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Oscar Movie Marathon: Year 2!

I participated in AMC’s 24-Hour Best Picture Movie Marathon again this year!  If you remember from last year, AMC shows all 10 movies nominated for Best Picture.  You can split them between 2 Saturdays or at select theaters, watch them ALL in 1 DAY (24 hours).  Well, my family and I are hardcore, so for the second year in a row, we’ve done all 10 movies in 24 hours.  This year’s movies are all-around WAY better than last year!  Here are my thoughts on what I saw…

Toy Story 3

Cute, funny, with at least one major dark moment.  If you’ve seen this already, you know what I’m talking about!  I enjoy the Toy Story movies, but I never thought this had any chance of winning anything other than Best Animated Film.  Maybe I should also say that this was my 3rd time seeing it already, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t super jazzed about it.

127 Hours

This one is one of my least favorites of the day – but it was still really good!  I just had major issues at the end with…you know.  Seriously, I’m generally ok with gore and stuff, but wow, there was one quick scene that nearly pushed me over the edge.  I had cold sweats and muted hearing and had to ignore the movie for awhile to make it through. It’s probably best this movie was early on.

The Kids Are All Right

Good.  The acting is really great in this one.  I’d almost say it’s your average modern movie – you know, set in contemporary times, realistic, etc. – except this one is better than most.

True Grit

This movie was AWESOME!  And I’m not a particular fan of westerns, Jeff Bridges, or the Coen brothers, if that helps you.  It surprised me that I liked it so much.  Everyone was great in it – especially Hailee Steinfeld!  I SO wanted her to win for Best Supporting Actress.  I just watched the older version with John Wayne, and it was pretty good too, but I think this was is better.  This movie has it all – adventure, humor, drama, and heart.  I highly recommend it.

The Fighter

OMG, this movie was AWESOME too!  And I’m REALLY not a fan of sports movies, so I was really surprised that I liked it so much.  I think I’d even say this is my favorite of the whole day!  The acting is incredible too.  I wish Mark Wahlberg had gotten nominated.  He doesn’t stand out compared to the others in terms of their characters, but he was fantastic too.  During the credits, there’s a little part with the real Dicky Eklund and Micky Ward, and it’s easy to see just how good Christian Bale was at becoming Dicky.  This film was just a great drama about family, do what YOU want, underdog movie.  I’ve concluded I love underdog movies and must watch more.  Suggestions?

Winter’s Bone

Ok, this was my least favorite of the day, but that does not mean it was a bad movie.  It was actually still good; it’s just not my kind of movie.  I got the characters confused and wasn’t exactly sure what was going on all the time.  BUT Jennifer Lawrence was phenomenal.  If Hailee Steinfeld couldn’t win, I wanted Jennifer Lawrence to.  And did you SEE her at the Oscars?  We all did double-takes here.  At this point I support either Hailee Steinfeld or Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.  Both are pretty bad-ass.

Black Swan

You guys, this movie is Crazy with a capital C.  This was the 2nd time I saw it and it didn’t get any less Crazy.  Natalie Portman was incredible and totally deserved the win.  (Apologies to everyone else nominated.  You didn’t stand a chance.)  If you haven’t seen it, I’ll give you a general announcement that it dabs in the horror genre at times with several “jump” moments.  I kind of forgot how many there are until I was watching it again and kept thinking “Oh yeah, there’s that part coming up…”  The cinematography is cool and the special effects and art direction were great.


Christopher Nolan is kind of a genius for coming up with this story.  It’s Crazy too, but in a more awesome way than Black Swan Crazy.  The special effects totally deserved to win.  The best scene is clearly Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a suit battling a bad guy while the hallway rotates.  I have had a crush on JGL since the 3rd Rock from the Sun & 10 Things I Hate About You days.  I’m so glad he’s gotten so much respect and great films as he’s gotten older.

By the way, at one point during this movie when JGL and Leonardo DiCaprio were on screen, I couldn’t help but remember tv shows from the 90s.  Does anyone else remember when Leo was on Growing Pains?

The Social Network

I made myself wait to see this when it came out because I knew it would be nominated.  Aaron Sorkin is awesome, so I knew it would be good, but honestly it wasn’t as good as I expected.  Maybe I’d hyped it too much or something, or the backstabbing was too awful and ruined it.  When we watched the Oscars and Justin Timberlake came on, I couldn’t help but think JT, you’re a bad dude!  This movie was a little like finding out that some of the actors of your favorite tv show actually HATED each other off-screen.  (Which is an exact feeling I have had before.)  I’m intrigued to know how much is real though since the movie is based on a book which, as far as I know, didn’t get much input from Mark Zuckerberg’s side.

The King’s Speech

I don’t really like that the Golden Globes are before the Oscars because after seeing how well this movie did at the Golden Globes, it was almost like this had already won Best Picture.  Don’t get me wrong, this was my 3rd fave of the day, and I will be watching it again as soon as it comes out – particularly since I kept nodding off for at least the first 30 minutes (seriously, who puts a slower movie at the end of the 24 hour time???).  And of course the acting was incredible – really, what movie can go WRONG with Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter?  The characters are so wonderful.  Talking about it makes me want to watch it again right now.  So good.

Have you guys seen any of these?  Which do you like??

– Jill

I’m Finally Doing It

This was going to be a comment on Jen’s previous post, but I thought it’d be too long & I should just write an entry about it…  I’ve decided to finally Netflix the BBC 2-disc, 5(?)-hour-long version of Pride and Prejudice! Are you guys proud of me??  It always seemed so daunting before.  I haven’t had the attention span or time for movies lately, but Jen’s post put me in a British mood, and man, am I up for anything with Colin Firth right now.  And according to Netflix, I’m going to LOVE it.  🙂

But do I need to re-read the book first?  I read it my senior year of high school, but I don’t think I got much out of it then.  Hmm, I really do sort of want to read it now.  Well, I can’t get the movie until after Halloween anyway, so maybe I’ll try to read it first.

Why do I have to wait until after Halloween?  Because you HAVE to watch scary, thrilling, and/or suspenseful movies on Halloween!  I’m trying to decide what I should watch.  I’m already planning on Wait Until Dark, a very suspenseful movie from the ’60s starring Audrey Hepburn & Alan Arkin.


Who doesn't love old movie posters?

I have a lot of Hitchcock movies on tape that I’m considering, but do you have any suggestions?  Feel free to suggest super-scary films, but I’ll admit in advance that I can’t watch any of those because I live alone.  I can only do those during the day.  And sometimes not even then.  I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose one day last year in broad daylight & it freaked me out.  But I really liked it and I watched it again when I wasn’t alone.

So to sum up this very rambly post, BBC Pride and Prejudice after Halloween = a go!  Halloween movie suggestions?  Leave a comment!

– Jill

Storytime with Jen

One of the highlights of my week is opening the mailbox to see my shiny Entertainment Weekly smiling up at me.  Since I have been super busy this week, I hadn’t had a chance to look through the latest issue.  I was also kind of saving it because I knew it was all about Twilight and it would be a nice treat on my day off.  Well, first off I looked at the cover:

On first glance I was very excited, but as I looked closer I was like, “Ugh! Ick!  Why does Edward look dead?  Not sexy-vampire-dead, but actual CSI dead???  Also, please button up your shirt!  No one wants to see your not really hairy, but not really smooth pasty British chest!!!”

After the initial shock, I opened up the magazine to a very pleasant sight:

Woohoo!!!  I am so excited for this movie!  I saw the show in London and it was pretty much the greatest thing ever!!!  I can’t wait to see Colin Firth sing and hopefully dance!

In a much better mood now, I continued to flip through the magazine until I got another shock.  This is the actual ad from inside the magazine:

Here is a closeup:

It totally freaked me out!!!  Now I know that my name is on the outside of the magazine, blah blah blah, but putting my name in an ad…………eeeks!!!  It makes me feel all paranoid that there are cameras watching me everywhere and little robots monitoring my every move, which would only be okay if they were all like Wall-e (oh how I love Wall-e……….everyone should go see that movie now……..take tissues!).  Maybe it is not all that freaky to some people, but it still gives me the heebie jeebies every time I open the magazine.

Other than being stalked by my magazine, things are going well.  There is a whole menagerie of wildlife outside on my porch using the birdfeeder including a black squirrel, a chipmunk, and some rather intimidating pigeons.  I also got a random hug from a five year old boy who was in my storytime group last fall, it was very sweet and made my whole summer.  Right now I am gearing up for my family reunion, the Breaking Dawn release, and Terminus!!!!