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My New Favorite Thing*

*I still love my last Favorite Thing though, so if you see any more visual representations of song lyrics, please tell me!

Do you remember the Google commercial during the Super Bowl that told a story through searching?  There was one about studying abroad in France, falling in love, etc.  Yesterday, I saw this blog that discussed a few Google Search Stories for fictional characters!  Hello, greatest idea ever!!  Apparently Sesame Street released two Google Search Stories for Bert and the Cookie Monster.

Here’s Bert’s story.

Awesome, right?

Then I found a Harry Potter one created by the VlogBrothers.

And THEN I realized…you can create your own.  So. Much. Fun.  Here’s the one I did.  Enjoy!  🙂

Have fun creating your own!  Don’t forget to share in the comments!

– Jill

Quick Recent Searches

Ok, so I’m always afraid when I let someone use my computer that they will click something and see my recent searches, because I search for some odd things, but I’m not diligent enough to constantly clear them. I think secretly that I want people to find out my inner most thoughts–shh don’t tell me that. So to mess with my feelings I am just going to post my recent searches from the Safari Google box right here, right now.

Recent Searches:

the deadly mantis dvd
whomping willows
Artistic TZ film
why doesn’t david deluise talk like his dad
till the walls and rafters sing go hawks
five awesome girls
sad songs for dirty lovers blog
sisco thong song

whoa, I feel so liberated! and that is just a small sliver of my web life (although one of those was not searched by me–guess). You may think the most embarrassing part is that I searched for “sing” in that part of the Iowa fight song instead of “ring”–but no, the most embarrassing part is that I didn’t know how to spell Sisqo…