The Queen

Well, I didn’t get up early to watch the Royal Wedding, and I didn’t even see any pictures until I got to work and people were talking about it. Sorry, I’m an odd girl who isn’t all that fascinated by big, fancy weddings. But I’m impressed by Jen & Sheila’s (and anybody else’s) ability to wake up that early! 🙂

But I still did spend some time with the royal family because tonight I watched the movie The Queen. It was nominated for Best Picture several years ago and basically tells how Queen Elizabeth II dealt with Princess Diana’s death and the new Prime Minister Tony Blair. I really liked it.

Helen Mirren is such a badass in everything she does, including being the Queen. I love the part where her car breaks down and she calls someone and explains what broke. He asks if she’s sure and she says, “Yes. I was a mechanic during WWII.” Ha, take that!

I also like how this movie incorporates real footage of Diana and the week after her death. I am completely fascinated by that. This movie is really interesting in seeing how the older, more traditional views in grieving, especially, compare to more contemporary public grieving. Part of me totally gets the Queen’s feelings. I really wonder how much of this is accurate. Particularly because I know virtually nothing about Diana’s life besides the fact that she was very charitable and friends with Elton John.

So now that I know I like The Queen and The King’s Speech, does anyone have any other Royal films to recommend? (And we all know I like The Princess Diaries too, haha.)

– Jill

P.S. Apologies for no pictures. I’m writing this on my iPod because my laptop is having issues with my wifi. Why my iPod will connect but my laptop won’t, I cannot say.


2 Responses to “The Queen”

  1. 1 ngtjennifer April 30, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    I adore The Queen!!!! I saw that in the theater with my dad and he fell asleep! I was so appalled.

    Helen Mirren rocks my socks off in that movie, but it was also the beginning of my obsession with Michael Sheen. He is so dreamy as Tony Blair. Yum!

    Another great royal film (that also has Helen Mirren as a queen) is The Madness of King George. It reminds me a lot of The King’s Speech. It’s about how everybody thought George III went crazy after the American Revolution (he actually had a disease). He has to go to a person (therapist? psychiatrist? can’t remember) to help snap him out of it. Freakin’ awesome movie.

  2. 2 ngtjill April 30, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    That sounds interesting. Thanks, Jen! I like Michael Sheen too. He was great in Frost/Nixon.

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