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A World where it is ALWAYS SNOWING!

So I am one of those snow bunnies* who totally LOVES snow (except driving in it. but I don’t like driving in any weather, not even Sunshine…) so imagine my glee when School Library Journal ran an article on create-your-own-snowflake websites!–Did you imagine it? Yeah, I know, my smile was HUGE. But don’t forget that I’m super lazy so I really only tried one of the websites; luckily it was THE BEST WEBSITE EVER! It is called SnowDays and here’s the link: and here’s the snowflake I made on my lunch break today:

Hurrah! Magic Fun! Enjoy!

*I wish I could ski because then I wouldn’t feel like such a liar when I call myself a snow bunny…


P.S. You can search for my snowflake! It is #9264324!