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My REAL Favorite Movies #3

I am going through a phase now where I love all things British.  Actually… isn’t really a phase, because I’ve been obsessed with the UK ever since I went there eight years ago.  Well, if there is one thing the British know how to do, it is comedy.  Well, one of the funniest movies I have ever seen is Death at a Funeral.


It came out a few years ago, and I am really sad that I didn’t get to see it with a theater full of people, because that would have been an experience to remember.  I originally checked this out from the library because it has Mr. Darcy in it (Matthew MacFadyen not Colin Firth), and it was totally worth it.

Not only does it have the very gorgeous Mr. MacFadyen in it, but his real life wife, Keeley Hawes, plays his wife in the movie.  She is totally adorable and they are so cute together (she was also pregnant when they were filming so you’ll notice she hides behind a lot of pillows and is shot from the neck up).

Alan Tudyk is also in it for all of you Firefly fans out there.  He shows off his great British accent skills (which I first discovered when he was in A Knight’s Tale a million years ago) and walks around naked for most of the movie.  It also has the guy from Love Actually who goes to America and hooks up with all those Wisconsin girls.  He looks sooooo much cuter in this movie with his shaggy haircut.

Kris Marshall from Love Actually

Kris Marshall from Love Actually

This movie is so hilarious it is hard to describe.  I think one of the best parts about it is that everyone is so proper and British (and of course it does take place at a funeral) but there are so many outlandish things that happen.  There’s nudity, a bad drug trip, attempted murder, blackmail, and a very disgusting bodily function joke.


I think one of the reasons this movie is so hilarious is that it is directed by Frank Oz.  For those of you who don’t know, Frank Oz is also known as the voice behind Miss Piggy.  I can only imagine how much fun it must have been to be on that set.  There is an excellent gag reel at the end that shows just how fun it probably was.

I love this movie because it is nice and short so it is a good one to pop in if I am in need of a good laugh.  It also gives me my British fix for the day, which is much needed.  Here is the gag reel that I mentioned earlier.  It is funny how unprofessional and giggly the British actors are (I’m looking at YOU Matthew!!).  Oh, and it is not suitable for all audiences because British people like to curse (or maybe it’s actors).

Also, just on a side note, I ADORE the house that it is set in.  I’ve decided that when I make my millions being a children’s librarian I am going to live in a house just like it in the English countryside.