Day 4 of BEDA. I am SO not in the mood to do any posting, but it is BEDA so I must persevere!

Today was AWFUL. Well, OK, that is a bit of a reach. It really wasn’t an awful day. But it was one of those days where absolutely NOTHING got done, and the tornado sirens kept going off and then the Vandy alert system kept coming on over the loudspeakers and issuing and canceling yellow and orange alerts (yellow alert means, hey this thing MIGHT happen, orange alert means, CRAP, this thing IS happening and you should be prepared for casualties). The orange alert is mainly for the hospital people I think. I don’t think I’d see any “casualties”. Someone told me this today and at first I was like… “casualties?? You mean, we should expect some of us to DIE??” But in reality, the orange alert means that the hospital staff will probably be seeing people HURT in the tornado. You can’t do much when a person is already dead….

And so then I had to go to my dance recital tech rehearsal at 5, and I was late because I got outside and it was raining and so I was all icky and blicky and I didn’t have my umbrella so I got all wet on my way to the theater building, and then I missed the meeting they had with the dancers because the doors were locked and I had to wait for someone to come and let me in. Then we’re number 11 in the lineup, and it took SOOOOOOO long. We didn’t even get to go on the stage until like 8:30. YEAH. And we’re going to do it again TOMORROW, and then AGAIN on Wednesday.

But you know what I learned today?? Those lawyer commercials where somebody was in a car accident (usually a truck hits them on the interstate), and then the lawyer gets them like half a million dollars or something and then everybody’s happy and they’re all dancing like they’ve never been hit by a truck? TOTALLY FAKE. One of the girls who dances with me is a model and she was talking about how she auditioned for one of the commercials once. They wanted her to play a mother who’s child had been hit by a truck (shocker). Another thing I learned – Whitney from Cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model (yes, I still watch and LOVE that show) is friends with another girl I dance with and even dated the girl’s brother. Also, she was originally brunette (I can’t remember if they dyed it blond on the show or not), and was told that she either had to lose or gain weight for the show. She chose to gain and ended up winning the show. So that’s pretty awesome. Did I mention that we were sitting around for three and a half hours?

Added only because this post needed some visual interest. 2 degrees of separation!


UUUUGH. My feet are killing me, I’m cranky and I’m hungry. But I’m too lazy to go get any food. Luckily I bought some marshmallows at Target the other day and then left the bag on the couch. So I’ve been eating marshmallows, but it’s just not the same as real food. I promise you guys a MUCH better blog tomorrow. Maybe I will even tell you the PANCAKE story. You would be so lucky.




3 Responses to “Ugggghhhh”

  1. 1 ngtjennifer April 4, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    I’m sorry that today was so sucky…..but I can’t wait to hear the pancake story!

  2. 2 JedixJarf April 5, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    Now wheres that pancake story? BTW awesome grilled cheese recipe back in 09 archive.

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