Beastly….Well, Kind Of

I just finished reading Beastly by Alex Flinn and I adored it!!!  It is totally and completely my type of book.  It is a fairy tale adaptation that sticks close enough to the original story, but also brings something new to the table.  I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy, love stories, or fairy tales.

I read this book to prepare myself for the movie that is coming out this summer.  I think we will be seeing a lot more YA love stories turned into movies in the near future (thank you Twilight!!).  I watched the trailer before I read the book, and after reading the original story, I noticed some things that the movie has drastically changed.  Here is the trailer for you:

Well, first of all, the guy in the book turns into an actual beast.  We are talking an actual animal with fur, claws, and fangs.  Hence the name Beastly.  I can understand why they changed it for the movie….it would have been hard on an actor and it is something that works in the book, but maybe not so much in a visual medium (although the old tv show with Linda Hamilton did it pretty well).  So that I can accept, even though after reading the book, this guy’s affliction seems like a minor skin irritation compared with being an actual walking animal.

Also, the witch is supposed to be really hideous when he first meets her.  I mean she is supposed to have gross teeth and stuff.  Basically like a real fairy tale witch.  I love the fact that they cast Mary-Kate Olsen, but let’s face it, she is about as far from hideous as you can get (even with that thing on her face).

I understand why they cast Vanessa Hudgens.  They needed to have a star to carry the movie.  But, um, in the book, Lindy is supposed to be a plain girl with crooked teeth that you might not notice at first.  I don’t know if the producers realized this, but Vanessa Hudgens is gorgeous.  Oh well, I guess I am just glad they didn’t try to ugly her up by putting her in glasses or something insulting like that.

I just find it very ironic that in a story all about looks not being important, they managed to pretty-up all of the characters.  Go figure.  I will still be first in line to see it because I loved the book (even though they also seem to have changed large amounts of the plot according to the trailer) and also because I love me some Neil Patrick Harris (I totally pictured him as Will the whole time I read it and he is perfect for the part).



2 Responses to “Beastly….Well, Kind Of”

  1. 1 ngtlindsay May 3, 2010 at 11:28 am

    AHH!! I totally loved this book too! Didn’t you just love the chat room part! I thought that was super cute! And I agree with you on Vanessa Hudgens. When I learned that she was Linda, I was like…umm….no. But hopefully they all pull it off nicely. I’m totally looking forward to the movie! Oh, I also agree about Mary Kate. She doesn’t look anything like a witch! Just a goth girl! Although I do have to say that making Alex grotesque instead of beastly…I kind of like. I think I would rather kiss a beast than a veiny grotesque guy. But that’s just me.

  2. 2 ngtjennifer May 3, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    I did love the chat room part! I think Alex should write a book about all the other characters in the chat room. That would be perfect!

    And I would totally rather kiss a veiny gross guy than a beast. Heehee, I guess we all have our different taste in guys 🙂

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