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My Review of Leap Year…A Startling Discovery!

I have now seen Leap Year many times (I am embarrassed to admit how many) and I loved, loved, loved it (to quote Mr. Darcy)!!!  It was everything I wanted it to be and more.  Amy Adams was precious, the scenery was mouthwateringly gorgeous and so was the leading man played by the fantastic Matthew Goode.  It also turned out to be rather funny, which is more than I can say for many romantic “comedies” I have seen lately.  It also turned out quite well in the end (obviously) and so I simply adored it.

But I couldn’t help thinking the whole time I was watching it (sorry, times I was watching it) that I have seen this before.  Not only have I seen it before, but I have seen Matthew Goode doing it before.  I realized that Leap Year (I keep wanting to call it Leap Day for some odd reason) is essentially the exact same movie as Chasing Liberty!!!  The only difference is that Leap Year is a movie for grown ups and Chasing Liberty is a movie for teens (and also, it rains a whole lot in Leap Year).  Those are basically the only real differences, everything else is the same.

Let me list for you a few of the similarities:  Some of these will be rather spoilery…but just about everything was already given away in the trailer

1.  Main character’s name is Anna

Hi, I'm Anna

Ummmm, no I'm Anna

2.  Takes place in beautiful scenic foreign country (or countries)

3.  Anna meets a dashing man and uses him for transportation

Fighting and walking

4.  Scene (or many scenes) where main characters wander along deserted country road arguing, with Anna walking ahead and Matthew trailing along behind

Walking and Fighting (with suitcase)

5.  Anna and the handsome stranger pretend to be married

6.  They are forced to share a tiny room with only one bed

Hmmm, I seem to be having deja vu...

7.  Their first kiss occurs under circumstances that are beyond their control

8.  They fall in love with each other over a matter of days (well, hours really)

9.  Matthew’s character wears the same clothes throughout the whole movie

10.  The ending is very very similar

Now I wonder if Mr. Goode noticed these things while he was reading the script or if he has completely blocked his first movie out of his memory and had no idea how similar the two were.

I adore both movies, but Leap Year is my favorite of the two.  I think it all comes down to me preferring Ireland to Europe, Amy Adams to Mandy Moore, and a scruffy, grumpy Matthew Goode to a clean-shaven, boyish one.

Clean-shaven and boyish

Scruffy and grumpy (and with curlier hair!)

So, if you haven’t already, go see Leap Year, it is really great.  The people that I have seen it with all really enjoyed it and I could tell that the rest of the audience did too.  But go see it fast, because I doubt it will be in theaters for very long.  With Avatar still dominating and more movies coming out all the time, I can see this one falling through the cracks very quickly.


I Am Soooo Looking Forward To This!!

Here is the trailer for the new movie Leap Year that comes out on January 8th:

Okay, now on the surface this looks like any other cliche filled chick flick (not to mention that most of the plot seems recycled from other movies)……..but oh, it is so much more than that!!!

It has Amy Adams, whom I adore!  She will always be Katie (the Hot Girl) from The Office to me.  She is totally adorable and I will watch her in whatever she does.

It is set in Ireland!!!  I would pay $10 just to stare at the scenery for two hours.  There is something so romantic and magical about the UK that makes any movie 10 times better.

Ummm…speaking of scenery…Matthew Goode, anyone??  He is soooo nice to look at and his voice is amazing.  I suffer through two whole hours of Mandy Moore at least once every few months just to watch him in Chasing Liberty.  This movie will be much easier to sit through because I happen to love Amy Adams (as I previously mentioned).

I am totally going to see this when it comes out (probably more than once) and be the first in line to buy the DVD.


P.S.  If for some insane reason the movie does not end with Amy and Matthew’s characters getting together (a la Forces of Nature…..which, sorry if I spoiled anyone, but seriously that movie sucks so if you haven’t seen it, don’t bother), then I will be furious and obviously not be buying the DVD.