Fictional Characters I Would Date: Part Nine

Jake Perry in “Sweet Home Alabama”

Now, first of all I will say that I do not like “Sweet Home Alabama.”  There are many things that I like about it (Ethan Embry and Reese Witherspoon reunited years after “A Far Off Place,” discovering that Patrick Dempsey was still alive after “Can’t Buy Me Love”), but I can’t stand Reese Witherspoon’s character in this movie!!  She is so mean and soooooo does not deserve Jake at all.  She lies to her fiance, oops check that, she lies to everyone, and the way she behaves in the bar scene is completely unforgivable.

I saw this movie in the theater and I own it now because I won it at a Simpson College bingo night.  (It was actually a very scandalous situation…my friend hid this DVD among the other prizes and when the first girl won, I could totally tell she was looking for it.  Then I was the second person to win and went right up and pulled it out of its hiding place.  The other girl gave me the dirtiest look…I still feel guilty about that.)

Anyway, Josh Lucas plays Jake Perry who is Reese Witherspoon’s husband that she wants to divorce.  There are a million reasons why I would date him, but mainly, my Gosh, have you seen those blue eyes of his!!!!!  This movie was the first thing I had ever seen him in and I remember being so mesmerized in the theater by those baby blues of his.  I kept thinking, who is that gorgeous man????

But it isn’t all his good looks, Jake is a good old Southern boy who is covered in grease the first time we see him.  When he walks out of his house holding a random car part and his face all messy, my heart skips a beat.  He is a loyal friend who still hangs out with the same people he did when he was a little kid.  His idea of fun is playing pool at the local bar and drinking beer with his friends on top of the water tower.  That is so all I need to make me happy.

He drives a pick up truck, which is something that I truly miss living here in the suburbs.  But he also has a plane, which means I could live down South with him and then fly up to Iowa to see my family and friends every month.  He is a glass blower, which is pretty much the best job ever.  I could be the librarian in the little town and hear all the local gossip while he is raking in the money with his glass business.  Plus, he appears to be the sweetest guy in the whole world because even though Melanie is sooooo mean to him, he still loves her (or he is just a glutton for punishment).

So, I would definitely have no qualms swooping in and dating Jake because Melanie sooooooo does not deserve him.  Here is part of my favorite scene, where he is all greasy and dirty and has a very amusing encounter with a window shade.



1 Response to “Fictional Characters I Would Date: Part Nine”

  1. 1 ngtlindsay October 21, 2008 at 11:41 am

    OMG, I so totally know what you are talking about with Jake!!

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