Prom Drinking Game (For the Movie, Not Actual Prom)

I’ve seen the movie Prom twice now, and it is so FANTASTIC!!!  I love this movie!!!  I will admit that the first time I saw it I thought it was a little boring (eek!).  I think I was just in a weird mood that day and I was irritated that it was trying to be Love Actually for high schoolers, and let’s face it, the magic of Love Actually will never be re-created.  But the second time I saw it I LOVED it!!!  I can just hear you saying, “is you crazy?  why did you see it again if you thought it was boring?”  Here’s my answer:

My sister and I spent the whole car ride home after seeing the movie talking about how Thomas McDonnell is so hot it should be illegal.  I would pay money to stare at him any day.  I think one of the reasons I wasn’t such a fan of the movie the first time was because I got really irritated every time he wasn’t on screen.  I thought, “when you have a guy who is that hot, why wouldn’t you show him all the time?”

So, instead of me writing a review of the movie, I am going to direct you to the wonderful review found over at Forever Young Adult, because it says everything I would want to say.  Instead, I came up with a drinking game for this movie (I mean come on, if any movie is screaming for a drinking game it is this one).  Since this movie is stinking it up in theaters (come on people, why aren’t you going to see it???) it should be out on DVD in a few months, so you can refer back to this and have yourself a fine time.

So, without further ado, here is the Nerdgirl official drinking game for Prom.  (I will be using character names, since I don’t know all the actors’ names.)

Take a drink every time:

*Someone gets asked to prom in a crazy over-the-top way that doesn’t actually happen in real life (at least not at my school)

*When Jesse plays with his hair and/or walks away with hair swinging

*When Jesse strikes an “I’m a bad boy, look how hot I am pose”

*Stick Hippo is mentioned

*You think “why is Jesse still wearing a shirt?”

*Lloyd attempts and fails to ask someone to prom

*Lloyd does ask someone to prom, but gets shot down

*Tyler shows up with way too much lip gloss on

*Nova makes a speech about how important prom is

*Simone smiles and you are blinded by how white her teeth are

*Rollo does something to indicate that he is stoned out of his mind

*There is a situation when a normal person would swear loudly, but since this is a Disney movie the character lets out an unidentified scream

*Someone says “celestial fountain”

Finish your drink when:

*A character cries over something related to prom (this might get rough near the end)

*Somebody’s mom shows up and you go, “Hey, wasn’t she on that one sitcom?”

*A girl asks a guy to prom……………oh wait, that never happens in this movie!  Shame on you Disney, for perpetuating gender stereotypes!!  That’s one thing that really pissed me off about this movie.

Anyway, the movie is awesome in a High School Musical cheesetastic kind of way.  I will be counting down the days till it comes out on DVD and I can stare at Thomas McDonnell all I want.  I guess I can kind of do that now, since this is my current computer wallpaper:

A hot guy and milkshakes! What more could I want?



4 Responses to “Prom Drinking Game (For the Movie, Not Actual Prom)”

  1. 1 Abby May 14, 2011 at 7:42 am

    Um, hello, am I the only one who loved the nerdy theater guy way more than the bad boy?!

    Also, dude. We MUST do this drinking game together sometime. (You can have lemonade or something so you don’t die.)

  2. 2 ngtjennifer May 14, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Yes, I do agree that the theater guy was awesome! He was so cute in his little glasses! I also loved Lloyd and everything he did.

    We will have to do this together totally! By then, it might even be okay for me to drink. After like a year on my medicine if I haven’t died, the rules become a little more lax 🙂

  3. 3 Amber May 19, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    Okay, first off, that whole medicine sentence is MORBID.

    Aurgh I haven’t convinced anyone here to see Prom with me yet! and now that Bridesmaids is out, that will probably trump seeing this one…but I will so put my hold on it FIRST THING!

    Wanna know what is really scary? Teens today are totally doing that over-the-top ask to prom thing! Seriously. I think it sucks. I mean every once in a while, if a super romantic guy (probably a art or drama kid) does something surprising for a girl who wasn’t even expecting to get asked to prom–well then that is cool. But now the pressure is on for EVERYONE to get asked that way–which means it is a letdown if you just get asked and a DOUBLE let-down if you don’t get asked at all. AND that means that everyone is asking in public–EMBARRASSING.

    Of course, maybe I am just jealous because neither of my prom-ask-tos were that particularly exciting. Numero One asked me via instant messenger…in a very confusing way –he just kept talking about prom and I thought he was going with someone else so I had no idea why he was telling me those things (and then, everytime I told someone who I was going with, they would say “I thought he was going with so-and-so” and it was always a DIFFERENT SO-AND-SO. I really had no idea until he showed up at my door that I was really going. He waited until we were at the Prom to ditch me). Numero Dos was Steve so I just kinda said, “We are going to Prom, right?” and he said, “sure.” I soooo LOVE him.

    oh geeeeeez, long comment. You think I could put this much effort into actually writing a post!

    P.S. I totally HATE the current trend in prom dresses where the dress is super short, strapless, and with an awkward looking pick-up skirt. not cute. I was in a restaurant sitting down, and a girl in one of those dresses walked by (EVERY GIRL at their table had like the same dress–no fun!) and just by me sitting in my chair I could see up her skirt. She wasn’t even tall!

  4. 4 ngtjennifer May 19, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    Amber, I have heard from other people too that nowadays the big elaborate prom asking is really a thing. I am so glad I am not in high school to have to deal with that. I was the one who asked a guy to prom junior year, and I would never have had the courage to do it in public as a huge gesture.

    I also hate short prom dresses. One of the best things about prom is getting to wear a long flowy dress!

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