Deathly Hallows Photos! Let’s discuss them!!

Hola buddies!  I’m listening to some Ministry of Magic right now and that’s put me in a mood to discuss the new stills from Deathly Hallows!!

OK!  So obviously this is at the Lovegood’s house.  It looks like this picture was taken after the death eaters have shown up, but I wish there was more destruction.  The room just looks dirty to me.

We’ve totally already seen this picture from one of the trailers, although in the trailer Hermione didn’t have blood on her hands.  This can only be from right after they escaped from the Ministry and Ron got splinched.    I have to say that I know everyone loved Hermione’s jacket, but… I’m not feeling it.

Is it just me or does Harry not look to into kissing Ginny?  Bonnie looks way more into it than Dan does.  Maybe that’s just the angle of this shot?  We see more of Bonnie’s face than Dan’s?  I’m totally a fan of Ginny/Harry in the books, but I can’t lie – I’m a total Harmony shipper for the movies.  Can anyone deny that they want Dan and Emma to make out?  I mean seriously, in the movies you can practically feel the chemistry between those two radiating off the screen!  But back to the photo…so…who’s getting married?  Is Bill going to be added into the movie?  And are they at a newly rebuilt Burrow?  Because as I recall, WB made the bold move of burning down their house in HBP.

OK, so this is obviously a shot of Harmony holding onto The Life and Lies of Dumbledore by Rita Skeeter.  So they have already been to Godric’s Hollow.  This photo looks super posed.  They probably could have chosen a better still for this.  Also, Harry!  Hermione!  Where are your hats/ear muffs??  And Harry, just because you don’t have a wand anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wearing gloves!

I’m going to say it.  Harry’s pants look…..funny.  I wish they had buttoned the shirt all the way on the bottom, but whatever.  I’m guessing this is a shot from when they went to the Ministry, because otherwise I have no clue.  They don’t look rough from being in the woods or fighting, etc.  Maybe this is the alley that they’re waiting in?

Death eaters at a long table?  Opening scene from the book where Voldemort AK’s Charity Burbage.  I like how all of them have their hands on the table except for Draco.  Tom Felton is so handsome!

Harry doesn’t look squashed into that side car enough to me.  Why aren’t they flying yet????

Um…what?  If Hedwig lives through the 7th movie, or they show her flying off like she is now and don’t show her getting AK’ed….I don’t know what I’ll do.  Hedwig needs to die, WB!  Don’t make me more pissed off than I already am!

And finally:

I…don’t love this photo.  My main concern is that the drawings on the house look childlike and chalky.  In the book, Harry looks at a painting that Luna did and he thought he was looking in a mirror for a second.  Luna’s better than this.  Also, I don’t love the look of Xenophilius.  His face doesn’t look old enough for me.  Whenever I picture Xenophilius, he’s old and broken down looking to me.

So what do you guys think of these pictures?  Who’s super stoked for the movie!?  What do you guys think about the break point being when Voldemort gets the Elder Wand?  I think it’s a pretty good break point – I really hope they do justice in part 2 with Snape’s memories!

<3, lindsay

P.S.  I didn’t link the photos individually, so if you want to see where I got them, here’s the link.  Hollywood Crush over on



4 Responses to “Deathly Hallows Photos! Let’s discuss them!!”

  1. 1 ngtjennifer August 21, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    I do like Hermione’s jacket, but I feel it is very impractical for running around all over the woods (is that when they get surprised by the death eater though???).

    I read somewhere that Harry does let Hedwig go, but that she flies back to him during the 7 Potters thing and dies then. That would be a much more heroic death. But I don’t know if that is true or not.

    I’m pretty sure that I will sob all the way through this entire movie. Who’s with me?

  2. 2 ngtjill August 21, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    100% with you on Xenophilius. Not what I pictured at all. Plus his expression seems a tad too over the top for some reason, which may totally not be true since I know a lot of bad stuff happens then.

    And the Death Eaters at the table? So perfect it gives me chills.

    Cannot. Wait. Until. Movie. Do we know for sure when the split will be? I remember having ideas when I last reread #7, but I need to reread again.

  3. 3 ngtlindsay August 22, 2010 at 12:24 am

    Jen, I will probably not sob. I only cry during movies about baseball for some reason.

    Jill, I can’t remember where I read about the movie split, but I think it seemed like a credible source.

    OMG you guys I’m so excited!

  4. 4 Sebastian October 26, 2010 at 9:39 am

    Hey Hermoine has blood on her hands in the trailer……….

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