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Judy Moody

OK, second post of the day, so this kinda sorta not really makes up for Friday’s missed post. Maybe I will do two some other day to make up for Saturday. Probably not though.

I alerted my fellow nerd girls to this upcoming movie last week when we were all hanging out.

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. Now, I have only read one Judy Moody book (a crime, I know). And it seems to me that this movie will probably not be based on the books at all. I read the first book a couple of months ago and I vaguely remember it being about beginning school and Judy not feeling like she did anything cool during the summer (that’s why she made the I Ate a Shark t-shirt…which is awesome and I kind of want even though I have never, and will never, eat a shark). Based on this, it seems to me that the movie is using the first book as a jumping off point but in reverse? I’m trying to make sense in my head of it and I’m having a really hard time. Hopefully my fellow NGs will help me out here in the comments.

So anyways. I will probably see this movie because it does look kind of cute in a Ramona and Beezus sort of way (which I absolutely adored BTW). However I can’t help but feel like this movie won’t have any of the heart that R & B had. I don’t especially like or hate Heather Graham, but I feel like she’s altogether too inappropriately sexy for a children’s movie like Judy Moody. Too much boobage and short shorts, I think. I mean, how old is she? (**Edited to add: I just looked it up. She’s 41) She’s got to be in her 30s at least. Also, I really hate all the glasses in the preview. Seriously, what is wrong with normal glasses, movie folks? These big thick glasses just look stupid. I know it’s kind of trendy right now, but I still maintain that it looks super STUPID. Maybe it’s because they’re round? Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t so much mind thick square/rectangle frames, but the big thick circles just make me think that the movie’s trying to hard too be cartoony.

Now, I have to think if there are any selling points for this movie, since I DID say that I would probably watch the movie. I will admit, the girl who plays Judy seems to have kind of a sassy thing going on, which is good because I do imagine Judy to be pretty sassy. Although movie Judy feels a bit more outgoing to me, whereas book Judy always seemed like she’d be the kind of kid who would go through an extended goth period in her teens (just me?).

So anyways, you be the judge! Judy Moody readers, does this preview make you feel like justice will be done for the series? Or does it seem like Heather Graham’s agent dreamt up this movie to make her more likable to the younger generation?

Huggles, Lindsay

Terms Inspired by Children’s Literature

Today one of the blogs I read led me to this:  “A Glossery of Terms Inspired by the Ladies of Children’s Literature“.  It’s so great I only wish I’d thought of it myself.  Go check it out.  For real.  I’ll wait.

Back?  My favorite is probably “Kishi Style”.  Mostly because I totally loved (and still love!) the BSC.  I also love the phrase “Golly-Up” but honestly I’m not sure I’ve ever read Harriet the Spy.  Pretty sure I saw the movie though.  With Michelle Trachtenberg and Rosie O’Donnell, if I remember correctly.  (Just checked–I was totally right.  P.S.  Jen– Gregory Smith was totally in this too!  Did you know that?  I know you have a passionate love for Everwood.)

Anyway, I’ve thought of a few of my own terms to add to the glossery:

judyDon’t Be So Judy:  When someone is extremely moody. Not a good moody. A bad moody.

Ex. Geez, Becky, so what if it’s a gloomy day outside. Don’t be so Judy.




littlewomenJo-ing It Up:  To shed properness and unexpectedly become a tomboy

Ex. Today was picture day at school, but at recess while the other girls stood around in prissy dresses, I Jo-ed it up and played baseball with the boys.



winnieGo All Eeyore:  Similar to “Don’t Be So Judy”, use when someone is being pessimistic ALL the time

Ex.  When I told my brother about the picnic on Saturday, he said it would probably rain.  And if it didn’t rain, then there would probably be a lot of bugs.  I told him not to go all Eeyore and just get excited already.

Note: I’m bending the original rule to include male characters.


nancySped Off in His/Her Blue Roadster:  To leave in a hurry, presumably to find a clue to solve a big mystery

Ex.  When Jane heard about the big sale at the mall, she sped off in her blue roadster to investigate.



anneBeing an Anne:  To surprise someone by being a girl when he or she was expecting a boy

Ex.  My cousin’s baby really surprised her parents and the doctor by being an Anne.  I guess they won’t be using the name Michael after all.




Got any more to add??  It’s fun!

– Jill