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Math Lesson

One individually wrapped Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie costs $0.35 at IMU convenient store.  A box of one dozen individually wrapped Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies costs $1.29 there too.  Which is the better buy?

Let’s do the math!

Method 1:  $0.35 x 12 = $4.20.  $4.20 – $1.29 = $2.91

Method 2: $1.29 ÷ 12 = $0.11 (significant figures) vs. $0.35

Thank you Math!  Because of you, I can now enjoy an oatmeal creme pie each day for the next 12 days.

<3, Lindsay


We need to make mischief and drink firewhiskey.

Seriously, we do. Because it’s time to get crazy. If any of you do not have a clue what I am talking about, please go to:

As I was walking back to my office from Analytical Measurements, I had on my handy dandy little iPod shuffle (it’s blue, shiny, tiny and I love it). Yesterday night I uploaded some wizard rock albums onto my iTunes and then transferred them over to my iPod. So today while I walked, I wrocked out to The Remus Lupins, The Parselmouths and The Whomping Willows (Matt Maggiacomo where is my Tree Hugger shirt that you promised me???). I now realize that I cannot listen to wrock music without moving my body around in a manner that some of you may call dancing/spazzing out, and I may have alarmed some people between the engineering building and the IATL. If you happened to see me (estimated time: 3:29 to 3:35 p.m.), DO NOT WORRY: THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR ALARM. You think I might have shown more restraint or been a little bit embarassed, but…I was so lost in Harry Potterdom that I didn’t care. I think this is why some people shy away from walking places with me.

On another note: Oh my goodness, I absolutely hate Organic Chemistry labs. My TA is super nice, but he treats me like I’ve never been in a chemistry lab before. I really wanted to scream today that if the department of energy is going to trust me in one of their labs alone, he should be OK with letting me touch my freaking condenser. Whatever – it’s not like I’ve probably had the most lab experience out of anyone else taking the class….oh wait.

But regardless of how much OChem lab sucks, I love Analytical Measurements! My professor is already one of my most favorite all time top 3 professors! Not only is she super duper adorable, but she’s super nice, and really helped me with the homework that was due today, regardless of the fact that I came and asked for help an hour and a half before it was due, and during her lunchtime (seriously, the microwave in her office dinged as I walked in). Don’t worry, I didn’t put off my homework or anything – I actually put like 5 hours into it beforehand…I just had some questions that the book or my notes didn’t clear up.

Prize of the day! I’m a nerd AND a nerdfighter! (At least, I am a nerdfighter NOW!) <3, Lindsay


What you missed at the Miss America Pageant: Miss Iowa’s talent

So I saw that someone got to our page by searching for Miss Iowa talent. So I decided to post a video from a couple of years ago. Keep in mind, she has had 4 more years of practice, so the pageant would have been that much more awesome. Enjoy! <3, Lindsay

If I were to go on American Idol, I would…

Amber and I are watching American Idol right now.  I can’t help but wonder…why, oh why do people think that they’ll do better if they hop and run around while singing?  And wearing ugly flashy clothing – what is up with that!?  I know there are some people who do that kind of stuff just so they can get on television for kicks, but what about the people who go on for real and do that stuff and then are all crushed when they get told they’re horrible?  Like no one has ever told them that they sucked before?  Or they haven’t figured it out on their own yet?  Seriously.  I think if I were ever to audition for the show (which I would never do in a million years), I would try to look way super cute and then I would sing something from the 60’s.  I would never do anything to actually get me on TV….what if I turned out to be way worse than I thought?  That would be sooooooo humiliating.

On another note  – my legs are so sore!  I’m trying to stretch them out but they feel like they’re just going to snap.  And I just can’t seem to get enough to eat – I went from never eating breakfast and sometimes eating lunch to eating both every day and then more!  I just ate dinner and I’m still freaking hungry.  This exercise thing really makes you tired, sore and hungry.  It’s just barely 8:00 now and already I’m zonked.  I even took a nap late this morning.  I’m out like a broken light bulb.

<3, Lindsay

Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away….

I just smacked my laptop screen because it was taking too long to load something…….sigh………that is the kind of day I am having today, no wait, the kind of week I am having.

So when I need to cheer myself up, I crawl back into my childhood and remember the carefree, relaxing, nonstressful joys of being young. One of my favorite things as a girl was Sesame Street. I watched it religiously back then, and still think that “Follow That Bird” is one of the greatest movies ever.

So here is a tiny clip from Sesame Street done by one of my favorite children’s authors, Mr. Mo Willems. He does the Pigeon books and also the Elephant and Piggie books. He is pretty much fantastic in every way. We shall call him the “Meg Cabot” of the male persuasion.

And to continue with the Sesame Street theme, this is what I feel like on most days at the library (I am the librarian and not Cookie Monster).


Dance Party with the Schwartzman Brothers

I take my dancing very seriously, and I have recently discovered the secret to having a crazy fun dance time (not to be confused with the rules on how to have a super fun dance party–I won’t name them here since I assume the only people who read this blog are also the people who I have forced to watch a certain video masterpiece created by a certain dancing goddess and her goddess friends).

The formula to have a crazy fun dance time is simple yet genius:
1. Energy–the jumping, sliding, hopping, arm pumping, stomping kind of energy
2. Music by the Schwartzman Brothers.

The new fave–Robert singing along to Coconut Records’ (aka Jason’s) Nighttiming:

The previous new fave–Robert and his Rooney mates wondering when my heart went missing:

And my all-time favoritest bestest I could dance to this song foreverest–Jason drumming along to Phantom Planet’s “Hey Now Girl”

So I’ve always just had an iPod shuffle, but this Christmas I became a real woman and got an iPod Classic. Totally awesome. But I still haven’t quite figured out what to do with it while I’m having a crazy fun dance time–right now I’m just sticking it into my pants (or even more embarrassing–my underwear when I’m wearing loose pj pants that won’t hold those heavy 80 GB of information).
And fyi, in the above photo I was listening to Coheed and Cambria/the Fratellis which means I was having a mega fun dance experience, but that is for another post.


Coconut Records
Phantom Planet

And just so I can tag this to Meg Cabot, this blog’s favoritest lady–I hope you all recognized Robert from his role as Michael in The Princess Diaries movie!!!! swoon-worthy of course. oh wow, I’m getting all giggly and flashing back to junior year of high school ::talking to self:: I am a mature young woman who has deep intellectual and creative experiences. I am a mature young woman who has deep intellectual and creative experiences. I am a mature young woman who needs to read Princess Diaries number 9: “Princess Mia” so she can find out if Michael and Mia stay together despite their distance–oh, I hope so because they are totally made for each other! but I’m going to wait until the library gets it on audioCD.

Happy Birthday Lego!!

Ach! I can’t believe I didn’t realize it was Lego’s 50th Birthday until just now! So in honor of one of the best toys from our childhoods, enjoy the video below:

On another note: I was walking across the bridge behind the east campus dorms that goes over behind Voxman, and I realized there was no longer a sign on the bridge. What happened to it?? There used to be a sign about halfway across the bridge that told you that the last person to jump off the bridge died in 1995. So….what am I to think now? That because it’s been 12/13 years that people have learned not to jump off bridges? Or maybe there was another person who jumped off that bridge and didn’t die. I don’t know. But all I can think about is how, if it hasn’t happened already, someone’s going to freaking jump the rail and die, and then we’ll have to post a new sign to serve as a reminder that jumping off the bridge can cause your death. Jeesh. The University of Iowa could have saved a life if they had just kept up that one sign, I’m totally sure of it. Just wait, it’s going to happen sooner or later.

<3, Lindsay