Happy Easter!!

I am currently chilling with the parents and doing the Sunrise Service/Easter Service duties of a minister’s daughter.  It stinks getting up early, but the potluck breakfasts are to die for!!

Speaking of food, holidays are always made better by the seasonal candy that is available.  Since the thought of eating a Peep makes me die a little inside, Cadbury Creme Eggs are all I’m interested in from February till April.  I am especially interested the day after Easter when you can buy them for dirt cheap on sale.  It is actually very difficult to time it perfectly so they are at their cheapest, but there are still some available.

Thinking about Cadbury Eggs reminds me of a video from long ago, when B.J. Novak (that’s right, B.J. Novak who plays lowly temp Ryan on The Office….I know he’s not the temp anymore, but I only care about seasons 1-3) exposed the great Cadbury size cover-up.  Watch the video to see him out the company as big fat liars on national television.  The video is really poor quality, but you can hear everything and see the egg, which is most important.

Shocking isn’t it!  I am actually okay with them getting smaller, because then I can eat more of them without feeling guilty.

I hope all of you get to eat lots of good food today, whether it is candy from the Easter Bunny or dinner with family, enjoy!

I will leave you with the Cadbury bunny because it is the cutest thing ever.  And, I totally didn’t get the funny part that bunnies don’t lay eggs until I was in  college.


P.S.  I also just discovered that there is a Cadbury car!!!


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