Two Awesome Books!!

This weekend I didn’t do the 48 Hour Book Challenge, but I did read 5 1/2 books.  And let me tell you, they were some great books (except for one, which totally sucked, but oh well).  I wanted to briefly (hopefully) talk about two of the books that I was lucky enough to pick up at BEA.

First up is Scumble by Ingrid Law.  I hope you all recognize the name Ingrid Law as my BFF who has commented on this very blog before.  I was excited and nervous to read this book because it is a companion book (a fancy word for sequel) to Savvy, which is one of my favorite books of all time.  I always get a little nervous because I worry that an author will mess up all the great things that happened in the first book by writing about the characters (or in this case, their families) again.

As it turns out, I had no cause for worry.  Scumble is both a sequel and a standalone book.  It revolves around Legdgr Kayle and what happens to him after he discovers his savvy.  Ledger is Mibs’ cousin and this book takes place about 8 years after the events of the first book.  Mibs and Will make cameo appearances in the book, but they aren’t really needed because the new characters are so awesome.  Ledger’s savvy is pretty awful.  To put it bluntly, he makes things break, fall apart and fly all over the place.  He has such a problem controlling his power that he is exiled to his Uncle’s ranch for the summer.  I won’t give away anything else because you should already know that this book is completely amazing.  I loved it just as much, if not a little bit more than Savvy.  I got the happy tingly teary-eyed feeling at the end that I only get with books I truly love.  Well done Ms. Law…..keep ’em coming!

The other book I read that I want to rave about is Wendy Mass’ The Candymakers.  She is another of my favorite authors, so yet again, I was a little nervous that my expectations were too high for this book.  But, wow, this is a really fantastic book!  Don’t let the massive size fool you (the ARC is almost 450 pages), it is worth the effort.

I will warn you that when I started reading it I was not impressed.  I read an awful lot of books, so I read them pretty fast.  When I start a new one, I zoom through as fast as I can until something catches my attention and gives me pause.  The beginning of this book reminded me a lot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Four kids get to compete in a competition to create the best new candy.  They get to make their candy at the most wonderful candy factory ever, Life is Sweet.  So the first hundred pages of the book involve a lot of descriptions of the happiest place on earth and it just really made me hungry.  The four kids are Daisy, Miles, Philip, and Logan (who just happens to be the candy factory owner’s son).  The book shifts between different points of view, which Mass has already proven to be a master of (Every Soul a Star).

Well, through Logan’s part I wasn’t all that impressed, nothing really stood out and grabbed me.  Then it shifted to Miles’ perspective and after just 3 pages I was completely thrown for a loop.  What???  Had I missed something important in that first part???  I started to realize this book was more than just the average book so I slowed way down and started to love it.

The book takes place over just a few days, but the writing is so great that I fell in love with all of the characters.  Each kid’s point of view added a completely new layer to the story and the pieces of the puzzle fit together so perfectly that by the end of the book I was on the edge of my seat.  So, I did an extremely poor job of describing the plot, but all you need to know is that the characters are fantastic, the plot is a finely woven patchwork of awesomeness, and you will totally need to eat a chocolate pizza while you read it.  Psssssst:  Where can I get one of those????

So, I wish I could give every one of you a copy of these books right now so you could read them, but Scumble doesn’t come out till August and The Candymakers will come out in October (yikes!).

Anyway, I hope the 48 Hour Book Challenge participants had fun.  I will certainly try to do it next year.  By then I will be living in my mansion with 24 hour fail-proof wireless internet and a Beauty and the Beast style library.



2 Responses to “Two Awesome Books!!”

  1. 1 Abby June 6, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    1. I LOVED Scumble! Love, love, love. And I also love that it can stand alone.

    2. Ohhh I’m so glad to hear that The Candymakers is good! I didn’t get to that one this weekend, but I will pick it up soon!

    3. I am amused that both books in this post have such amazingly colorful covers! 😀

  2. 2 ngtjennifer June 6, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    I was thinking the same thing about the covers!!! They are by far the most colorful ones I picked up at BEA. I think that’s one of the reasons they made it to the top of the pile. That, and the fact that I love both of the authors.

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