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Donal Skehan is a Good Mood Food Dude

I just tried to e-file my taxes and I am steaming mad and hating the government for making me fear that if I confuse something, they will drag me from my bed and shoot me in the town square. I totally did my own and Steve’s taxes a few years ago, but for some reason I am all baffled by the freefile software this year–it keeps not letting me do what I think I need it to do, and it won’t show me the instructions so I can look anything up (so I keep having to go back to which we all know is not the most user-friendly website ever created), and I have a sneaking suspicion that, once I get everything filled in, the form will not send because I am not using the right browser or something. Whatever, I am going to H&R Block tomorrow. Oh great. now the fish tank filter is buzzing which I FIND TO BE THE MOST ANNOYING SOUND IN THE WORLD. I am not in a good mood.

so I need some Good Mood Food.

Hurrah! that was my segway into a post about the adorable Irish Food Blogger/Chef, Donal Skehan!

Yup, he is a very lovely chap! But that is soo not why I checked his cookbook out from the library. First, I liked how the title words all rhymed. And then I thought it was really really funny that the blurb on the cover said “Ireland’s answer to Jaime Oliver.” FINALLY, IRELAND! WE HAD BEEN WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE! and then I actually thought the food looked simple AND good AND interesting. and then I actually made a few of the recipes (Perfect Parmesan Parsnips! Steve made the more difficult items like the Paella. Yup, Steve is a Skehan fan, too!) and not until then did I realize he had a dreamy smile 🙂

If I was putting a blurb on his cookbook, I would write “The food industry’s answer to James McAvoy.”

I feel a little better now even without having actually eaten anything! alllllthough, I am just going to nip into the kitchen and have a bit of chocolate before bedfordshire. Prof. Lupin recommends it.


Nerdgirl Gift Idea: Out of Print Clothing

So I woke up early to get the dishes done before work, and then tonight is my late night so I was EXHAUSTED when I got home…so dishes done, check! Taxes, ummm not yet 😦 and once again I am too tired to write a proper blog post. Seriously, I can barely keep my eyes open. And I have one I really want to write! Tomorrow–I am going to be Supergirl tomorrrrrowzzzzzzzz.

so here is a quikie:

Need something to give a classy bookworm or hip design enthusiast? Give them a shirt (or a gift certificate which is what we usually do) ala Out-of-Print Clothing! They put classic book covers on shirts. Simple as that. And they are super-duper nice and give great customer service 🙂

I wanted to be a book jacket designer for a while…maybe I should just do it for a hobby like Matt over at New Cover…except not like his, because his are really really good.


A Morning with Lester Dog

so last night I wrote a blog post instead of doing the dishes (it is my turn). and tonight I also am too tired to do the dishes, so according to my husband I should also be too tired to blog. Urg, but I HAVE to blog! I can do the dishes tomorrow… 🙂 and of course that thinking has led to our entire counter space being covered with dirty smelly dishes. But seriously. I WILL do the dishes tomorrow. I will also do our TAXES tomorrow. yup.

Anyway, so quick post–here are some pictures of Lester Dog that we took on Sunday morning while we were all hanging out in bed watching The Parent Trap starring Lindsay aka the actress formerly known as Lindsay Lohan:

Lester LURVES to sleep like a humanoid with his little dog head on the pillow.

Hey! Raccoon Toy found his way onto the bed!

I call this one: "Portrait of a Young Lester Dog and his Raccoon Toy."


Nerdgirl vs. Popular Girl: A Review of You Again

First thing: Kristin Bell is AMAZING. but we all already knew this.

Brief synopsis: A successful Nerdgirl flies home for her brother’s wedding and discovers the girl he is marrying is the popular girl who tortured her in high school. And just to make things more chaotic and fun, the popular girl’s favorite aunt was also mistreated in high school by the nerdgirl’s mom!

Why it made me gleeful:

1. Kristin Bell plays such a believable nerdgirl! None of this She’s All That action where a girl takes off her glasses and she’s hot (LOVE THAT MOVIE tho). Kristin actually lets herself look like some of us girls do sometimes–awkward hair, awkward skin, awkward voice, but she is still totally smart and lovely!

2. This movie is all about relationship between GIRLS. None of the popular girls at my high school were anything like Odette Yustman’s uber mean popular girl character (at least not that I know of), but several are that ridiculously beautiful–beautiful like you want to ask “um, how come your face looks photoshopped in person? NOOO, is that really your skin?! Can I touch it?” So I like movies that feature interactions (good and bad) between Nerdgirls and Popular Girls. We are all GIRLS! I have to remind myself of this when I get on facebook to verify whether a girl from my class is truly dating a famous football player and discover that she looks PERFECT in every picture I see of her. Actually she looks like a petite Odette Yustman. This ruins my theory that starlets only look so flawless because they have expensive clothes, expensive stylists, expensive makeup, expensive food, etc. Eh, oh well. I like looking like a nerdgirl most of the time!

3. Kristin Chenoweth is the wedding planner.

4. Even though this is a movie about GIRLS, there is a little romantical times 🙂 And the boy who likes the Nerdgirl liked her even at her NERDIEST! Hmmm I smell a whif of Michael Moscovitz.

Sidenote: sometimes I wonder if Popular Girls are like “Hey, I am a Nerdgirl, too! stop putting me in a separate category!”


Joel McHale tweeted about Iowa today :-)

about our eating habits apparently… uummm, I don’t get the joke. Totally sounds like this person is getting his morning fix of dairy and caffeine, right?

Lets all start calling a meal of cheese & Mountain Dew the Iowan Latte!


Welcome to BEDA

Happy April Fool’s Day!  I happen to not particularly enjoy this holiday – is it truly a holiday? – because I tend to be pretty gullible.  Exhibit A.  Totally fell for that one 3 years ago.  Side note:  I have known the Nerdgirls for 3 whole years!!  Wow!

But anyway, happy first day of BEDA!  Here’s what you have to look forward to from my posts:

– Book reviews (including one on The Last Little Blue Envelope, which I *just* finished!)

– Which fictional characters the NerdGirls are

– Cool traditions my family has

– and a special post Jen especially will like (at least that’s the goal)

And if anyone has further suggestions, please share!  I’m still thinking of more ideas.  April is a long month.

– Jill

Something That Might Make Me Throw My Shoe At You

When I get very angry I have a saying…….it goes, “I’m so mad I want to take off my shoe and throw it!”  I have never actually thrown my shoe at anyone (or anything) but sometimes after a long day, I’ve come close.  Most of the incidents that push me over the edge happen while I’m at work, dealing with the general public.

I work in a small town, and I genuinely love most of my patrons.  I know them by name (and I have a lot of their card numbers memorized) and I know what books they like to read.  I am really fortunate to be in a situation like that.

But………there is one thing that patrons do that makes me so upset, the shoes could start flying…

The thing that really grates my cheese more than anything else is when people put things on the shelf backwards!!!!!  When I say backwards, I mean with the spine facing towards the shelf.  I wish that people wouldn’t put things back in general, but that is never going to stop (I break out in a cold sweat every time I hear a parent say, “honey, put that back where you found it”).

Right way

But please, everyone in the world knows how to put a book on a shelf properly!  You would never know it from walking around a library.  The worst is when a little kid does it in full view of a parent and the parent does absolutely nothing.  Parents, you need to take some responsibility for you child’s actions every once in a while.  It does not take a colossal effort to turn that little DVD back around so it faces the right direction.


I was helping a sixth grader find books the other day and she did it RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!  I think you could probably see smoke coming out of my ears.  But since I am a non-confrontational person, I just waited until she had her back turned and fixed the book.  Yes, I will admit that even though it makes me furious, I am too much of a chicken to actually correct people about it.  Go figure.

So, the next time you are in a library, if you attempt to shelve something yourself (but please don’t even attempt to shelve it yourself…leave it up to us highly trained librarians…or unpaid volunteers :)), please be courteous enough to at least have the spine facing in the right direction.


P.S.  Woohooo!!!!  I made it through BEDA!!!  Don’t expect another post from me for a little while…..I am taking a much needed break.