place he did.  He build this 73 foot modern looking mansion thingy in this super cute, average sized house neighborhood.  It’s kind of like if someone built a 73 foot mansion next to my parent’s house back in Iowa.  It looks way out of place and is an eye sore (it is actually kind of ugly – plus, all the times I’ve been past it, I have never seen a pool.  What kind of country music star doesn’t own a pool?  It’s just wrong).

But anyways, I read the article, and he wasn’t actually throwing a party – he was shooting a video.  I don’t know if helicopters were really involved.  I don’t doubt the fireworks, but the helicopters could easily be explained away by the fact that we all live next to the hospital.  And there are helicopters flying around here all the time.  Plus, is it just me, or does it sound really not smart to have helicopters flying in the vicinity of fireworks at the same time, on purpose?  

So that’s the latest in Lindsay’s brushes with fame in Nashville.  I’ve only had “3”.  First one was … what’s his face?  Keith Urban?  or Toby Keith?  The one that’s married to Nicole Kidman I think – whoever that one is.  Amber told me that we saw him at Panera in Green Hills.  I’m not sure it counts if I don’t know who someone is.  The second one was totally legit though – Ben Folds (SCREAM!) was totally eating at the table behind me at my favorite Thai restaurant.  I didn’t see him come in, and I really wish I had, because I remember talking to husband about how he really needs to leave the toilet seat down at night because I was afraid of falling in (because I don’t turn on lights and I kind of sleepwalk to the toilet).  So Ben Folds knows of my fear of falling in the toilet at night.  And now brush 3 was being alarmed at John Rich’s fireworks.  I’m totally not even counting the time that Miley Cyrus was in the children’s hospital (which is right across the street from my work building), and the time that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift ate at the pancake pantry while I was a half mile away (again working.  Do you see a theme here?  Working is holding me back from meeting all these stars).  So really I could have like 4 shaky brushes with one legit brush.  

I look forward to sharing more Nashville Brushes with Fame with you in the near future.  I’ve really got to brush up on my country music stars – I bet they’re all around me and I just don’t even realize it!

<3, lindsay

Save a dinosaur, ride a caveman.

Are You Ready For New Moon??

I think this should totally be the official poster

In less than 24 hours I will officially be waiting in line with a bunch of 12 year old girls and TwiMoms to see hopefully my new favorite movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon (I think it is really funny whenever people on tv use the full title… sounds so corny).  I am uber-jealous because my sister is going to see the movie sometime in the wee hours of tomorrow morning because she works at a theater and they got their print of it today.  She called me just to gloat about it.  Did I mention I was jealous???

I am all set to go tomorrow.  Snacks for waiting in line….check.  Blanket to keep warm on cold floor….check.  Pillow for my old lady butt…..check.  Team Jacob shirt….check.  Headphones to block noise of annoying tweens….check.  Deck of cards for Jessi and I to ease the boredom….check.

I am going to be bouncing around all day tomorrow at work trying to contain my excitement.  Now some people think it is silly and even pathetic to get so worked up about something like a movie…..or even worse, a Twilight movie.  My response to that is that EVERYBODY gets excited about something.  No matter what it is, everyone gets all worked up about either sports, videogames, the first snow of the season, or pickles, etc.  It is a healthy way to let off energy.  So I just happen to get my kicks squeeing over book releases and movie releases based on books.  Feel free to mock me if you want.

I have been getting ready for tomorrow by re-reading the whole series over (including the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun), watching the movie again, and watching the cast work their way through countless tv interviews.  Now it doesn’t surprise me that my two favorite interviews so far are from Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner.  Emmett and Jacob are two of my favorite characters in the books and the movie so that makes sense.  (Full list of favorite characters: Jacob, Alice, Emmett, Seth, Angela and Garrett.)

Here is Kellan Lutz on Ellen.  He is so adorable when he talks about his dog…..and oh man, when he starts doing push-ups!  Good lord!  Also, P.S. don’t you think he would make a fantastic Peeta??

Taylor Lautner was on the Jay Leno show the other night and it was super adorable (in an awww that’s cute kind of way, not in a creepy old lady kind of way).

So I am all set to see the movie.  I am pretty sure that after I do I will want to read the books all over again…..stupid crazy addictive books!  I will try to take pictures at the midnight show of all the crazies in line with me (and don’t worry, I totally group myself in with the crazies).


I’d Like To See Edward Try To Move Like This

Vodpod videos no longer available.

God bless Entertainment Weekly and their neverending obsession with everything Twilight related.  The upcoming issue of the magazine will feature Kristen and Taylor on the cover, which will be probably the 4th Twilight related cover this year and there hasn’t even been a movie or a book out yet!!!!!!!!!  I can’t tell if their editors are the ultimate fangirls or if they are just trying to reach out to the fangirls.  Either way I don’t care, because it leads to videos like the one above.

Ms. Stewart is her usual quirky self (*cough* probably on something *cough*) but the reason to watch is the wonderfulness of Taylor Lautner.  Not only is he not afraid to frolic in tall grass (BEWARE OF TICKS!!!!) but he can do crooked backflips!!!

I am soooooooo excited for this movie!!!  With all the hype surrounding Taylor before the release, he better be in the movie for more than 15 minutes, because I can totally see them condensing the whole first 250 pages into 20 minutes (10 minutes of course, being reserved for the infamous paper cut scene).

TEAM JACOB Forever!!!!


New Moon Cover…Aw Crap, I’ll Have To Buy It Again

Even though I already own New Moon, looks like I’m going to have to buy another copy just so I can look at the cover everyday.  Whilst looking at it, I will use my fingers to cover up Bella (who looks like she is trying to cry on her own shoulder) and the terrifying Edward Cullen “I’m Stalking You” Moon.

Or I guess I could just print off the picture and hang it on my wall.

Are those zombies in the background???

Are those zombies in the background???


Hot Boys and Cute Puppies, Or the New Moon Trailer

I saw this last night on the MTV Movie Awards (and come on, who didn’t see it?) and I have watched it many times since.  The Edward/Bella stuff at the beginning kind of makes me gag, (You’re my only reason to stay……alive……if that’s what I am. Gag, hack) but I loved seeing all the Cullens (most dramatic paper cut ever!!) and Jacob, the werewolf, and Jacob.  Did I mention I loved the Jacob part??  I thought the werewolf looked pretty good.  Nothing like how they are described in the book (or maybe just nothing like I pictured in my head) but it did seem relatively realistic enough for me (very reminiscent of the wolves in the first Narnia movie).

Anyway, here it is for those of you who haven’t seen it, or for those of you who just want a place to watch it over and over.


Vodpod videos no longer available.