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Joel McHale tweeted about Iowa today :-)

about our eating habits apparently… uummm, I don’t get the joke. Totally sounds like this person is getting his morning fix of dairy and caffeine, right?

Lets all start calling a meal of cheese & Mountain Dew the Iowan Latte!





hmmm important decision to make: will I try to watch Project Runway Finale (GO SETH AARON!) and twitter at the same time?! or shall I let project runway sit unwatched for a half hour so I can focus all my attention on saying witty girly things that will win me Meg Cabot’s praise and a prize?! i do love prizes…

Meg Cabot Twitter Party!


Twitter Twins

I am convinced that my fellow nerdgirls have YA-author twins on twitter.  Either that or they are spending their freetime passing themselves off as certain authors…but I’m pretty sure that since Jen, Lindsay, and Amber are all working girls (insert 9 to 5 theme song here – wait, is there a theme song?  I still haven’t seen this movie *face turns red*) they don’t have freetime.  So in that case…


Amber’s twitter twin – MEG CABOT (

Why Meg?  Well, besides the fact that they both wear adorable clothes & shoes and have a love for A&E’s version of Pride & Prejudice, consider these past tweets from Meg:

I loved “A Year in the Life With JK Rowling.” Who else watched it???
10:19 PM Jul 17th from

Ew. There’s a 3rd Bridget Jones where she ends up with Daniel Cleaver. You can read it here…but who’d want to?
12:22 AM Jul 17th from

I’m going to go crazy if I don’t find out what Danielle tried to do to Dina (anyone else watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion?)
6:54 AM Jun 26th from web

I know for a fact that Amber agreed with Meg about the Bridget Jones thing, so there you go.

On to Lindsay…

maureenLindsay’s twitter twin – MAUREEN JOHNSON (

I think I first associated Lindsay w/ MJ because she first recommended her books to me, but after following them both on twitter, I’m pretty sure they’re basically the same person.

Convincing tweets from MJ:

HOME! I’m HOME! I have returned from my TRAVELS. How are you?
4:00 AM Aug 10th from web

GOODNIGHT, TWITTER. *puts cover over screen* YOU SLEEP NOW.8:28 AM Aug 7th from web

Advice for today: stay close to your friends, but out of your pants.#nopants5:00 AM Aug 5th from web

Plus MJ is twitter friends with Melissa Anelli (author of Harry, A History) and tweets frequently.

Last but not least: Jen.

eJen’s twitter twin – E. LOCKHART (

Alright now Jen was a tricky one.  Her twin wasn’t as obvious as the other two.  But here’s my case.
1.  She’s friends with Maureen Johnson aka Lindsay.
2.  She has several cats.  Which Maureen Johnson is currently taking care of.  Which is something I’m sure Lindsay would do if she and Jen lived in the same state and she needed her to.
3.  A past tweet of E. Lockhart’s:

Just received mail with two unicorns and a rainbow on the stationary. Also unicorn on the envelope. A bonanza!7:23 AM Jun 23rd from TweetDeck

I’m pretty sure that’s something Jen would be excited about too.

So guys, am I right or am I right?  🙂

– Jill