Sometimes We Just Have A Little Trouble With The Monkey

OK, so most of you should have read Amber’s post about Camp Rock.  How many of you actually watched it?  If you say no, what’s your excuse?  It was not only shown on Disney, but ABC Family, and ABC, and then on  So if you don’t have cable, you could have watched it on ABC.  If you don’t have a TV, you could have watched it on, if you don’t have a TV or the internet, well, this doesn’t apply because all of our readers at least have the internet.  So no excuses!  

Well, what can I say.  I have to agree with a post made by namedropper, and also Amber whom I talked with on the phone after watching the movie.  I think maybe we wouldn’t have been so disappointed if Disney hadn’t hyped the damn movie so much.  If they hadn’t raised our expectations then the movie would have been great.  But it was supposed to rock the summer, and quite frankly I’m more excited about tomorrow night when the American Gladiators go head to head with the cast of The Office on the Celebrity Family Feud (watch in on NBC at 7:00 PM central time!).

I’d be scared if I were a gladiator!

Anyhow, back to Camp Rock.  If you haven’t watched it by now, and still want to, stop reading right now and go watch it.  If you haven’t watched it by now, and probably will never watch it, go ahead and keep reading if you want.  I don’t want to spoil anything.

Sure, the movie was adorable.  However, as Amber pointed out, and which I have to agree, there are certain things that just don’t really groove with the plot.  For example, why did they show the mean girl looking at Mitchie’s song book if she wasn’t going to do anything with it?  There are certain things where it just seemed like the middle was a little twisted and didn’t fully connect with the end.  

Much like this kid and how he completely and utterly failed at putting together the silver monkey.

Seriously, is it that hard to put together the shrine of the silver monkey?  Honest to goodness, I swear I could put that thing together in my sleep in like 5 seconds.  I’m still waiting for them to put me one that show.  I don’t care that they stopped making it like 10 years ago, I will get on it somehow.

Anyways, I was super ticked off with ABC for showing so many commercials during their airing.  I feel like I got to watch 5 minutes of the movie and then we were back to the ads!  I’m all for ad integration into shows.  When someone finds out how to do it subtly and so that it doesn’t ruin the show, please let me know so I can start plaguing the networks with requests to do it.  Also, I was really annoyed with how they continually said that they were going to show clips from ABC’s new show, HSM Get in the Picture, during the movie, but then didn’t.  Also I was annoyed with the fact that I had to wait like 20 minutes to see the Jonas Brothers new music video, which was way cute.  Is it wrong if I imagine my 15 year old self was attracted to Nick?  And I love that they put Selena Gomez (aka Mikayla from HM, thank you Jill, and Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place, thank you Amber) as Nick’s love interest.  I think she is way adorable, but I agree with Amber, I’m not sure where our friend status would fall if ever that were to occur.  Plus I love Wizards of Waverly Place, and I can’t wait to see what happens with Mikalya and Miley since the last time she was on Mikayla was all like Let’s Be FRIENDS! with Miley, but she wanted to talk about how much she hates Hannah!  I smell a friendship?  Maybe?  

Well, that’s all I have for you right now.  I’m trying to be oh so diligent with my mathematical essays (I had to write an essay about which mathematical philosophy I believed in, logicism, intuitionism, or formalism, and I totally had to figure out what I did believe in.  It’s logicism, but only partly, because I don’t believe that logic precedes mathematics ALL the time), and today is the first day that I’m actually slightly succeeding.  I’ll leave you with a nice video of a former Backstreet Boy, A.J. McLean (hint, he’s the only boy and the one in blue…in this video, it’s only part 1 of 3, so you may think he’s going to dominate, but SPOILER, he loses to a girl). **Taken from margflower’s youtube account**

<3, lindsayF




1 Response to “Sometimes We Just Have A Little Trouble With The Monkey”

  1. 1 ngtjennifer June 23, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    Whoa, thanks for the heads up about Celebrity Family Feud!!

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