Dear Josh Hutcherson:

Hi Josh,

You don’t know me, but I am a huge fan of your work.  Now that I think about it, you are probably one of my favorite actors.  Zathura, Bridge to Terabithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Kids Are All Right, Firehouse Dog (yes, even Firehouse Dog….that movie is not bad, actually very enjoyable) I have seen and loved (and own) them all.  And man, your performance in Little Manhattan is pitch perfect.  You did a better job of portraying the agonizingly painful reality of being in love than any actor I have ever seen.  The scene with you crying in your room broke my heart into a thousand tiny pieces and I’m not quite sure if I have fully recovered.  So, in short, I think you are amazing.

Back in the innocent days before you had even heard of The Hunger Games

But Josh……oh Josh.  What are you thinking???  Taking the role of Peeta in The Hunger Games movie!!!!???  I knew that you wanted it way back when I read your interview with EW, but I just kind of laughed it off.  “Oh, that’s great, he’s read the book and he liked it, but he’s dreaming if he thinks he will get the part.”

Well, now you’ve got it, and already the internet has exploded with people saying horrible and vicious things about how wrong you are for the part (granted, I am one of them, but I am trying not to be too mean).  I feel very protective about celebrities that I am a fan of, so I don’t want you to have to deal with all of this horribleness.  Anyone who was cast in the part was going to be subjected to intense scrutiny and criticism, but you are going to get it probably more than anyone else (maybe only Alex Pettyfer would have gotten more criticism).

See, the thing is……you just don’t look anything like Peeta.  And I know this might sound silly……Hollywood magic can transform anyone from a brunette to a blond and so on and so forth.  I am worried that all the main characters of the film are going to be so covered in dye and makeup and wigs that they are going to end up looking like people from The Capital.  Honey, it doesn’t matter how good an actor you are, if you look freaking ridiculous, that is all people will see (example: the entire cast of Twilight….although I don’t know if that is the best example since I haven’t seen many of them act outside of that movie).

I think the main issue I am having is that Peeta’s physicality is such a huge part of his character.  In my head, (and in the book!!) he is a huge, solid, hulking presence.  He’s like the big friendly giant.  The picture in my head of a small but muscly Katniss trying to support the huge form of Peeta through the forest while he is hurt is crystal clear.  You might be able to put on lots of muscle so you can throw things around the room during your training time, but (and I hate to say this) nothing can make you taller.  Jennifer Lawrence is the same height as you.  This might sound like a silly thing…..but it is the same as Annabeth having straight brown hair in Percy Jackson; it just doesn’t work.

I have no doubt in my mind that you can play the part of Peeta acting-wise.  You will do a phenomenal job at that.  But the whole time, I will see you, Josh Hutcherson, not Peeta, the baker’s son.

I hope that I am wrong and that this all turns out well for you.  I am going to try to keep an open mind when I go see the movie.  I would like to say that I have complete faith in the filmmakers, but I think (and I could be wrong) they are getting input from Suzanne Collins……and she wrote the craptastic Mockingjay that ruined the series for me……, obviously we can’t trust them.

Anyway, good luck dealing with all the horrible things you will encounter over the next year.  I hope for your sake that everyone loves you and you become the next Robert Pattinson and girls stake out your house and get tattoos of your face…….well, on second thought, maybe that wouldn’t be the best thing…

Wishing you all the best,

One of your biggest (and probably oldest) fans,

P.S.  I’m not even commenting on the Gale casting because frankly, I just don’t care.  Gale is too small a role in the first movie (but I can see them totally beefing that up to make it more Twilight-y) and I hope they don’t make the second two movies because really, I hated those books.

P.P.S.  In a perfect world…..Chris Pratt circa 2002 would have played Peeta and all would be right with the world.

So totally Peeta

4 Responses to “Dear Josh Hutcherson:”

  1. 1 ngtlindsay April 5, 2011 at 9:58 am

    I have not seen all of Josh’s movies, but I feel like he’s a likable enough guy. But I am with you 100% on that I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch the movie and think, hey, that’s Peeta.
    But then again, I have to keep in mind that honestly, I don’t even think Jennifer Lawrence was the right choice for Katniss. No one in this movie’s cast is ideal, but then again I’m not a director/casting person. So they could turn out to be amazing. I am going to have to try incredibly hard right before the movie to clear my head of all the preconceived notions I have.
    And Chris Pratt….<3!
    Also, I guess I never really imagined Peeta as all that bigger than Katniss. Gale, yes. Peeta, I don't know. I always kind of pictured William Mosley as Peeta and he's not really huge at all… Oh King Peter… 🙂

  2. 2 ngtjennifer April 5, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    William Mosley would have been really good too. I guess I just feel like Peeta should definitely be taller than me, and Josh is the same height as me. If you think about it, Peeta has got to be bigger than that.

    Hearing about this new casting makes me think that I am starting to side with you and Amber about Jenifer Lawrence. I am thinking that she is not gonna mesh well in the movie with the guys.

  3. 3 Micah November 8, 2012 at 2:59 am

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  1. 1 My Thoughts on The Hunger Games Movie « NerdGirlBlogging Trackback on March 28, 2012 at 8:25 pm

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