Fictional Characters I Would Date: Part Eleven

I just finished reading Anne of Green Gables for the very first time.  Wow, that is one awesome book.  I would like to compliment Ms. Montgomery on doing a wonderful job of developing well-defined characters.  I will admit that although I did adore Gilbert, the character that I really fell in love with was……………….

Matthew Cuthbert

Now, I know many of you are thinking, ewwwww, he is like, really old.  Well, yes, in the book he is sixty years old, but I am talking about a 35-ish year-old Matthew.  I have a feeling his personality and character were probably very similar at 35 and 60.

In my head, a young Matthew Cuthbert totally looks like Logan Bartholomew.

Why Matthew?  Well, he is basically my dream guy.  Matthew Cuthbert is painfully shy, almost to the point of being a hermit.  He is terrified of all females besides his sister and his neighbor Rachel Lynde.  So I would never have to worry about him EVER cheating on me, because he runs away at the first hint of estrogen (not that he would ever cheat, because he is a truly GOOD person).  He is not comfortable in social situations and does not like to hang out with people.  I would love to be with someone like that!  95% of the time, I would choose staying at home with a good book or a favorite movie to going out and doing things.  I have to deal with the public all day at work, and the last thing I want to do at night is go out and mingle with the masses.  Matthew could sit and read the farm reports and I could read a Jane Austen novel.

Speaking of farm reports, he is a really hard worker.  He keeps that farm going almost all by himself, which is pretty impressive considering he is using antiquated machines and tools.

One of the best things about Matthew is that the woman who managed to win his heart would be one lucky lady indeed.  He is obviously a very caring (if quiet), loyal, and respectful man.  When Anne comes into his life, he treats her like a rare treasure that he can’t believe he is lucky enough to be around.  I think he would feel the same way about the girl who was lucky enough to date him.

My absolute favorite part of the book is when Matthew decides that Anne needs a new dress.  It is awesome for many reasons.  It is one of the only times in the book when we get to see into Matthew’s thought process at length.  Not only does he notice that Anne’s clothes are not as nice as the other girls’ dresses (a man noticing clothing!!!!!  Snatch this man up fast!!!!!), he remembers that she wants puffed sleeves!!!  Let me tell you that I don’t have much experience with guys buying me clothes, but I can say that it has been an unmitigated disaster whenever they try (dad, boyfriends…..none of them can get it right).  Matthew knows exactly what to do to give Anne what she wants.  Now THAT is a sign of a great man.  Not because he knows about clothes, but because he pays attention to his loved ones and actually listens to what they have to say (that’s what’s great about a man who never talks…’s because he is listening).

So yes, I would date Matthew Cuthbert and we would live at Green Gables with Marilla.  We wouldn’t have kids because I don’t want them, so there would still be the need to get the orphan boy from Nova Scotia……so the Anne story could still play out as planned.

I think one of the reasons why Matthew stands out so much is that there are so few men like him around today.  He is a rare one indeed.


P.S.  And yes, Richard Farnsworth will always be the real Matthew Cuthbert to me.


4 Responses to “Fictional Characters I Would Date: Part Eleven”

  1. 1 Ann May 31, 2010 at 4:11 am

    I so agree with you on this topic, which I think puts you and me in to a very small and exclusive club of girls. I like Gilbert, of course, but i’d take Matthew Cuthbert in a heartbeat over him or anyone else from those books..

    ~Ann (real name I swear 🙂 )
    PS! R.I.P. dear Richard Farnsworth. You wil always be my Matthew.

  2. 2 ngtjennifer May 31, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    YEA! I’m so glad there is another Matthew fan out there!

  3. 3 ritalovestowrite February 23, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Agreed! I’m writing my Secondary Character Saturday blog and today it is Matthew Cuthbert. Hope it is ok if I link to you?

  1. 1 Secondary Character Saturday — Matthew Cuthbert | ritaLOVEStoWRITE Trackback on February 23, 2013 at 2:07 pm

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