OH WOW! I have discovered POLYVORE.

book cover image for 9780385342025So this was going to be a post on my review of Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella which I loved loved loved!

It is a story about a young British woman named Laura (think Bridget Jones, think Heather Wells, think Sex and the City if they were a bit more awkward…) who is suddenly haunted by her great aunt, Sadie, who has taken the form of her twenty-something-year-old flapper self and demands that Laura help find her glorious dragonfly necklace that is missing. Of course, crazy funny stuff ensues! I LOVED IT!

(fun side note: so I actually listened to the book on cd, so when I was searching for stuff on the book, I felt a little disoriented because I wasn’t used to seeing the names in print and it just looked weird…)

But while searching for a fab picture of a dragonfly necklace reproduction to post on this blog (I don’t really like the one on Sophie Kinsella’s website–it just doesn’t look like my imaginated one) I clicked on a link that took me to this image:

IT IS POLYVORE!!! I am sure polyvore is used for lots of things, but it mostly seems to be for: CREATING YOUR OWN FASHION MAG SPREADS!!! Basically you have a square space and you fill it with items and backgrounds and words etc. There is a little search box where you can type anything like “cafe background” or “red kitten heels” or “puppy” and it pulls all sorts of items that you can then drag onto your square. EASY PEASY! then you click publish and MAGIC! Other people can see your collage and what the items are and where to buy them! Here is the first one I made in like 10 minutes:

eh, a little busy–but it is sooo much fun! Hurrah hurrah!


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