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Lets get Quizzical

I am sure most of you nerdgirls are already familiar with these, but I’m v tired and need to write an easy short short BEDA post:

Here are my favorite Mental Floss Quizzes! Now I used to be a big fan of the Daily Lunch quizzes, but I quickly realized that they are too black and white: I either suck or am awesome, depending if I come out above or below the average score. So now I tend to parlay in games that always leave room for improvement:

Name All 50 State Capitals (in 10 minutes and they give you Montpelier up front)


The Quarter Backs Quiz (which is soooo much harder than you think! I do far better on the State Capital quiz…)


Map of East Timor and surrounding areas

I never knew that I knew where East Timor was. cool.

THE GEOGRAPHY CHALLENGE!!!!! Do you know where Belarus is? or Tonga? or East Timor (I actually just got that one right so I’m feeling super smart even though I totally guessed…)? I average about 20-30% accuracy on this one. But it inspires me to REALLY REALLY WANT A GLOBAL PUZZLE.

The Global Puzzle

I totally bought one of these for a White Elephant Christmas present and then we had to leave early so I never saw how the person who chose it reacted...but I'll bet they were SUPER excited...and I will I admit that it crossed my mind to pull a Kevin on it.

I think I will try the Presidents quiz tomorrow because I think it has been awhile and I have forgotten my horrible score… I currently have Yo, Millard Fillmore checked out from the library (a check-out fueled by nostalgia, so I will probably post about it later in BEDA) so I might actually do okay.