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A Collection of Happy Things

Hola chicas le nerdy!

So I have been trying to think of things to post and I’m always like, oh yeah! That’s awesome, I should post that! But then I forget about it because I’m at work when I think of these things. But I am super at home right now! And I’m super posting right now! Haha! So I present to you a few things that are super happy.

First up: Bonjour, girl! I already sent this to Jen, Jill and Amber a few days ago, but it needs to be posted on the blog. I was eating lunch the first time I saw this and I almost choked on my hamburger. Like seriously, I started laughing and had to cough up and spit out my hamburger. There are so many good parts to it. But my personal favorite? “IT’S MY FAVORITE!”

The last time I posted, I talked about decorating my apartment. Guess what! I did something!

Making art is super fun! I did the middle one and the one with the crayons still attached. Andrew did the one with all the non-rainbow (or reject) crayons. It was super fun and easy and fast! Well, I take that back. It was fast for me. It took Andrew like an hour and a half. But that’s because he didn’t want the crayons left on the canvas. So he taped them on instead of hot-gluing them (like I did). It’s really awesome when you melt the crayons with a hair dryer and they start streaming down. Just be careful if you do this because there was some splattering. Luckily we had a box that protected our wall and carpet. The middle one was even easier because I just took a bunch of yarn and hot glued it to the back of the canvas and then stretched it out and hot glued it again. Super easy! Except that I totally burned the crap out of my fingers. But that’s just because I kind of suck at hot glue guns.

Guess what! I think it’s time for another video. I’m not sure if it’s possible to not love this movie. If you hate fun, you might hate this movie. I’m the King of New York! That’s right! It’s a Newsies clip!


In other news, I am finally starting to do stuff in Nashville. I joined a juggling club! It’s mostly comprised of Vanderbilt students, but I can deal with that. I can already juggle 3 balls pretty well, but the other day I started learning how to juggle clubs! I feel so super cool, like you can’t even believe how cool I feel. I can keep 3 clubs up in the air for maybe about 15 seconds right now.

And finally, to finish off this post of happy things. I’ll leave you with this: OkGo and The Muppets. YES!

Just how cute is that!? It’s super cute! That’s how cute it is! I dearly love the guy in blue and his commitment to the video. He gives the best faces!

<3s! Lindsay