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My Night Would Have Been A Total Disaster…

If not for this.


Let me just start by explaining what has happened to me tonight since I got home from work.

1. Have been dying for a pizza hut pizza, so tried to send my order in online three times (I have an online only coupon that I want to use).  It never worked.  Finally gave in and called the place for a delivery.  Wait time was an hour and a half….so no pizza for me.

2.  Needed to do laundry.  Laundry card (like an ATM card) only comes up with an error message.  Tried it on another machine and it says I need to “see the manager.”  So no laundry either.

3.  Decide to make banana bread.  Proceed to drop half of first banana on the floor.

4.  Smoke alarm goes off while cooking dinner.

5.  Carbon Monoxide detector is now going off.  And we all know that is not something to take lightly in my apartment of doom.  Maintanence is on the way.

I was in a pretty foul mood…..until I saw my friend Abby’s twitter update that linked to this article about Bella the dog and Tarra the elephant.  It is so fantastic that the video had me crying before it was even half over (crying in a good way).  So everyone go and read the article and hopefully it will give your day a boost as well.