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Lou Hoover is my Dairy Queen

Yuuuummmm so Steve and I went to Dairy Queen tonight, and I was feeling a little saucy so I actually ordered a blizzard other than cookie dough. So what was this seductive temptress/seasonal flavor? It was none other than than that cheerful Girl Scout staple Tagalong cookie! (I was such a frazzled state as I frantically tried to make the decision–it wasn’t until the very last second that I blurted out “TAGALONG” to the cashier)

SO GOOOOOOD! Peanut-buttery, chocolaty, ice-creamy cookiely perfection! I would like to thank three important women for this heavenly treat: 2. Lou Hoover, for making Girl Scout cookies the best thing ever (for more on the Hoovers, see Jill) 2. Jen, for introducing me to Girl Scout cookie + ice cream, and thus, allowed me to believe in its possibilities. and 3. Eleanor Roosevelt, for telling me to scare myself.