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At the Libraries

So I told you I would be posting again today to make up for missed posts!  I was going to post something else, but then I checked my email and read the latest Mental Floss newsletter.  If you’re a _floss fan, you might have noticed a couple of posts over there about libraries.  I thought this post would be appropriate to share with you all since the nerdgirls are 80% librarians.  (I say 80 because I count myself as about 5% librarian – I really like telling people what they should read)  

Not only has Mental Floss been discussing libraries, they’ve decided to have a weekly column called “At the Libraries”.  As they put it in the newsletter:

All this talk gave us an idea for a new weekly column. I’m excited to announce “At the Libraries” will be launching later this month. Miss Kathleen, a children’s librarian who moonlights as one of our researchers, will be our curator, rounding up five* fascinating things happening at libraries around the country that week. And we want you guys to leave comments under her posts plugging any cool library happenings in your necks of the woods.

So now you all know!  I expect to hear a lot about libraries in Iowa and Illinois (I’m also looking at you Abby – seriously, I’m looking in what I think is the direction of Illinois), since we all know that that’s where the most amazing librarians are located at this moment.

Just a typical dino librarian. Note the sweet book tattoo and reading glasses.

<3, lindsay

P.S.  Tuesday’s missing blog made up for!  Now Wednesday and Thursday to go!  Be prepared to learn something soon!