Phineas and Ferb Friday #5

I wish I could put more effort into my last Phineas and Ferb Friday, but I am super sick today.  You know when you can’t even enjoy being at home because you feel so miserable???  That is me today.

So in honor of the Royal Wedding that happened earlier, here is one of my favorite episodes, “Candace’s Big Day.”  The Doofenshmirtz plot is not that great, but I adore everything else that happens.

It has two of my favorite moments ever including Candace’s line, “Look at this cake!  It has a chicken in it!  And my hair!  I think it may also have a chicken in it.”

The other moment that I love is when Phineas points out that Candace is a great wedding planner and Phineas says he wants her to plan his wedding.  He says, “Ferb make a note.”  And then Isabella chimes in from off screen saying “I got it!”  This really only makes sense if you know that Isabella is in LOVE with Phineas.

So, without further ado, here is “Candace’s Big Day.”



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