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Nerdgirl Dilemma

in the hotel room, trying to figure out what pizza to order…

Lindsay: “WAIT. If we order now, won’t the pizza come right in the middle of iCarly?”
Amber: “…”
Jen: “…”
Jill: “…”
Lindsay: “…”
Sheila: “I’ll get the door.”

Axe Cop is super funny.

“I wish for Abraham Lincoln to be my wife.” –Axe Cop

stumbled across the webcomic, Axe Cop, a few weeks and am totally in love with it! The storyline is written by a 6 year old boy, so you know, BEST THING EVER. He, Malachai, narrates it it to his 30 year old brother, Ethan, who illustrates the comic and sometimes prompts with questions like “and how did Axe cop and Dinosaur Soldier find the evil lab of uni-baby?”

So the website is fun, but I just bought the first print version of Axe Cop for the library’s graphic collection and it is so adorable because the big brother added little notes explaining what he thought was going through his little bro’s head during the spark of creation 🙂 For instance, during Ask Axe Cop #24, Ethan tried giving Malachai some background on info on Abraham Lincoln, but apparently Malachai just couldn’t shake his initial feeling that Pres. Lincoln was girl–this is just the kind of joke where coming from anyone older would seem like they were trying too hard, but coming from a kid who really thought Abe was a girl, and then allowing someone to correct him, but still manipulating the story so it comes back round to Axe Cop marrying Pres. Lincoln? pure brainwork.


The only way I will exercise…

So somehow I seem to have forgotten about Mousercise for the last 20 years until the library started a wellness program where we have to stretch every morning. And since my supervisor is awesome, she interlibrary loaned the Mousercise soundtrack for us to listen to while side-bending and lunging. I totally had a mousercise VHS tape when I was little and felt totally AWESOME when I did my own work-outs. (I also did the Jane Fonda tapes with my mom which made me giggle uncontrollably) I actually don’t remember too much of it, but several of the librarians actually remembered whole routines–I am in such awe of my coworkers.


One of the reasons I love my job.

Because I get to DANCE! with little kids! and giant dogs! Seriously, my fellow librarians knew how happy this would make me that they didn’t even ask–I just got an email one afternoon that said “Amber, we are going to film you dancing to Beyonce tomorrow. Dress appropriately.”

(filmed for the River Bandits’ Library Night which then got rained out booooo)


Wizard Babies!

Sweet Magical Broooood! OMIGOSH MATT OF THE WHOMPING WILLOWS HAS WRITTEN A SONG ABOUT THE WIZARD BABIES TO THE TUNE OF THE MUPPET BABIES THEME SONG!!! Do I need to say more?! My brain is seriously cracked out on this.

Jen, her sister Anne, and I saw Snidget, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and the Whomping Willows at Ames on Sunday–totally fantastic as usual! Snidget was enthrallingly lovely and Matt and Justin are just crazy talented and hilarious. I never stop smiling when I’m at a Wizard Rock show!!! and I bought an adorable “I believe in Nargles” sweatshirt! oh aaaaand we saw Kick-Ass which was SOO GOOD! but Jen or I will probably write multiple posts about that movie. Seriously, gals and guys, it was multiple-post good.

Muppet Babies Reading

Muppet Babies Forever! Have been considering buying Muppet Babies bootlegs for awhile now...

Nerdgirl weekend 🙂


Ssooooo last night I broke my beda. sad face.

Why oh why, you might ask, would I give up so easily?

Eh. I’m like that. I had major CRANKY PANTS on last night after I finished doing the dishes at like 11:30 pm and I REALLY WANTED TO GO TO BED. Just like I REALLY WANT TO GO TO BED NOW. Apparently I never get around to writing these posts until I’m extremely exhausted and incoherent.

Here is an example of one of my cranky faces:

Notice the long hair so this is a retro cranky face. Actually, this was part of a series of pictures meant to illustrate how angry and disgusted I was that Pringles changed their recipe but I never posted it...

Other things that make me cranky besides doing dishes and staying up past my bedtime?

-vacuuming I HATE vacuuming–it makes me really sweaty for some reason. Probably because I am busy hating it.

-when Steve disses the Jonas Brothers. Seriously, we didn’t talk to each for an hour one morning. and I’m not even that big of a Jonas fan, you know, I’m no Macy.

-when people honk at me because I’m not turning right on red. HELLO it’s an option–I don’t have to do it. And it is just something I do not like to do so don’t honk me into it.

-The Electric Slide.

-when I am at a super fun dance party and I have mono so I can’t dance…seriously, ask Jen or Jill about Terminus’ Bon Voyage Ball–I was in such an icky mood! And then I went to the hotel bar to have a hot chocolate and wallow in my mononess and some sleazy guy tried to hit on me by making fun of my fellow Harry Potter fans and ICK TOUCHING MY LEG. So when I threw his gross hand off my knee and informed him I LOVED HARRY POTTER, he proceeded to take off his shirt and punch the wall. So I guess getting the cold shoulder from a nerdgirl makes slimy guys get cranky… and I got extra cranky because I let the slimy guy make me feel bad about myself. OMIGOSH that night was CRANK!

I don't look very cranky in this picture! that's because I love having my picture taken with my nerdgirls so I wasn't cranky here. And my earrings were fantastic.

on that ridiculous long bonus storytime, this cranky post is over. Tomorrow I promise to post at like 6:30 when I’m still all shiny from the library.


Happy Easter to me! I imagine myself in garanimals…

So growing up is hard–especially around the holidays when the being-a-grown-up-sucks percentage skyrockets to about 95%. So when this commercial came on this morning, I danced and laughed and had a really good time! until I remembered that they don’t make garanimals for hip young professionals, and then Easter was ruined.

annnnnddd now: GARANIMALS! dance dance dance jump dance hi monkey dance dance jump