Lemonade Mouth

I didn’t post on Friday or Saturday and I feel bad about it. And I really wasn’t even busy or anything. But anyways, I was feeling very blah yesterday and I couldn’t decide if I should go outside and do something or just remain on the couch. Well, it was in the 50s and gloomy out yesterday so I opted to sit on the couch for pretty much the entire day. So what did I do? I watched the newest DCOM, Lemonade Mouth! Twice actually. Well, 3 times if you count the last time where I just fast forwarded to all the songs.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t even psyched to watch this movie. It looked alright, but not awesome. And two of the stars? Bridgit Mendler and Adam Hicks? I really didn’t like them. Mendler, of course, is on a show called Good Luck Charlie. Pretty much everything I’ve seen of that show annoys me. Although I guess I didn’t hate her in The Clique movie (of course I watched it). Adam Hicks I pretty much only knew as that really annoying next door neighbor in Jonas LA. I could not STAND him and couldn’t understand why they even needed a neighbor. But whatever.The other 3 kids I didn’t really recognize, except for the rebel girl because she was on Wizards of Waverly Place and I adore that show.

So anyways, as I was saying – I fully expected to delete this movie off my DVR maybe halfway through. But that was so not the way it happened. I LOVED this movie! I honestly think Disney wasn’t advertising this movie to it’s full potential.

From the clip above I can determine that the movie is about 1. a band 2. who’s members met in detention 3. and they’re possibly rebelling against something. Which is all true. They did meet in detention, they did form a band, and they’re rebelling against a school that values sports over arts. In the typical underdog story the jocks are always on top and the geeks and artists, etc. are always the ones on the bottom (in this movie they literally are on the bottom since they’ve been forced into the basement).

But if you can get past all the stereotypical crap there’s a really good message underneath it all. And it’s not so much about speaking up and being heard. No, what I thought the most important thing the movie was about was friendship. There was also a nice ‘accept your family/situation’ message (of course none of their situations were abusive or anything terrible), but I thought the friendship message was the strongest of all. You may disagree with me, and that’s fine.

Here is one of the songs that I felt hammered home the friendship part. Unfortunately since the movie is so new, there are limited clips of the songs. This one is from Disney, and they’ve cut the first half of the song. I guess they did it because it looks more like a music video than a movie clip, but by doing so, they’ve left out the sweetest parts of it.

See in the first half of the song, they’re all sitting in Olivia’s (Mendler’s character) backyard. They’re all there because Olivia is sad (I’m not going to tell you why) and the band has come over to see what’s wrong. Then they’re all looking at the clouds and pointing out shapes and the rebel girl reveals that she feels she’s too dumb to be in her family. Then they all say stuff about their families (my brother’s perfect and my parents want me to be him, my mother left us and my dad’s dating someone ridiculously young, my dad wants me to be the perfect Indian daughter), and Olivia tells them the truth about her father and then they sing about how they’ll always be there for Olivia. It really is a super sweet scene and song.

Another thing I feel the Disney channel did wrong was they made it seem to me like Mendler and Hicks were the stars of the movie when in reality Disney did a really good job of dividing the time between all 5 of the characters. I actually wondered until the end why the narrator always seemed to be Olivia. It made sense in the end, and I didn’t have any problems with it. And actually, speaking of Mendler, I thought she did a really good job. I always get pissed off when a pretty girl plays a dorky character, because we all know that that’s not how it works in real life. And that’s another reason I thought I was going to hate this movie. Bridgit Mendler is very pretty in my opinion. I guess, though, that you couldn’t necessarily call Mendler’s character, Olivia, a dork. But she did come off as very shy and awkward and it’s easy to understand why her character might not have wanted people getting close to her. And I actually really like Wen, Adam Hicks’ character, a lot. It seems I am guilty of basing my opinion of these 2 actors on only one Disney show they were in.

Another point for Disney? Unconventional romantic storyline. Well, I say unconventional only because it felt new for Disney. I expected for two (not the blond ones) of the band members to get together, but it totally didn’t happen! The guy professed his love for the girl and the girl turned him down. And then the one girl’s ex-boyfriend did a really nice of walking the line between jerky jock and nice popular guy. He may have crossed it a few times but he redeemed himself in the end. So that was nice to have a popular guy be a jerk (legitimately) and redeem himself (not like HSM where he was kind of tricked into it but didn’t really mean it since he was only saying those things to pump up his basketball team, but still doesn’t really give him an excuse to say those mean things, but I still fully believe that we are all entitled to privacy in locker rooms and whoever was taping Troy in the locker room should have gotten into BIG trouble…that was Corbin Bleu’s character, right? Could that be thought of as sexting a little bit? But with a video camera? Good thing there’s no nudity in Disney…unless you count the boys in the towels in HSM3). Oh wow, that was a really long parentheses… Now I forget where I was. So let’s just end it here. If you’re looking for a feel good, positive message musical movie that has some pretty catchy tunes, give Lemonade Mouth a try!

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention. I really hated Mo’s wardrobe. She wore all these dresses with really full skirts or lots of ruffles and it just did not flatter her at all! She needed a-lines like my coffee needs it’s milk and sugar. And also, blue was the favorite color of whoever was doing wardrobe for the extras. So. Much. Blue.

I seriously hate her dress.

<3s, Lindsay

I love when the principal says, “What’s he saying?” Oh generation that I’m not super far from.

I want that black and white dress with the flowers. WANT.


7 Responses to “Lemonade Mouth”

  1. 1 Abby April 17, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    And you know this is based on a YA book, right?!


    (Jen, I think Brad from BAL really liked this book!)

  2. 2 ngtlindsay April 17, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    I didn’t know that! I just put a hold on it so now I can read it! I hope it’s even better than the movie! Yay! Thanks Abby!

  3. 3 Amber April 17, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Okay, my favorite part of this whole post has got to be when you compare Troy’s locker room speech to sexting. I AM STILL GIGGLING INSIDE and having deep thoughts. Giggling + deep thoughts = moment of zen. I hope we see a lot of interesting google searches off of that one!

    and I also seriously hate her dress.

  4. 4 ngtlindsay April 17, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    OMG 1. Did Disney not think of how wrong it was to video tape someone in a locker room?? That’s probably why so many teens are into sexting now.
    2. Although, is it really sexting since there was no texting going on? Could that be considered like soft core porn or something? Or at least like a peep show or something?
    3. AAH! That dress is HIDEOUSLY FUGLY!! Seriously, such a pretty girl put into the ugliest clothes! They didn’t scream “Look at me,” they screamed “Look at my ass which is probably fine but my dress makes it look GINORMOUS!”

  5. 5 ngtjennifer April 17, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    I completely missed this movie, but I did already buy it for the library, so I will have to check it out as soon as it comes in. I think it might come out in May??

  6. 6 gtgtgtgtgbailey April 27, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    i loved the movie it was great i hope u make a second one cause i loved it so much

  7. 7 imahicker July 24, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    I llove this movie it has some really good messages but in my opinion adam hicks was the cutest and best guy actor in that movie

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